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Roseanne's Ex:

She Made Me Pay for Costco!

10/21/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Roseanne Barr makes $300,000 per month ... and she won't even honor her promise to fly her ex-hubby to Hawaii to visit their kid ... this according to new court documents obtained by TMZ.

Ben Thomas -- Rosie's former bodyguard/husband from 1995 to 2002 -- claims earlier this year, Roseanne decided she wanted to move to Hawaii with their 15-year-old son. Ben gave Rosie the right to move with their kid, and in exchange Rosie agreed to fly Ben and his new wife to Hawaii every month for 10 days on Rosie's dime.  The whole deal was reduced to writing.

Now, here's where it gets nasty ...

According to legal docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Barr canceled Ben's plane tickets just hours before his first flight ... then fired off an email to him saying, "I decided that I'm no longer interested in abiding by this ridiculous arrangement."

She continues, "You want to visit [our son]? Buy yourself a ticket, book a room ... See you in court."

Ben -- who claims his wealth "pales in comparison" to Roseanne's -- says he ultimately paid for his own 1st class tickets to Hawaii ... but to even out the cost, he "ate at inexpensive restaurants, rented a Dodge Charger, and filled up with gas at Costco."

Dude now wants a judge to force Roseanne to honor the deal and reimburse him for the trip -- including the Costco run.


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@Shannon, the agreement doesn't only benefit him and his wife. The deal to fly him and his wife to Hawaii each month was in exchange for allowing Rosanne to move to Hawaii with their son. She go to move, and he got to visit each month - that was the deal. Read the story next time.

1466 days ago


Who does not know that Roseanne,the show,is on in reruns not just on Tv Land but other stations all over the world?There is also the dvd sales and lots of other income for Roseanne we don't know about.She is a smart cookie except for her choices in men,but then many women make these same mistakes,trusting untrustworthy men because of love.She signed an agreement and a judge will compel her to make good on it in some way or work out a compromise with the idiot ex.She should be able to live where she pleases..I am sure this ex golddigger got a great divorce settlement so he can afford the trip...costco my ass...

1466 days ago


I bet the dude was just trying to be amicable and behave like an adult for the sake of their son. Or perhaps the idea of keeping buckets of money out of the hands of lawyers appealed to him as well. He could have legally blocked her move to Hawaii every step of the way but he acted like a decent (if perhaps naive fool) person and negotiated in good faith. The dragon Roseanne took advantage. I say PAY UP HONEY!

1466 days ago


Roseanne made an unwise decision. Agreeing to finance her ex's travel is one thing but his wife is something else. Besides, who said his travel needed to consist of first class arrangements? He would have been flying coach and staying at a 3-star hotel; anything else would have been on his buck. I guess common sense hit her a little too late but she agreed to it (probably so her ex would allow them to move) so now she must honor it.

1466 days ago


If she made a deal, she needs to stand by it. Does she realize she is teaching her son to lie? Take her to court, man.

1466 days ago


Daddio doesn't sound like his trip was about seeing his son rather sticking it to Rosanne. He's an ass.

1466 days ago


Not a big Rosanne fan, but we are only getting his side of the story, so things may be different from what he says.

I don't see why he had to buy first class tickets...and what is so bad about eating at inexpensive restaurants, and buying gas at Costco? It sounds to me that maybe he had too many expectations of her for each trip and she possibly was fed up or didn't have the money to pay what he wanted? Either way, this would best be settled in court, and perhaps that was what she was aiming for by canceling the tickets.

1466 days ago


Why does she have to buy a ticket for the new wife?

1466 days ago


*** That's ridiculous ! Once a month for him and his new wife for 10 days.... I would think she wouldn't agree to that... I am sure he expected free lodging and free meals. WTF.. you gotta be kidding me..

1466 days ago


If she didn't like the arrangement then she never should have agreed to it in the first place. However now that it's been signed on she's pretty much screwed. And good for him btw. For once a wife has to pay her ex husband instead of the other way around.

1466 days ago


He is going to see his kid and he wants the mom to pay for EVERY TIME he wants to see him. Sounds like a PERSONAL PROBLEM to me.

1466 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

This guy had to fly 'first class'? What an idiot. The fool needs to fly normal like 'real' people.

1466 days ago


Roseanne needs to pay for this trip and then set up another arrangement where the father comes by himself once a month until the boy is 18. His wife can pay for her own ticket. He really should get something after having to be married to Roseanne for so long. Let the man see his kid.

1466 days ago


Get a job and sit in coach like the rest of us...I'm supposed to feel sorry for this guy? Give me a break.

1466 days ago

who farted    


1466 days ago
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