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Faces Public Shaming

in Foreclosure Case

10/6/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If it's even humanly possible ... the guy who owns the note to Octomom's home is now threatening to publicly humiliate Nadya Suleman ... if she doesn't pay off her massive debt in three days.


Amer Haddadin tells TMZ, he's sick of being jerked around by Octo and her lawyers ... and if they don't settle her gigantic debt by October 9 -- dude says he's going to hold a news conference to tell everyone about how terrible of a resident she has been.

Of course, Nadya has nothing to worry about if she meets Amer's deadline -- but as we previously reported, that's one big if ... because girl still owes over $450,000.

How long does it take to shoot a porno?


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None will buy her porno

anyone that wants to see it will download it

shes a whore

1487 days ago

immanuel darjean    

1st comment !!!!!!
I feel bad for her though, i wish i could help. Ill pray for her.

1487 days ago



1487 days ago

immanuel darjean    

sorry collin ****head...
Its actually 2nd not "2ED" and she's not gona do the porn.
She seems like a nice lady, she'd just down on her luck. It happens, its a tuff economy !!!
Lighten UP !!!

1487 days ago

immanuel darjean    

sorry collin ****head...
Its actually 2nd not "2ED"

1487 days ago

who dat    

IDK why TMZ keeps talking about the porn offer, as if it would cover the note (as it presently is structured). The porn offer was 500K. Do you dummies at TMZ think there are no taxes associated with AGI(adjusted gross income)?

My theory is the house is probably at a market value of only 300-325K currently. That's why the guy is crying like a bitc*, instead of simply foreclosing.

If Nadia was smart, she would: Renegotiate the balloon payment down to whatever she'd net (after tax 500K), accept the 500K, (get plowed in every hole for 60 minutes) net about what the house is presently worth, and pay the house off. Then stop having kids.

1487 days ago


Section 8, here she comes!

Deadbeat Nation!

Next landlord... dont do it...
You can never get rid of these leeches!

Im sure this dudes house is totally thrashed inside from OCTASKANK and her herd of bastards!

She probably thought someone would bale her out like always.

Poor kids!

Women who think there kids dont need a father are ruining are nation.

Future gansters...

1487 days ago


We ``` the working class people of CALI will be paying her welfare in a few short weeks````` I'm sure. She really needs to go ahead and do that porn offer!! YO!!

1487 days ago


just do the porn, everyone's doing it these days, off your house

1487 days ago


dewd doesn't need to be a d*ck about it
It's bad enough to lose a home and be evicted

Not a fan of hers by any stretch
But this sounds like he propositioned her and she turned him down

Amer Haddadin sounds mid eastern and that culture tends to treat women as property

1487 days ago


When this guy agreed to carry the house note with a big balloon payment for a single, unemployeed mom of 14 did he not see some risk there? He should change his name to Country Wide and shut his face.

1487 days ago

Sad sad    

That's real mature Amer Haddadin. Sounds like a terrorist.

1487 days ago


Personally, I hope Amer drops dead before the deadline. My God, what an A HOLE. He's viscious and without any integrity whatsoever. Perhaps Karma will step in here and kill him off -

1487 days ago


Amer Haddadin: Stop talking like a terrorist. Surely does fit your name.

1487 days ago


It would be hard to shame that skank. Anyone who advertises her used panties and bras at her yard sale has no shame.

Not to mention the endless lies she has told since the beginning of this sorry story. That's pretty shameful - no frozen embryos that she had to save - she used fresh every time.

She dresses like a porn star, got the porn star lips, go ahead and do the porn. Ain't gonna hurt your reputation any at all.

Most people already view you as a skanky welfare leech. Might as well make some money and save the taxpayers having to support your lazy azz. Porno porno porno porno porno

1487 days ago
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