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'Transformers 3' Victim's Tab -- $350k ... and Rising

10/28/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Medical bills are rolling in for the "Transformers 3" extra who was brain-damaged on set -- and the early total is more than $350,000 ... an astronomical tab Paramount Studios says it will foot.


Gabriela Cedillo's attorney Todd Smith tells us the 350k only covers her initial month-long hospital stay -- and does not include other costs like an airlift, ambulance rides, and the rehab facility where Gabriela is now.

Gabriela was partially paralyzed when a stunt went horribly wrong back in September.

Paramount -- which is producing "Transformers 3" -- has said it will pay for Gabriela's medical expenses.



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Stupid People Hater    

My guess is her job description did not state these risks. These risks may have been stated for someone who was actively involved in the stunt but not for an extra.

1459 days ago


Funny. Look how Indiana totally excused itself from any blame:

The Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cleared "Transformers 3" officials in an accident that left a movie extra seriously injured, officials said.

"IOSHA investigators believe the accident occurred due to the failure of a weld connecting a car to a tow cable," IOSHA spokesman Marc Lotter said in a statement. "The weld was made by a certified welder and all necessary safety precautions were in place, thus no citations or fines will be issued.

Oh, you can't sue us. You won't get any money from us.
Well, if the weld DIDN'T HOLD then SOMEBODY probably did it WRONG.
I hope she sues these idiots, too.

1459 days ago


$350,000 is not excessive for a one month hospital stay, I spent 2 weeks in a hospital and built up a $185,000 bill and I wasn't in the ICU. In light of that $350k actually sounds quite low to me, but her long term expenses could add up to $1-3 Million. As for the woman making a full recovery, that won't happen. Brain injuries, don't heal, I know, I have one (not from that 2 week stay, my brain injury happened in 1974). This woman will need years of therapy just to return to any sort of life, and it will never be the life she had before the accident. That said, It was just that, an accident. The studio is responsible for her medical bills, and her lost income for the rest of her life, but not punitive damages. My heart goes out to this woman and her family, they have a long hard road ahead of them.

Posted at 8:06 AM on Oct 28, 2010 by Locke
what hospital charges 13,214 a day? ..pleaseeeeeee
I dont think so,the studio is not reposnsible for any of her bills...unless they were negligent.thats why they have workmans comp.

1459 days ago

jealous of kate    

First of all, when Paramount says it will 'foot the bill' for this worker, basically they have no choice. She was injured at work, thus, she is covered under workers comp. Unless, that is, she was hired as an individual contracter, which, I don't think actors can, but who knows in this weird world, than she would have to be self insured. Now, the statements about 'workers comp would cover, not paramount', yes, that is a true statement in most cases, BUT, some companies are self insured, that is, THEY COVER THEMSELVES instead of paying out ridiculous premiums to insurance companies, the business pays out any legitimate claim themselves. AND... then they act like an insurance company, taking their time paying out. NOW, as for the bill, try googling it and you will come up with all different answers. I was in the hospital back in the 90's for almost a month, I was in critical condition, no surgery, but I was in ICU for almost 2 weeks. MY BILL BACK THEN CAME TO OVER $200,000. The bed alone costs over a few thousand dollars a day. NOW, add surgery, tests, medications, etc. I did find a survey for Canada and they said it costs over $7000 a day, Canadian for their health care. $350,000.00 IS NOT OUTRAGEOUS AT ALL. This woman has been in critical condition, she is not a well person. This is why I think it is crazy everyone thinks the answer to Universal Health and Obama Care has been sooooo easy and did not challange him. Think about this-this woman has had critical care, but the cost of a hospital bed is thousands. Yes, insurance premiums are outrageous, but as soon as somene enters the hospital, any premium you have paid, your not so lovely stay at the hospital more than makes up for all those premiums. There is NO WAY TO LOWER THESE COSTS. Yes, you can get the people involved in medicare fraud who are BILLING THE GOVERNMENT for say, they have 4 million wheelchair clients and they haven't sent out one, but that is not who the government is HURTING, AS USUAL.

1459 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

"partially paralyzed"

and what hospital is she at? the ritz carlton?

get a damn hobby bitch or people like you will RUIN the movie industry and no one will be able to get a job

1459 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

don't get me wrong... "findings" or not... it's paramount's set and they're responsible...

but this woman and her attourney's kicked up such a stink about and and tried to sue for big bucks...

it's going to get to the point where it will be insanely hard to get a job

1459 days ago


And if she is awarded $200M in a lawsuit, the lawyer gets $195M. God Bless America.

1459 days ago


It is not a matter of per day, each surgery itself costs money, ICU care costs a ton of money, Brain injuries are especially expensive because they require expensive tests, CT Scans, and MRI's among others, they also require Neurosurgeons and Neurologists, all expensive. The drugs required to treat her, the various medical supplies used. the use of an operating room can run $10k and up per hour. Emergency room trauma care is also expensive because it takes so many people and so much material to stabilize a patient. So, her bill is neither excessive nor unusual.

I should add that while I don't feel she should receive punitive damages, she does deserve compensation for her pain and suffering, because she will have both for the rest of her life.

1459 days ago


Get well, Gabriela. XOXOXO

1459 days ago

daniel blue    

I took a look at the accident photographs at her lawyers office several weeks ago. As a master weldor with 40 years experience in the trade, I can tell you that the "certified weldor" employed by Paramount was a rank amateur at best.

I recommended to Todd Smith that he should contact a mechanical engineer and metallurgist to analyze the photo's as I had. They concurred with my opinion that there was inadequate fusion and penetration of the welded steel bracket.

I could have performed this weld in 15 minutes and this beautiful young lady would be quite fine today.

Indiana OSHA should be stripped of any future authority for the failure to issue citations or fines. Movie revenue is a powerful asset to the local economy and more will be uncovered in their irresponsible actions in said regard.

Gross negligence and lack of responsibility are the key words in any future discussions regarding this very avoidable tragedy.

1459 days ago


It was a freak accident. If Lighting strikes a tree and it falls on me in my car. Does that mean I can sue Mother nature?

Posted at 4:56 PM on Oct 28, 2010 by Orion78

It wasn't lightning, hon. It was a bad weld which caused the extra to suffer such serious injury that she went from a month in ICU to a rehab facility where she'll learn to live as a cripple. If you are injured because your employer creates an unsafe situation, you can indeed sue. And workman's comp, are you all kidding? That doesn't pay a pittance of the ICU bill, it instead pays you a fraction of what your estimated wages would have been had you been able to remain at work. It's certainly not cash enough to pay for the daily rehab and 24 hour per day medical care she will need long term because of someone's stupid mistake.

And no, extras do not sign away their right to the reasonable expectation that they will not be brain damaged and crippled when leaving the workplace.

1458 days ago


Poor gal. Hope everything turns out fine for her.

1458 days ago


Good job Paramount Studios. Take care of your people and we the movie lovers will remember it. Looking forward to Transformers 3. TCB.

1457 days ago
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