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Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller

File for Divorce

11/1/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller have filed for divorce today ... and TMZ has obtained the divorce papers.

It's a bizarre divorce ... Charlie and Brooke signed a 43-page property settlement document back in May, in which they divided all their assets and agreed on child custody.  According to the document -- obtained by TMZ -- Brooke and Charlie get joint legal custody of their two kids.  Brooke gets primary physical custody and Charlie gets visitation.

Brooke gets $55,000 a month in child support, and according to the doc, "Under no circumstances shall the child support paid by Charlie for Bob and Max be less than the child support paid by Charlie to Denise Richards for Sam and Lola."

Brooke gets cash from several income sources, plus a lump sum parting gift of $757,689.70.

Charlie gets the family house but has to pay Brooke around $1 mil.

Charlie gets to keep his $5.6 $5.45 million watch collection.

In the docs, Charlie lists their date of separation as 12/25/09 -- the day he was arrested in Aspen for a domestic incident involving Brooke.

PEOPLE broke the story that the divorce is being filed today.

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Its called a PRENUPTIAL or it is a hit man both ways save you your life. But American girls say oh we do not need a prenump we will be together till I get what I want or half.

1446 days ago


I'm amazed that this creep is not in prison! He abuses women,
a drug addict, is into child porn (according to his ex).... I wish he would just stop behaving like a overbearing spoiled child and grow up!

1446 days ago


I have been in an abusive relationship, but these terms are sick, take take, take, brooke and im a women, your out of digger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he aint no saint but your messed up......good luck to you Charlie

1446 days ago


Charlie, lets get away for the weekend, no kids and no worries of having a baby either, I've adopted my kids and we are good, lets just have fun without " I DO ", enjoy your life and stop thinking you need a women to be there 24/7, think you can invite and play house for the weekend and you both go home, that saves ALOT of headache and makes alot of laughs, you are great, take care:)

1446 days ago

Edgar Longenecker    

The cost of hookerdom has reached the stars; catch a falling star, etc., You'd think these quasilegal hookers, think they're Congress Nazis; whatwith selling their ass, and, demanding a life long pension for doing so. Somebody ought to tell all these weenies that marriage is a three legged contract, wherein, the real whore is the government, which claims jurisdiction over everything the breadwinner produces. We should keep a tally on how many times such marital prostitution, consummation, consumes, the obvious dupe, gets down, multiply that by $2.00 and, get the duper to hang around for awhile, until enough performance on the job, earns one, their merit badge... Till then, the brain dead judges, scammed jurisdiction, and, cruel and unusual punishment, for honoring a crooked system, by getting married, instead of shacking up, is grounds for tar and feathers, for judges, who bring nothing but assininity, to the job, then, berate, everyone for the judges' own contempt of our courts... not, a licence to validate prostitution... Edgrrr... Stalag Skew, Ahnolds' Gulag, Schizofornia....

1445 days ago


Damn Charlie EVERY mans but he is a likeable guy or comes off that way & I agree she Had a plan they all do I guess it's a drawback being a celebrity & thinking you can have a real relationship that'll go the distance BUT I feel the same about Sandra Bullock too I love her and hate to see ANY woman treated badly. I also know women CAN be devious men mostly just Blunder into crap but women have a plan..can't convince me different ...Bless you Charlie RENTING maybe the answer but ya know? Intimacy really can't be faked & when you get older it'll become more important to you I hope you won't be so gun-shy to recognize it when it comes & I'm thinking Denise is still where your heart is buddy...go for That you may be surprised

1445 days ago


Charlie stay with the hookers. I did and I get to keep money hard earned money.
In the long run they are cheaper.

1445 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Charlie and Tiger Woods are "soul brothers" They thrive on "whoreships"-- What kind of a women would marry some one like Charlie Sheen who has a life-style of hiring whores since he became famous??? Seems only another whore would marry this DECADENT Diseased , morally decayed PIG!!!!

1444 days ago


lets face it folks these aren't real marriages nor relationships, they need a new category for hollywood marriages.... or put a time limit on the marriage like a drivers license and let it expire after 2 years.... much cheaper all around.

1436 days ago


As a divorce lawyer I am shocked at how screwed Brooke was in the property division. However, more so, I think she was screwed in the child support arena by tying support to Denise's children. Why? Well, child support calculations usually include costs for schooling and nanny care and daycare in their calculations. Denise's children are older and their need for full time care will dissipate as they age. The twins are younger. I would have tied her support amount to the amount ordered to be paid for the kids when the oldest was the age of the twins. (I.e., in no case shall Charlie pay less for the twins when they are 3 years old than he was ordered to pay when Lola was 3 years old [or the other child -- I don't know the kids names]). I would have also added that all nanny expenses shall be paid by Charlie with a mutually agreed upon nanny or daycare provider and that Brooke and Denise's children shall be given the same educational opportunities, depending on their qualifications, and that Charlie cannot agree to one set of children getting a more expensive education while rejecting the other set) [I have seen parents say it is OK for the ex wife I like to send the kids to exclusive schools but the ex-wife I hate -- she has to send them to public school]. In my state, a parent can not be ordered to pay for private school without consent - no judge can order it.

1436 days ago


Sheen's character on TV is funny; in real life it's tragic. If he doesn't wise up we'll read about it in the tabloids.

1433 days ago


Charlie I've lived what your living on a less grandiose scale but the same and was treated the same. I never invited the crap but felt the need to help more often then not. Management thought I get personally involved in Humane interest and well I was penalized sent away ..I managed a staff of 65 they'd do ANYthing 4 me but WOULD NOT deal or help site Mngr. for that and the "threat" he percieved ne to be I hadda go! But it was the property & owner that had my loyalty...he never stepped in and the Mngr. was proved to be Embezzeling...Well I was gone already and 12 yrs. later the bad taste is still in my mouth. My modern method of management just didn't jibe with "THEIRS" so genius is often misconstrued Charlie tread carefully I believe in you and what you're saying but ..lmao TROLLS just wouldn't see that or "HEAR" what you're saying so you may have to make it More LAYMAN for the masses that JUDGE Charlie...too many people are all about judging AS IF THEY are better and their s#!t don't stink!...Just don't try to "ESCAPE" anymore ok? they'll get you on that and your kids will feel that ok?...I'm with you all the way! Don't give THEM ammo though they'll use it especially against you for the kids...THEY are the important issue here keep THAT FOCUS..

1319 days ago


It's about time!! I saw this coming...

1270 days ago
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