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Ochocinco's Engagement Gift

-- New Reality Show

11/18/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's only been two days since he got engaged -- and TMZ has learned VH1 has already offered Chad Ochocinco and his freshly-minted fiancée a new reality show ... but there's a catch.

Chad Ochocinco Realty Show
According to sources close to the couple, VH1 made an offer to Chad and "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada on Tuesday ... just hours after news broke about the 10-carat engagement.

We're told the show would be centered around the couple's post-engagement relationship leading up to the wedding.

According to sources, the couple is very interested ... but won't sign unless "the money and situation are right."

But clock's ticking -- because we're told VH1 wants to start shooting ASAP.

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ashley holmes    

Am I tripping didn't he just have a show where he was trying to find love? And I thought she was married. WTH. I tell you. Housewives Basketball Football try being a real one. Like up early cooking breakfast packing lunch for school going on a job coming home cooking dinner getting the things ready for the next day. taking the kids to school functions. All your damn self not a housekeeper or nanny then make a show

1342 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

This is a Lamar and Khole type of wedding. Folks who want to make money and don't mind faking it even with a real peice paper from a authorized authority of civil law. I wonder if she will teach him how swim.

1342 days ago


Why would anyone give this pompous ass a TV show ?....REALLY!!?

1342 days ago


All of you people talking about how stupid it is to watch reality tv are even more stupid than the people you guys are talking about... hello... you people are on a gossip website... im sure you have great lives too haha.

1342 days ago


Hold up, wait a minute, let me put my two cents in it. She's black! I thought he only dated white girls.

1342 days ago

Bulldog Mom    

I wouldn't watch that train wreck..He is making a huge mistake.He is Just another famous sports star to make her money and put her on tv again..Chad need to concentrate on football instead of all these Tv shows and commercials..Or pretty soon he won't be playing football anywhere and all the fame and money will run out..Then his new " wife " will have to move on to the next superstar..

1342 days ago


Ocho you suck at your day job so I guess reality tv is all you got now. Both of these two are attention divas (that are really not looking for love). In a few years we wont even remember your names so get your money while you can.

1342 days ago


what happened to the lady he picked on his show that sure did not last how long have these 2 been dating now getting married wow love at first sight good luck make it work no matter what get priorities RIGHT Communication goes a long way too

1342 days ago


He ain't getting married, he is too busy banging his boyfriend T.O. Once these two retire they will pledge their love for each other in a life partner ceremony.

1342 days ago


ochocinco needs reality tv because his career is dead has anyone seen his stats this year mabe if he didnt need the spotlight on himself so bad his team might have more than two wins

1342 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Dear TMZ, I sent a link to the story about her tweet and she sent a response that I was a hater. LMAO! I was the messenger and she couldn't handle it. Keep Ocho lady u'll dump him when he retires or gets injured. We are not blind or dumb stupid gold digger

1342 days ago


Fail... i won't be watching this show! I'd rather watch a show off melo and lala's married life! at least those are two real stars who love each other and are not just doing t.v shows for money and fame! stop susporting foolish shows people.

1342 days ago


VH1 is going down the toilet. No one gives a crap about these trashy people with money.

1342 days ago


When does this a$$ and his a$$ cohort practice and play football. Seems to me Ocho needs to spend his time and energy practicing and playing football and maybe getting into the endzone. T.O. is worring about money that McNabb is making, he can't focus on his football game. Their team should have saved money by letting these a$$ holes do the TV thing.

1341 days ago


love it

1341 days ago
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