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Charger Shaun Phillips -- Witness in Brutal Bar Fight

12/14/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NFL linebacker Shaun Phillips is one of three San Diego Chargers police say witnessed a bar fight that left one person in a coma ... TMZ has learned.


San Diego law enforcement officials confirm Phillips and rookie running back Ryan Mathews were at Bar West in Pacific Beach on Monday night before a fight broke out in a nearby parking lot.

According to sources -- Phillips and Mathews were at a table with fellow teammate Legedu Naanee shortly before the fight broke out. Police have already spoken to Naanee and say he was not involved in the brawl.

No word yet if police have spoken to Phillips and Mathews.

UPDATE: SD police tell TMZ they have concluded no Chargers players were involved in the fight.

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And this is news how? He's not the person who commited the crime and I'm certain their were dozens of other people in the bar. Much ado about nothing. Slow day TMZ?

1417 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Football players and public bars are not a very good combination...

1417 days ago


Howard Sterns pen is. Bababooey...Bababooey...Bababooey!!!

1417 days ago

Trev the 1    

what are you guys doing at a bar you should be resting for thursday nights game that means sleeping and smoking pot not bar hoppin

1417 days ago


@Trev the 1
Smoking pot? Your a little to in to the Miley Cyrus story buddy sorry this is NFL news. Ya maybe they should've been home resting but it's pretty common for teammates to go celebrate a win by having a few drinks together this has gone on forever, I remember having pizza with my soccor team when I was 5! I guess you just were never involved in any TEAM activities probably why your making stuff up on internet blogs today. GET A LIFE!!!! GO CHARGERS

1417 days ago


If the Chargers orginization has any class those two will not play on Thursday.

1417 days ago


Since this is an NFL post, all I can say is GO GREEN BAY PACKERS ! ! ! also the Chargers are becoming the Bengals of the west in terms of law enforcement entanglement.

1417 days ago


Miley was smoking Salvia, not pot...and NFL players love them some weed. Other than that, this is a total non-story. Shaun Phillips was at the same bar a fight broke out? Whooooooo. Do you know anything about the location where this bar is? Let's put it this way. Police set up a substation right by all of these bars because the patrons are 100% out of control. Any guy with black knee socks, ****ies, and a metal mullisha hat is going to be starting fights on any given night down there because it's totally d-bag central.

1417 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh come on... 'brutal bar fight'? he's a football player!! it's like someone accidentally knocking into you (for normal people). that is not a 'brutal bar fight' you wussies.

1417 days ago


@Geoff you an idiot!!! Why because they were at a bar when a fight broke out?? So next time there is a fight at anywhere everyone there should be in jail?

1417 days ago


@NDNchief: Are you serious? The Bengals? Cinci doesnt know how to handle their player's situations off the field. When Kevin Ellison got popped with vicodin his ass got booted out of SD. But the bengals have had numerous player conduct issues and they continue to keep them around. Plus this bar thing is a non-issue, they just witnessed a fight WOW ! @Geoff your the one smokin pot.

1417 days ago

Trev the 1    

Youre an idiot jay. Thats why you write comments on tmz just like me. MAybe you should take a look in mirror and stop thinking about soccer when you were 5.

1416 days ago

Trev the 1    

jay why dont you go snort some Xanex and drink you lush piece of sht>obviously i played sports as a kid and in college. All im saying is that its better to stay home and smoke some kush or eat some edibles instead of drinking and being hungover> jays like they were only eating pizza guys

1416 days ago

mike o    

first off every team has problems. Chargers bar fights and DUIs are minimal compared to other teams. Yes these guys should be at home being its a short week. Norv needs to crack down big time. As for the comment about "If the Chargers organization has any class those two will not play on Thursday" Thats stupid!!!! you have no clue if they actually did something or just there when I fight broke out. It was unfair for SDPD to associate with this because a witness stated seeing them in the bar. If it comes down to it and they where unfortunately a part of it.....then it will get handled.

1416 days ago


you guys are all dumbasses. u dont kno ****t. i kno the guy in a comma. and let me just sayy **** the chargers!!!!

naanee! u should be took out of the nfl! ****in criminal!

cant even catch!

1416 days ago
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