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Xtina Holds on to New Man

11/23/2010 3:10 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

She filed for divorce just last month, but Christina Aguilera was already spotted leaving a hotel holding hands with reported new boyfriend Matthew D. Rutler in L.A. this weekend.


The duo met on the set of Xtina's movie "Burlesque," where Rutler was a production assistant.

Now that's a job with perks.


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JLo on Steroids    

I zoomed in, & if that's a Heidi klum shirt..when did she fix her extra wide nostrils?

1431 days ago


well its obvious he got her pregnant. he aint no fool. k fed part two. the only thing that sucks about this story is that i wasnt the production assistant and why does she keep getting these scrubby ass guys....xtina holler at your boy menusk if you want some real arm candy.

1431 days ago


i went to college with that kid! lol

1431 days ago


What A Whore!

1431 days ago


Its a Sienna Miller t-shirt.......

1431 days ago


I just want her to sing my new song, "The San Francisco Giants Are The World Series Champs! OOah!

1431 days ago



1429 days ago


Ok supposebly People quoted this relationship turned romantic only after the seperation which on TMZ states the actual seperation date as Sept 11th, and files for divorce Oct 11th. However Jordan took her to the hospital for her busted lip that needed stitches a few days before announcing the seperation but technically already seperated. And they were pictured going out to eat together laughing and riding off together after towards the end of Sept and he went with her to the Gala show after Septemer 11th. So to me she was involved with both men since it says she was seeing Matthew after they seperated. Poor Jordan, its like Christina has lost her mind and disregarded what family meant to her. Jordan has been her #1 fan by backing her up on her slutty videos, was there for her whole pregnancy and still around after she filed for seperation. She is going to realize she risked tearing her whole family apart just for 1 movie which is stupid to me. Karma will come back so just remember Jordan Bratman may be hurting now but in the end he will move on and find happiness with somone else. Happens all the time and you will be left looking like the bitter ex. If Jordan was with another woman right now Christina would not be handling the split so well so good luck cheater.

1429 days ago


This is the same thing that happened with Jennifer Anniston, Brad **** and that wh0re Angelina Jolie...why the double-standard hmmm? Christina and LeAnne are wh0res, slvts and all kinds of foul names, but it's alright when St. Angie does it? Is it because she wasn't the married one? There are a bunch of hypocrites on TMZ.

1424 days ago


...and how is this any different from Brad, the Ho and Jennifer?

1424 days ago


I just think that this is another story of a woman, even though I am a fan of Xtina's , who doesn't understand what committment means and what a responsibility having a child and working on a marriage is about. I feel sorry for the hubby because I feels he truly loves her and wanted to stay and work on the marriage. Christina realize that pasture is not greener on the other side!!

1423 days ago


some people i swear. you can be seperated and not file for divorce for a while and still see other people. my ex husband moved out and i didnt file for three years. not a big deal and other reports say they hadn't been together for a long time. so stop hating my only concern is she needs to be careful who she dates and bring around her child. let her have fun she alwys been a sexual person what makes yo think that she can't have a bit of fun now that she dont have a ball and chain. geesh ppl give her a break

1422 days ago

B Long    

The movie "Burlesque" was so good. Christina is an outstanding and very skilled singer. I am to have to buy that movie - in the blue-ray version.

1418 days ago

BJ Long    

The Movie "Burlesque" was great. Christina's performances were outstanding. I will have to buy that movie in blue-ray.

1418 days ago


You're all so ****ing stupid. Christina and Jordan were having problems in their relationship before she started filming Burlesque. They lost connection, tried to make it work for Max, and it didn't so they filed for divorce. Then she started seeing this dude. So you can all stop calling her a whore now and acting like you know wtf is up when you clearly don't.

1413 days ago
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