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'Sister Wives' -- Backlash in Polygamy Community

10/7/2010 6:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown, his three wives, fiancée and 13 kids have created a house divided in his fundamentalist Mormon church.

Sister Wives

We're told before Brown decided to do "Sister Wives," he went to his Utah church for its blessing, but the main man -- called the "community leader" -- would not give Kody the thumbs up, because the law squarely outlaws bigamy and the church didn't want the heat. The community leader told Kody to make the decision himself ... and Kody chose to be a TV star. 

As for members of the church, we're told they're all down with polygamy but split on one of its families flaunting their lifestyle on TV.  Some church members feel it's too risky -- the old waving-the-red-flag-in front-of-the-bull thing. 

But despite the split, Kody and crew are still welcome at their house of worship.


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animals should be arrested. they put back women's rights 500 years.

1485 days ago


Come on people, I am LDS and these people are not part of my church. They have no connection with us. They may have had family members that were Mormons over 120 years ago, but they are nothing like us. We do not practice plural marriage.

I have lived in Utah and never saw anything like this at all.

1485 days ago


I watched it the first time and couldn't help but think if this is how these people want to live their lives ok, but why do we need to see it and why did TLC pick up a show like this?

Additionally, I can't help but wonder what wife #1 is thinking. Yes, she knew what she was marrying into, but why should she stand back and let her less than hot husband be with multiple women? Stand up for yourself girlfriend, get yourself another man!!

1485 days ago


Curious which room this goes to when the girls all have their monthly friend??? It is a known fact that girls sinc up when they live together.

1485 days ago

LA Law    

What's going on here? are they all preggers? or what this is out of control!!!

1485 days ago


There is enough crazy stuff on reality television and this takes the cake!!! They all make me sick and I think the network is foolish to even consider such a horrible lifestyle. Shame on you all and it makes me want to throw-up when I even think of it!!!!!


As gross as you think it is, they have just as much right to live their lifestyle as much as a gay couple. As they say, marriage isn't about a man and a woman anymore.

1485 days ago


bring on the crazy.....

1485 days ago


THE ARE NOT MORMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously stop calling them that! The LDS/Mormon church bans polygamy. They are FLDS.

1485 days ago


but so many of you dont bat an eye at hugh heffner! its the same thing!!!!

1485 days ago


This is just wrong. It tears apart the family unit and perverts the nature of a real marriage which should be unitive and procreative with two who become ONE. This shows that TRUE religion matters because where does it end? Where do you draw the line? What if someone egomaniac wants to marry 80 people? What if another pervert wants to marry a 3 yr old? Maybe they want to marry a whole day care.

Although it sounds "old fashioned", you have to draw the lines at traditional marriage. They were in existence for good reason.

1485 days ago


I love the new show. The similarities between "gay" rights and "polygamists" are many. If CONSENTING adults want to marry or have sex who are we to say it is wrong. Now that religion/tradition/morality is out of it, then we are NOT limited to TWO people. Three people can be a LEGAL entity like a Corporation, so why not three or four people be in a marriage. Who are we to DENY someone there CIVIL RIGHTS to marry whom they want! Same argument folks! If two consenting adults want to marry and they cannot be denied without violating their civil rights,then why not three or four consenting adults! The only thing limiting it to TWO people is religious,tradition, or procreation. IF we take those away(which we already have) than there is nothing limiting it to TWO people.

1485 days ago


They are NOT FLDS. There are a lot of offshoots of the Mormon church. Strangites, RLDS, Brighamites, etc. I don't know which group these people belong to, but they're definitely not Warren Jeff's group. Those people aren't even allowed to have certain toys for their kids (like red toys, talking animals) let alone dress normally or go on TV or have women holding jobs!

1485 days ago



Actually YOU'RE the ignorant one. I never said anything negative against gay marriage, I'm not opposed to it one bit. I am a HUGE supporter of everyone being able to find their mate(s) and be able to have the same rights & privileges a typical man/woman marriage have.

So thanks for you're rude and abrasive feedback, it's not people like me that are driving kids to suicide. It's impulsive idiots like you that react without fulling understanding what you are seeing and go into attack mode that create hostile environments that can lead people to suicide.

1484 days ago


My understanding of this situation is.....he is only legally married to the first woman. He's not married to the other 3. if these women are ok with living with this guy and his wife in an adulterous situation then so be it. The only time there's a problem is if he tries to be married to more than one woman at a time. Then he's breaking the law.

1484 days ago


That's correct Donna, he's only legally married to the first one. But in Utah there is a unique law about cohabitating, the law was put into place to make polygamy illegal. At least that's what I read in an article.

Also another point that needs to be made, I keep seeing everyone say Kody is taking advantage of the women and how they're victims.

The fact is, his 1st wife introduced HIM to polygamy, not the other way around. It was expected before they married that she would have sister wives.

The 3rd wife says in her interview, she wanted to be a 3rd wife, that is what she aspired to before she met Kody. She said she never wanted to be in a marriage with 1 man because she has her own things she's like to do and not have to worry about tending to a man all the time. Single men had courted her and she wouldnt give them the time of day unless they already had 2 wives. She isn't a victim either.

The 4th wife to be also was previously married to a polygamist (although they didnt have other wives).

The 2nd wife is the only who didn't set out to be part of a polygamist family, but she seems happy with the situation. Sheesh they actually may have the right idea, I'd love to have extra help with the kids and not have to worry about coming home and cooking everynight. lol

1484 days ago
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