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'Sister Wives' -- Backlash in Polygamy Community

10/7/2010 6:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown, his three wives, fiancée and 13 kids have created a house divided in his fundamentalist Mormon church.

Sister Wives

We're told before Brown decided to do "Sister Wives," he went to his Utah church for its blessing, but the main man -- called the "community leader" -- would not give Kody the thumbs up, because the law squarely outlaws bigamy and the church didn't want the heat. The community leader told Kody to make the decision himself ... and Kody chose to be a TV star. 

As for members of the church, we're told they're all down with polygamy but split on one of its families flaunting their lifestyle on TV.  Some church members feel it's too risky -- the old waving-the-red-flag-in front-of-the-bull thing. 

But despite the split, Kody and crew are still welcome at their house of worship.


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There is enough crazy stuff on reality television and this takes the cake!!! They all make me sick and I think the network is foolish to even consider such a horrible lifestyle. Shame on you all and it makes me want to throw-up when I even think of it!!!!!

1447 days ago


mmm mmm mmmm!! i sure wanna get in the middle of that!! :D

1447 days ago



1447 days ago


who wants to watch a bunch of brain washed women do a reality show..they should make a Scientology show it would be just the same.

1447 days ago


I wish Gilda Radner were still here.

I'd like to say a word about Moron churches. Just because there a little slow doesn't mean you should call them morons.

Its Mormons not Morons.

Oh, never mind then........

1447 days ago


At least he took the women out of their cages (trailers).
The'll be bunched up for a better life.

1447 days ago


If we're going to redefine marriage for homosexuals, then polygamists should be able to practice their personal preferences as well.

I've seen "normal" families much more dysfunctional than this. The kids are loved and very well taken care of. They're not collecting welfare in fact they look like they're living quite well. In this economy it may take 5 adults to support a family.

1447 days ago


1447 days ago


Is being a fat chick a requirement for this lifestyle?

1447 days ago


This people are not Mormon.
The are ex***unicate from the church.
They belong to FDLS they are ex***unicate people from the church.
The Church of Jesus Christ of later days saint will not aprove this behave.



1447 days ago


WOWWWWWWW the one in the pink is HUGE ! Not even high would I sleep with any of them.

1447 days ago


2 Write ups in one day? I wonder if they pay more than the Real Housewives or UFC?

1447 days ago


THIS SHOW SHOULD BE DROPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1446 days ago


Really all that this family is doing is committing aware adultery. If their unions are binding in the eyes of the Law then the Utah gov't screwed up, and last I knew the FLDS was hardly considered a "legal" church so to acknowledge these unions would then say they are a legal church and that would mean accepting their doctrine. These people are not a burden on social systems, the wives work and as does the husband. Everyone has a right to try and earn money. There are millions that say Kate Gosselin is wrong and disgusting for using her children to create her own fame, but she is doing it. If you don't like this show don't watch it, it's that simple, but I don't think it is fair to judge them and their lifestyle based on your limited knowledge of their world. They clearly believe in God and if they are wrong on their judgment day they will have to answer for their sins. I am not a FLDS or LDS or religious person at all so I am not saying this to gain any sympathy for any church.

1446 days ago



because I lived in Salt Lake City for 5 yrs and people around the country really don't know what goes on there.

1st of all, polygamy is openly practiced there and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. The way it works is a man is legally married to his first wife. The other woman are basically (legally) "single moms" and they live off gov food stamps and welfare. Sometimes they all live in the same house, sometimes they live in separate houses on the same street in a subdivision. But these women and all these kids live off gov assistance. it's a widely KNOWN fact and it's all hush hush. The church is a very secretive church that does lots of bad things that you could never get the general public to talk about.

The main church is the LDS Church and the community churches are called "Wards". There is a million dollar Ward about every 2 to 3 miiles throughout SLC. (Meaning that the $$ they force out of their own patrons, goes for their own power and growth and nothing more. The women whom I knew there who were single/divorced, they collected funds from the church to pay their rent.. this was a very normal way of life there, that and gov assistance... and keep in mind how blatantly republican Utah / Mormons are.. taking tons of gov assistance but fight against it in the political arena.

Young girls, 14 yrs old, at the mall at noon, with 2 kids in a stroller (instead of being in school themselves) was a very common sight. They turn a blind eye to multi-wife marriages and young girl marriages. They promote large families.

There's soooo much Americans don't know about this kooky cult. They secretly and (illegally) baptize dead people from all over the world into christianity.. without the permission of those people's families. Mormons go into their temple and switch into white religious clothing (this is separate from the magic underwear they wear in daily life).. they go to the temple and put on these white religious attire, take on the name of someone who has died (a Jew, a Muslim, anyone) then they get dunked into these giant tanks and in the name of the dead person, they baptize them into christianity.

So so so much people aren't aware of about them.. They don't celebrate July 4th, they celebrate their own holiday, July 24th. Living in Salt Lake was like living in a foreign country. If your car is on the road with an out of state license, the cops will stop you and check you out, find out what you're up to, check you in their computers etc.. even if you've done nothing illegal on the road. If you rent/buy a property the mormons show up at your door rather quickly to "welcome" you to the community and find out just who the h'll you are. It is creepy and disgusting.

That stupid show on HBO that supposedly portrays polygamy is a false representation of what really goes on. It shows them in a good light and couldn't be further from the truth.

1446 days ago
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