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'Sister Wives' -- Backlash in Polygamy Community

10/7/2010 6:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown, his three wives, fiancée and 13 kids have created a house divided in his fundamentalist Mormon church.

Sister Wives

We're told before Brown decided to do "Sister Wives," he went to his Utah church for its blessing, but the main man -- called the "community leader" -- would not give Kody the thumbs up, because the law squarely outlaws bigamy and the church didn't want the heat. The community leader told Kody to make the decision himself ... and Kody chose to be a TV star. 

As for members of the church, we're told they're all down with polygamy but split on one of its families flaunting their lifestyle on TV.  Some church members feel it's too risky -- the old waving-the-red-flag-in front-of-the-bull thing. 

But despite the split, Kody and crew are still welcome at their house of worship.


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I guess my next question is to the LDS/Mormon believers. When so many people bring up the point that you are not a Christian and prove it by the simplest means of your own 'religious body' beliefs compared to those of Christianity. Why do you still believe you are a Christian? I ask this in the kindest way. Because, you are either believing lies, do not know your own doctrine, or are just going with hearsay. I still have no reason to think the LDS/Mormon believers are bad people by any means. I just do not understand why you continue on with perpetuating untruths.

1437 days ago


The person who posted #15 is mixing up the mainstream LDS church and the various sects that have broken off due to doctrinal differences that occurred more than 100 years ago. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who has a worldwide membership of nearly 14 million people does not practice plural marriage. The most widely known plural marriage sect in the state of Utah is The Fundamentalist Latter-day Saint Church; the two are not connected except for a common heritage that split ways during the leadership of the prophet Wilford Woodruff in the late 1800's.

I can understand the intrigue and astonishment of people who are not accustomed to these practices; however, it should be noted that a fourth of the world's population still practices polygamy and has done so for 10,000 years, some traditions leading back to such beloved prophets of the Old Testament like Moses, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Not only was the practice common place, it was sanctioned by God.

Please, in a day and age where race and religion still compel people to go to war, please be a little less judgmental. Be more accepting of the way others choose to live out their religious freedoms. As it stands, the Browns are not morally harming anyone. Their marriages are between consenting adults, and it is a practice that is part of their religious faith which is protected by the Constitution. The current laws which prohibit plural marriage are unconstitutional.

I wish the Brown Family all the best, and may you continually be blessed!

1435 days ago


TCR, it is hurtful when you tell someone he/she is not a Christian. Christian as a definition means a believer of Christ. You are correct in your analysis of LDS doctrine and how it does not align with mainstream Christianity, but this in no way establishes that Latter-day Saints are not Christians. According to every mainstream Christian religion in existence, the only established criteria agreed upon by all for one to be a Christian is to believe in Jesus Christ and confess this belief with your mouth.

As a sidebar, when you die and go to heaven, who will you see? Describe what the trinity will look like when you see it.

1435 days ago


Would it be okay with Kody if his wives fall in love with other men, the way he claims he's "just fallen in love" with 3 other women besides his one and only legitimate wife? What if they married other men, and had children with other men? Would he be okay if they slept with their other husbands on the nights that he's sleeping with his other wives? If he wouldn't be okay with that, then he's just being a hypocrite and wants to be the only one flitting from flower to flower, making them just have to deal with it, but he should have to suffer the same experience as they do... Utah should throw them all in prison for breaking Federal and State Law!! Selfish pig!

1435 days ago


Sadly, most Mormons, RLDS, LDS are not truly educated about their own beliefs. If they were to truly read and research their own books-Book of Mormon, D &C and Pearl of Great Price, they would see all the "ever changing" laws and rules. All Mormons did believe in Polygamy, it's a fact...This was THE way to work themsleves into the celestial kingdom-the highest place in heaven. A way to become a God and to ensure that they could also have a universe of their own. The more wives and children the more blessed they are. They believe that they can become a Heavenly Father also. Lately however they have reformed "change" their rules and ideas-in order to conform more to the world so that they can "harvest" more souls-to populate their future worlds, they can change and bend things....based on what the "new" prophets believe.
Sadly, it's all based on one young man's beliefs...his "dreams" that are so inconsistent and have been changes and re-written. A young man who was convicted of theft at an early age. A troubled teen who didn't want to attend his parents church and decided that God told him that the true church would be coming soon.... He had "miracles" that just happen to only be witnessed by his family. The amazing word of God- he "found" in the woods-and could only be translated by him and if he wore a "special" kind of glasses. These tablets mysteriously disappeared. He created a new book-Book of Mormon-to go a long with the Bible. A book that states the history of Christianity in America, with peoples that supposedly lived in America, battles fought in America, in regions of America-yet even with the AMAZING amount of funds the church has, they can not and have never been able to prove that ANY of the peoples, battles or regions ever existed or happned in America. Not ONE historical "truth" in any of their doctorines can be proved. The founder of their whole religion had MANY well as the "prophets" that followed in his footprints. SO, for the RLDS people who are saying its a wrong/sinful behavior-your very own founder was a TRUE believer in multiple can you believe some and not all??? How can it be ok for him and not for you? Strange.
It's sad, and I truly hope that if anyone is interested in the Mormon, LDS, RLDS religion, PLEASE do MUCH research on your own before you get swept up in the "family" oriented- good feelings -that will be there for the taking.

1435 days ago


Sorry your feelings are hurt. It is just a plain fact that you admit to. Your definition of a Christian is weak and has nothing to support your claim. Jewish people believe in Christ. But, they are not Christians either nor do they profess to be as your religion does. Again, I have no ill feelings towards LDS/Mormons and any that I have interacted with are kind and polite people. And living in the US you have every right to practice your religion. I just do not agree with you telling people you are Christians when you clearly are not and admit that you do not follow the tenants of Christianity.

1435 days ago


TCR, Thank you for your sincerity, but I must ask you, what does the Bible say one must do to be a Christian?

1435 days ago


#114 See my response in #107 the first paragraph. The second gives where the information is located.

1434 days ago


TCR, I read your posting again. I believe in the Biblical Jesus who was born of Mary. I have accepted him as my personal Savior. I have repented of my sins, and I believe that through his grace I am saved and will go to heaven. I continue to follow his teachings every day and I look forward to receiving my reward which is to be received by him in glory. I am a Christian. Sincerely, Jacqueline

1434 days ago


I guarantee the ladies saying ewwww, gross, are probably being cheated on we speak. Get over yourselves!

I live in NYC. No matter what class, race, financial position you are, Families are FKD up! Governors are sleeping with prostitutes, congressman's have lovechildren, This ones on drugs, that ones having affairs, priests are molesting little kids .. so really, just shut your mouths! That family is more balanced, kind hearted, and seems to have more values, than any family I see these days. I actually Envy them.

1430 days ago


Listen...the guy is a narcissistic sociopath. Period. As for the women, they are exceedingly sad and insecure. This guy is the leader of a cult. Period.

1422 days ago


When our lord comes back he will alot of thing will change.I myself was a sinner thats true but now I walk with JESUS.and from what i have read alot of people need to repent and get beptized.such as sister wifes.its just wrong.THE LORD IS COMING SO BE READY NO ONE KNOWS WHEN MIGHT BE SOON

1422 days ago


sister wives should be removed from the air waves.and they should be locked up.I refuse to watch that channel untill sister wives is banded ! I hope a lot of you agree .and join me

1290 days ago


sister wives should be removed from the air waves.and they should be locked up.I refuse to watch that channel untill sister wives is banned! I hope a lot of you agree .and join me

1290 days ago
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