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New Claim: Michael Jackson Supported His Dad

10/5/2010 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson secretly supported daddy Joe Jackson ... according to new legal docs.

In legal docs filed in Joe's wrongful death case against Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael's former alleged manager, Leonard Rowe, wrote a sworn statement in which he claims Katherine acted as Michael's agent, funneling money to Joe for support. 

And Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, wrote his own declaration in which he claims he prepared financial docs for Michael during his 2004 custody battle with Debbie Rowe.  In those declarations, Oxman claims Michael disclosed he was giving Katherine $50,000 a month in the early 2000s and later it went up to $66,000.  Oxman says Katherine used part of the money to pay for Joe's living expenses.

The legal docs are being used in the wrongful death case to prove Joe has standing to sue -- in other words, he must show Michael had been supporting Joe during his lifetime.

Michael's camp had no comment.


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Just remember, the day we dance to Chinese music, wer´e done as a culture.
Perhaps Michael Jackson was the last western icon.
America, you didn´t treat him well. Just sayin and connect the dots YOURSELVES!

1487 days ago


20% of the estate goes to it's executors

40% to KJ

40% to PPB

When KJ passes, HER 40% reverts back to PPB, hence 20% executors, and 80% to PPB. NO. ONE. ELSE.

In the meantime...

HER allowance is $27K per month for STRICTLY HER USE any way she likes or needs. IOW, "babysitter rainy day money"

PPB allowance is $60...K per month to cover ALL of their (PPB's) needs including school tuition and all pertaining to THEIR wants and needs (security, body guards, clothes... ALL of their needs).

The Encino compound = Havenhurst (KJ and now PPB's home + lets not forget to add my KJs allowing, EVERYBODY else that "flops" there) - was purchased, and owed by MJ (now the MJ Estate), and has been paid in full as to mortgage FROM the MJ Estate.

KJ did NOT make mortgage payments, EVER - I'm sure it would have been nice had she made the gesture of appreciation but of course it was not required, sooo.....

However, she has and continues to make $$$ ASIDE from the allowance, ON MJ's celebrity (back) through various means (auction = $2 million just this year + the "coffee table" book revenue, etc)

... now she attempts to bilk more from his Estate.

*snort* AUDACITY at it's finest. lol

1487 days ago


70 and 126

Yeah, right! Just your opinion and it sucks!! Ha!
God gave Michael, Joseph Jackson as his earthly father to put Michael on that road to become what God created him to be.
Do you know how many parents screw up their children by not guiding them, not paying attention to what God given gifts their child posses?? I don’t think you do!!! I don’t think you understand a parents role!! DUH!!

Posted at 7:20 PM on Oct 5, 2010 by WillOTheWisp

Well put WillO...your points of view are always spot on.

Michael knew well the Ten Commandments and he obeyed the fifth: "Honour thy Father and thy Mother" as we should all do.

So what if Michael gives his parents money....when you have as much income as Michael did of course you would be giving your parents and other family some share. They had been in the family business together since the day dot! They have known no other way.

Joe should be totally supported now from Michael's estate...he is 80 years old and besides there is oddles of money to go around.

Joe and Katherine have produced a fine family and they are entitled to some help from their children at their ages.

Requiscant in pace Michael as we continue to pray for justice for you.


1487 days ago


I don't know if this is already posted but it won't do any harm to post it again.
Calif. court to hear Jackson dad's estate appeal
LOS ANGELES — An appeals court will hear arguments Wednesday on whether Michael Jackson's father should be allowed to challenge the administrators of his son's already lucrative estate.
Joe Jackson has appealed a probate court's dismissal of his objections to the appointment of attorney John Branca and music executive and family friend John McClain to oversee the pop singer's estate.
A judge ruled in November that the elder Jackson did not have standing to intervene in the case and was not entitled to an evidentiary hearing to contest the administrators.
Such a hearing would allow Joe Jackson's attorney, Brian Oxman, to air complaints about potential conflicts of interest and the validity of the pop singer's 2002 will, which specifically omitted his father from receiving any money.
Attorneys for Michael Jackson's estate have noted the probate court's findings against the elder Jackson, and said in motions to the appeals court that the ruling came after considering Oxman's arguments in the most favorable light.
Oxman was also allowed to argue at length during the November hearing, the estate also said in its filings.
The attorney raised issues on behalf of Joe Jackson after the singer's mother, Katherine, dropped any of her potential objections to the appointment of Branca and McClain. Katherine Jackson and her son's three children are the primary beneficiaries of the singer's estate, which has earned tens of millions since his death at age 50 in June 2009.
The estate also noted that Joe Jackson sought a stipend, but later chose to withdraw that request. The Jackson family patriarch has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court against Conrad Murray, the doctor charged in connection with his son's death.
Murray's lawyers have asked a judge to dismiss that case, arguing in part that Joe Jackson doesn't have the right to sue for wrongful death.

1487 days ago


Thank you Chico, Tellit, FPIC, OhWell, Alice fR, Siggisiss for your prayers and thoughts.

It was a big, scary stone. Luckily my kidney is still working.


1487 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

Posted at 3:35 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by susie

I'm happy for you :)...and from now,be more careful,drink more fluids(especially tea).
Wish you the best and a nice day.

1487 days ago




1487 days ago


What an absolutely disgusting leaching and shameless family this performing puppet suffered. No wonder he was driven to drug abuse

1487 days ago


Posted at 3:47 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by Alice(from Romania)

Thank you Alice! I'm drinking water and green tea (glu-glu-glu LOL )
Have a beautiful afternoon! :o)

1487 days ago


joe doesn't need the money. he's bees living well since MJ died without money from the state I don't beleive in Brian Oxman. he lied too much. it's normal to help your parents if they need you. but joe jackson was wasting money while Katherine has to take care of the house MJ built.joe can turn to his other kids for support. he and his lawyer have withdrawn the lawsuit for support months ago . what they want now? I just wish the just deny them the right to oversee MJ estate. they gonna ruined those kids inheritance.

1487 days ago


Yes Michael honoured and loved but you forgot to say FORGAVE his creator for the bad childhood he went through.Michael's children are HIS.Debbie became the mother because she truely loved him and gave him what his HEART DESIRED THE MOST!!!.As for the youngest child he was born in a relationship that didn't work out or Michael specifically asked for a coloured surrogate.Otherwise how was he certain that Blanket's mother was coloured as he told bashir on his do***entary?

1487 days ago


Michael Jackson's father to appear in estate case

LOS ANGELES — "A California appeals court will hear arguments from Michael Jackson's father about why he should be able to intervene in his son's estate case.

Joe Jackson is appealing the dismissal of his objections to the appointment of two men as administrators of his son's multimillion dollar estate.

Jackson's attorney claims the judge overseeing the estate case should have allowed him to argue against granting control to attorney John Branca and longtime Jackson family friend John McClain.

Attorneys for Michael Jackson's estate have noted that the judge ruled that the Jackson family patriarch had no standing to intervene. The singer omitted his father from his 2002 will.

Arguments in the elder Jackson's appeal are scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in Los Angeles."

1487 days ago


Mrs. Jackson has not made any statement supporting the claim that MJ supported Papa Joe.

I guess we will have to wait for the outcome of the hearing, today!

But her silence speaks VOLUME!!!!!!


1487 days ago


WIllOTheWisp,you don't know how i feel about Michael and stop being the wise guy here.Since you are so smart but didn't get what i said but it's in your blood to be so rude,was that Michael said he forgave his dad for all the beating and insults.
Who are you to tell me that what we go through in life makes us what we are in the end?How do you know what i have or haven't lived and believe me i have gone through a hell myself,if i wrote about it YOU ESPECIALLY wouldn't believe it.I will say that i grew up without a mother due to a quack since the age of 6, i am in an unhappy marriage with two minor children,i was a newlywed when my husband nearly died of diabetes do you need more?

1486 days ago


Glad you are better, susie. :-)

I have no comment on the article, lol, I get tired just thinking about the subject.

1486 days ago
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