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Former WWE Star

'Luna' Dies

8/27/2010 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former WWE superstar Gertrude "Luna" Vachon died this morning in Florida. She was 48.

Gertrude Luna Vachon Dead
Luna wrestled for the WWE from 1993 to 2000 ... and had gained notoriety as Bam Bam Bigelow's "main squeeze."

So far, no cause of death has been determined.

UPDATE: According to law enforcement sources, Luna's body was discovered by her mother around 10 AM this morning.

We're told authorities currently do not believe there was any foul play involved -- but an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.

Story developing ...

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No Avatar


LeAnn Rimes on 'roids! Just sayin'.

1520 days ago

His Prince Michael    

My condolences, and prayers, for the family, loved-ones, and friends of Luna. She was a true performer, possessing both, strong in-ring
ability and mic-skills. May The True and Living God, rest her soul

1520 days ago


ok, got the wrestling update

any Nascar news ?

TMZ keeping it real for the trailer folk

1520 days ago


I met Luna and sat and had drinks with her and Gangrel when I was in Dubai. She was real nice in person and had a lot to talk about. It is sad to see a nice person pass. My thoughts go out to her family.

1520 days ago

Dyna-Mo Chen    

Stop with the steriod comments!

She was retired for the past so many years and recently suffered a personal tragedy with a fire.

Wrestlers put in lotsa' heart and take lotsa' damage to keeping you folks entertained. Don't diminish Luna with a quick judgement like that.

1520 days ago


It's strange for some people to keep saying "you're jumping to conclusions" or are "ignorant" in response to the idea that steroids played some role in her premature demise.

Unless she died from homicide or a flat-out true accident of some sort, then steroids "played some role". Whether she died of a disease or possibly suicide,steroids have long term effects on many aspects of physical and psychological health. Are some of you disputing that? Of course other factors of hard living are probably involved too. I doubt anybody would dispute that.

1520 days ago


And also on the steroid thing: personally, and I think most people bringing up that subject, aren't brining it up in some jerky, self-righteous way meant to be mean to a person who just passed away. It's just basic stuff.

1520 days ago


What a shame. So young. I remember Luna from the WWE. Even though as a performer she was scary, I had heard very nice things about her personality backstage and from fans. She was a very nice, sweet & cool person. I heard she had a baby not to long ago. I hope there is someone to care for the child.
You will be missed Luna. RIP.

1520 days ago


First thing I thought was steroids, too. Oh dear, I guess I'm ignorant.

1520 days ago


What a shame she was a young woman. Steroids can come back and kick you in the ass...

RIP woman!

1520 days ago


Jeff, your an ass!

1520 days ago


"Who knows if it was steroids? I know that's the easiest, most simple conclusion to come to (especially if you're ignorant of the effects of steroids), but the fact of the matter is, most of these wrestlers live very hard.

They party. They beat up their bodies. They self medicate and medicate using other drugs. Many of them are addicts simply by virtue of being on various drugs/alcohol simply to quell the pain so they can do their jobs on the schedule required.

Seriously, anyone using the immediate cop-out of "steroids" is clearly not only ignorant of the true effects of steroids over the long term, but also ignorant of the kinds of lifestyles these people lead, the pressures put upon them and just how "fast" they live.

The movie "The Wrestler" is quite accurate, and in some regards even watered down."

you obviously know your stuff, pretty much the rest of these people are obvious ignorant idiots. "DURH!!!!!! IT HAS TO BE STERIODS BECAUSE THEIR WRESTLERS!!!" ****ing morons.

She was a very nice lady. RIP Luna.

1520 days ago


She was a tow truck driver last I checked. I highly doubt steroids were involved. Also, she was just naturally a big husky girl. I don't think she ever needed them. Plus unlike wrestlers of today, she was not "really" active in the ring. So again, I doubt she was much of a drug user.

Just a big girl, with a great personality. and a heart of gold out of the ring. im sure many will miss her.

1520 days ago


People being jackasses when people die. It's wrong to speak ill of the dead, especially people you don't even KNOW. So don't assume anything. Stupid idiots.

1520 days ago


She was very active in the ring if you saw her before WWF(E). Helluva wrestler IMHO. Nothing like these freaking 'divas' you see now. My cat could whip their @$$es.

1520 days ago
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