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Britney's Ex-Friend Accused of Psychotic Stalking

9/10/2010 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sam Lutfi -- the infamous ex-friend of Britney Spears -- has just been slapped with a restraining order accusing him of nothing short of psychotic and extremely dangerous behavior.


Samuel Barth -- an aspiring actor/model -- claims Lutfi developed such an obsession toward him that he hacked into his email, Facebook and Twitter accounts and set out on a campaign to terrorize and vilify Barth's mother and other relatives.

Barth says he moved to L.A. From Virginia in January and rented an apartment near Lutfi, eventually moving in with him.  They became friends, but according to legal docs obtained by TMZ, Lutfi quickly became obsessed, first trying to diagnose Barth with "various mental and emotional problems and forcefully suggesting solutions" -- eerily similar to what Lutfi allegedly did to Britney Spears.

Barth tried to distance himself from Lutfi and that's when the alleged campaign of terror began.  Barth claims in his declaration Lutfi tried to drive a wedge between Barth and his mother, calling her "evil," a "bitch" and "Satan," among other things.  Lutfi sent emails and texts to Barth's mom, telling her how she "viciously destroyed" the lives of her kids.  Lutfi emailed Barth's underage sister (about the mom and aunt), "I wish those two sick women the most evil and painful death possible."  Again, similar to Sam trying to turn Britney against her mom and dad.

Lutfi also verbally attacked Barth's brother, calling him "a waste of human flesh" and a "f**kin' loser."

The judge granted the temporary restraining order today and, among other things, prohibited Lutfi from hacking into the various accounts of Barth and his family.


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Jim in Cali    

That Sam dude is scary. He's like a Michael Lohan Jr.

1504 days ago


Someone needs to 5150 that lunatics ass! HE is the mentally unstable guy that obviously needs the mental help he keeps forcing onto others.. scary mother****er!

1504 days ago


Why didn't this ***** just kick his ****ing ass like a man? If some POS talk any **** to my mom I would end his day with a trip to the ER! Be a man you ***** ***!

1504 days ago


Be a man and kick the **** out of this kook! What ever happend to standing up for yourself like a MAN and not snitching to the cops. I know for a fact if you send this ****er to the ER with a busted up face he will back the **** off. If not then you put your knee on his throat, smash his face, then call the fuzz.

1504 days ago


This guy is a dangerous piece of ****! How many restraining orders does he have against him know,4-5? All you so called Brit fans who still think this guy has Brit's best interest at heart and is a good guy, you need to distance yourselves from him ASAP! How much more proof do you need to know this guy is a pyscho nutter!!

1504 days ago


This guy is a ****ing psychopath, as a Britney fan, i never thought he was good for her!!! This guy has a long list of people he's tormented and gotten restraining orders from, why isn't he in jail, the **** he did to Britney alone, considering she's a public figure, should have been enough to lock him up for life!!!

1504 days ago


It's easy to see how Britney got so manipulated and taken advantage of. Sam Lufti should be thrown in jail for what he did to her, and for what he tried to do to this new guy.

1504 days ago


Why would he move in with this guy?? Methinks there are parts missing from this story.....

1504 days ago


I couldn't agree with #5 more... What a puddy.

1504 days ago


Sam Lutfi is psychotic trash and his fat slob sister, Christina, is NO better. This is his FIFTH restraining order that has been made public. Thank god Jamie Spears stepped in and stopped this monster from robbing Britney and finishing her off!

1504 days ago


Lufti should have been kicked out of this country years ago. And I agree with post #7 BRET. If this idiot ever said anything bad about my mother or anyone else in my family, he'd be in the hospital quicker than you can say Britney Spears.

1504 days ago

Y do he got    

CBS did the same thing to HOWARD HUGHES 12&3 and still is.. right TM SONY Z

1504 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

He drugged Britney and kept her stoned in order to live a life beyond his own personal means. Everyone close to her knows it So did the judge. It was basically proven, hence why he was ordered to stay away from her. Fortunately her Dad and Mom were able to get him banned. He should be in jail. Obviously there's a pattern here. Plus he's gay and was obsessed with this kid. And this kid probably initially put out because he thought Britney's "Ex-Manager" would launch his career, but once he realized he was going nowhere, he wanted to bail but Lufti was to into him at that point.

1504 days ago

Y do he got    

He is the standard producer and hollywood is nothing but clones of this son of sam kilJoy.AD`s are even worse and PA`s forget it on on blue thoothIess and blackberry THUG flash crewIN been on me since the CB earth mic days in 1965 MOB hord`ss for network moobster~SS fart frat masonic dopeheaded broadcasters

1504 days ago


He's disgusting. He's also still completely obsessed with Britney. I'm surprised he hasn't killed someone yet.

1504 days ago
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