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Uchitel Mourns Dead Fiance ... for the Cameras

9/1/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel made an emotional visit to a memorial dedicated to her former fiance who was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks ... and for good measure, she brought along Dr. Drew and a reality TV crew.

Rachel Uchitel Fiance
Cameras were rolling last Thursday as Uchitel -- who is starring in the upcoming season of "Celebrity Rehab" -- sat down near a plaque dedicated to Andy O'Grady in New York's Central Park and read a letter she had written to honor his memory.

A source close to the production tells us Rachel then placed the note in a bottle and dropped it in the water.


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That is all...

1451 days ago


This is just an orchestrated move from Tiger's puppetmasters.

He just bought a pad in NY, and I'm sure she "visited" him after her little moment. She's looking for sympathy from the public so when her and Tiger make it official, we are accepting of it. I hope that never happens, though it sounds like these two pieces of work deserve each other.

I really can't believe Dr. Drew went along with this. I have lost some respect for him over this.

1451 days ago

dirty diana    

@ harry nipples....can't get the smell out of the fish LMFAO THAT IS THE FUNNIEST THING I'VE HEARD IN AWHILE!!!!! GOOD ONE!

1451 days ago


So, let's see. This season of Celebrity Rehab, Rachel's insatiable appetite for married men and addiction to prescription drugs is all due to the loss of her fiancee in 01 which she never properly grieved over so Pinsky decides, let's go to Central Park and read a letter to the man, put it in a bottle and send it off into the lake to get closure.

Fine, so that covers her behaviour from 08 to 2010, what and who has she been doing from 02 to 08 and how many are on her roladex. And after this folks, Celebrity Sex addiction in which Rachel will become again, a member.

Fcuking please. You don't go all stupid and conduct yourself this way 7 years after the fact. Just love the Mini and CFM shoes, yeah, nothing says "I love and miss you" like dressing for Tramp central.

1451 days ago


Oh, so she's a money-grubbing skank and a litterbug. Nice.

1451 days ago

solar panel    

I have one suggestion for Rachel: phenylalanine

Move on with your life and don't backslide into Tigerville. Move on, move up. Cut the umbilical to the last two years. It's a stillbirth, but it was meant to be. These are the good old days if you want 'em.

1451 days ago

Snow White    

When did becoming the town bicycle get to be the best way of honoring someone's memory?

1451 days ago


OMG the most corniest story ever!!! What a waste of episode to show...You got famous because your a whore!!!!

1451 days ago


and....who im sure TMZ enjoys and laugthing at all these comments!!!

1451 days ago


WOW...Can't believe the level of low. Dr. Drew...Do you really need to do this? A new low. And her. What a disrespectful @%$&@ Cannot believe anyone gave any credence to these 2. Nasty, Nasty @%$&@

1451 days ago


I was waiting for the zombie of Andy to come up out of the lake and chomp on her face!

1451 days ago

I fit into my bikini!    

God how I hate this biotch! What a skank..Tigers ex wife is so much prettier and classier than this giant piece..I don't get it, I really don't.

1451 days ago


Well that whore really has no shame. She should do have left the letter on the shore and dropped herself to the bottom of the pond. Do all of us a favor.... GO AWAY!!! only reson your famous is because you blackmailed Tiger Woods.... really nothing to be proud of.

1450 days ago


WOW! This surpasses Gary Coleman's ex taking his death bed photos and selling them to the tabloids. This woman will exploit whoever she can for money. I wish the media would ignore her so we would not have to hear about her. This woman may have to start watching her back as she is getting ALOT of people really upset.

1450 days ago


I hope SHE READS THIS!!!! So she can at least try to lay low...Rachael another attention whore!!!!! No one likes you, homewrecker!

1450 days ago
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