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Steven Tyler on 'Idol'

Show Me the Money!

8/13/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Tyler is playing a little bit of hardball with "American Idol" execs -- saying they better "lay out the bread" if they want him to come on board.

Steven Tyler - American Idol
Less than two weeks ago, the Aerosmith singer proclaimed "I'm doing it" when asked if he was gonna be on "Idol." But yesterday in New York, he seemed to be playing coy when asked whether he was going to take the gig.

We smell a negotiation ploy!


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Has anyone ever seen Steven Tyler and Carly Simon in the same room together?

1541 days ago


Agree - let Bret do it - tired of money grubbers.

1541 days ago


Tyler's a sleazeball. So this is what America's come to...he's a gazillionaire, and he can't even accept or reject the job without making it all about the money. You'd think he'd be pleased to participate in something that promotes new talent.

1541 days ago


Like he does not already have more money than the queen of England. Famous people, people who kids look up to or just have interest in, talking like this about money all the time and how they will only do something if they are paid enough forms a very f*cked up mentality in kids/teenagers/... growing up and future generations of people who will eventually be in power. And these people will only see everything in relevance to the almighty buck. When we as a human race should be going in the opposite direction and stop this mentality that people have today where everything is only about money. Sad.

1541 days ago


Bret michaels??
that dude is soo washed up and would proabably die during one of the shows.I say Ted Nugent and if he does not like the singer he shoots them.

1541 days ago


FOX must be desperate to even think this DRUGGIE would be worth the risk to have him on Idol. This heroin addict needs to just go to a life long Rehab facility. He is pathetic.. Brett Michaels is even MORE laughable.

1541 days ago


This is just another reason why this show won't go anywhere with this jerk. Wake up Fox without Simon you don't have a show, you have has been Divas and we already have enough of that type around. Think FRESH, CLEAN and REAL.

1541 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Get rid of him. I was excited to see what he would add to AI but being that it is all about the money to him when he has no need for money I would rather him be gone. Get a Judge in there who wants to be an AI judge. Not someone who is doing it for the money.

1541 days ago


1) Don't watch the show and couldn't care less
2) Give him a couple of 8 balls before the show and I might watch.

1541 days ago


WOW! Dude looks like a lady..... an old lady!

1541 days ago


I hope this guy (Tyler) does not get the amount of "bread" he's demanding. I can think of so many other more interesting and qualified people to do the judging on American Idol.

Shania Twain is highly qualified and easy on the eyes.

1541 days ago


Ha Ha #24 I think you are onto a new show!! Let's name it Straight to No Brain in 1 hour!!! ;p)

1541 days ago


I say it's time to put to sleep American Idol. Too much of wannabe singers without new music only Recycled songs!!

1541 days ago


Bret michaels??
that dude is soo washed up and would proabably die during one of the shows.I say Ted Nugent and if he does not like the singer he shoots them.

Posted at 7:58 AM on Aug 13, 2010 by MIDNIGHT TOKER

LOL!!! I want to change my vote to Randy, Ted and Britney.

1541 days ago


New shows,

American Best Psychics, American Best Serial Rapists, American Best Toilet Cloggers, American Best unemployed victims and America Best Illegal Aliens...

1541 days ago
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