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Cinnabun to Jesse James: Help! I Hate L.A.

8/27/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James has moved on to greener pastures -- Austin, TX, -- but poor Cinnabun is still stuck in Long Beach, CA.


Jesse has officially moved lock, stock and barrel, but sans Cinnabun ... he says because his pooch is an escape artist and he needs to secure the fencing around his Austin property before shipping the pooch to the Lone Star State.

You'll recall ... Cinnabun turned up last February and was MIA for nearly a month, before the dog was returned 23 pounds lighter.

And Jesse says the dog went missing again a short time later.


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How is he dating Kat Von D if he moved to Austin?

1521 days ago


2 ugly dogs

1521 days ago


There are a lot of people with dog profiles on Fireviews, I think I'll share this with them. Kind of a useless pic though

1521 days ago


We have been hearing about this move over a month. Mr. Adult, I have grown and changed James, did not have enough brains to think ahead, and call a fence company for one of his "children" he is so concerned about. If he cannot plan ahead and keep his dog safe, how is he gonna deal with Children????
You only get real attention in this guy if you have nazi tattoos, help him cheat on his wife, and have a degrading porn site. I am afraid tht Cinnabun will never come up to standard.

1521 days ago


He shouldnt ship him to Austin. Now that he is dating KVD his stay in TX wont be for long. He'll be visiting LA quite often to shag her until he moves back. I'm sure he already regrets the move since the new girlfriend is in LA.

1521 days ago


And after all, as soon as Sandra ups and moves again, Jesse and his pack will be hot on her heels and following her to wherever she goes.

1521 days ago


I can't see this Cali pup riding on the back of an


Please let Cinnabun stay here in style and comfort.
send her to obedience school (classes).

1521 days ago


In Austin this month alone, temps have been above 101 degrees, seventeen times. Why would anyone who really cared about their dog, lock him up outside? Jessie James cares nothing about his dog.

1521 days ago


Ha! Jesse has enough tatted up dawgs to keep up with, Cinnabun will just have to get in line.

I think his priorities are pretty clear, huh?!

1521 days ago


Dogs are pack animals and need to be with the pack. The pack is inside in the "man cave", then this pack member needs to be inside in the "man cave". If the pack goes for a walk, or to play, then the pack members go together. If you don't want to take care of a dog, THEN DON'T GET A DOG!
This genius cannot keep the dog inside the house, or outside on a leash, This dog almost starved and died from being away from his pack. Jessie does not care about this dog. How can he deal with kids, if he cannot maturely handle a dog?
Just curious here, any of the Moms here feel good about leaving Jessie to babysit your kids, or even petsit for you?

1521 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Idiot never heard of a leash?

1521 days ago


Now I am convinced I know the reason I never liked this guy. How can you leave one of your babies behind? He must not love her, or he would not even consider being separated from her especially after everything she went through. Tough guy had to get a tough ass looking dog....he's a woos and an idiot. Cinnabun you can come live with me.

1521 days ago


Why wouldn't he take Cinnabun with him to Austin? Cinnabun isn't just something you dump. He's like a child. Would you just leave your child and move without them? I think not. I truly hate people who feel they can just dump their pets. They have feelings also. No wonder Cinnabun ran away from this dirt bag, nazi loving piece of crap.

1521 days ago


Even your dog doesn't like you. Thats why he keeps running away. Your holding the poor dog prisoner.

1521 days ago


gorilla nazi hasn't thought about the fence for cinnabun coz he was busy boning kkk vd!

1521 days ago
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