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Ronnie from 'Jersey Shore'

Indicted for Punch

12/17/2010 5:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ronnie Ortiz from "Jersey Shore" was indicted by a grand jury today in Ocean County on an assault charge stemming from a fight that went down during season one of the show.

Ortiz was charged with one count of third-degree assault ... punishable by up to five years in state prison. The alleged incident went down September 4, 2009 in Seaside Heights, NJ.

Sources tell TMZ the reason it took so long to charge him was because both sides were trying to reach a plea agreement, but couldn't. We're told a plea still could happen down the road.

The guy on the receiving end of the alleged punch, Stephen Izzo, has a pending lawsuit against Ronnie, MTV, and the producers of the show.

A rep for Ronnie tells TMZ, "This comes as a complete shock to us, as far as we know, our attorneys have been in contact with the prosecutors office and we are waiting to see the documents."


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So that dude who punched out Snooki gets nothing but Ronnie is indicted & they didn't even catch the punch on tape?

I wonder if he will get donkey punched in one shot in the pin?

. is the size of his bunghole when he enters prison O is the size when he leaves

1375 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Was it the fight with the old bald guy on the boardwalk, or the guy he knocked out on the sidewalk? The guy on the sidewalk might have a case since it looks like ron chased after him. The bald guy hasn't got crap. He sat there whining like a B**CH because HE knew more about Seaside than THEY did. Then followed ron & spam outside, pretending the whole way to be laid back & calm with his flip-flops (I never bought the Jimmy Buffet act with those people) & hands resting on his head. Yeah, real laid back. He then b*tched at ron the whole time about going back to NY (a common cry from the pseudo-natives down there who really only give a crap about bar-hopping & clubbing than the town itself). The guy came at ron first plain & simple, & the guy's robot of a girlfriend had her hands in ron's face the whole time when she should've been controlling her own guy. ron's a d-bag no question, but that old bald b@stard got what he asked for & doesn't deserve JACK. LOSER!

1375 days ago


I saw that episode. I'm not in favor of violence, but in Ronnie's defense, that guy taunted him endlessly, while all Ronnie did was try to walk away from the situation. The "victim" and his woman were belligerent. I hope Ronnie countersues. I've only watch JS one day (marathon), and Ronnie's the ONLY level headed member of the cast. He deserves better than what most of the posts are proclaiming. He's not perfect, but he seems like good people...with muscles.

1375 days ago


What's this guy acting like a Guidodo when he's Mexican. Ortiz that's not Italian.

1375 days ago

Homer J    

"Comes as a complete shock to us!" LMAO

1375 days ago

Moe Green    

Hey Skip, verbal abuse does not give anyone the right to commit assault.

1375 days ago


This was the "come at me bro" incident right? If so the dude tried swinging at Ronnie from behind his girlfriend. Ronnie regulated.

1375 days ago

Truth Hurts    

They've been replaying this episode quite a bit on VH1, the guy was looking for a fight. There are real criminals in the world and they wanna lock up a guy who punched a guy looking for a fight. Punching a guy who is minding his own business and not acting like a jackass, yeah, lock that guy. Punching a guy who is asking to be punched? Police go arrest a rapist, a murderer, a thief. Fighting shouldn't be illegal if both parties want to fight, assault is hitting a person not looking for a fight, fighting is fighting.

1374 days ago


I broke down and watched Jersey Shore Season 2 , tosee what the all the fuss was about. I remember this episode and Izzy taunted Ronnie, plus, HE followe him home baiting him. What a coward!! He got decked and now he is crying?!!! He is a wuss. If he can't take it , he shouldn't have dished it out!
I say this, eventhough, I hate and am intolerant of violence.

1374 days ago


that punk should get socked again, i hate people who want something for nothing, if he wins he should buy some dunking lessons, sore looser;

1374 days ago


I would have at least found the guy to be comic relief until I heard the outtakes of the fight when he calls the guy a f*gg*t over and over - which is just disgusting and ignorant. And if his girl doesn't stop petting her stupid hair extensions I'm gonna seriously lose it...

1374 days ago


1st off ... All these comments sounds like haters to me.. If someone gave you the life of roads and riches.. you would take it...2nd The dude got knocked out.. give him a fine and get over it...Next this guy is going to seek a lawsuit a year n 3 months later...This world of haters n Bi@ches we live in...

1374 days ago


That's B.S. Stephen Izzo got what was coming to him. He knows it and so does every one else. He started the b.s. and would not back off, he followed the group until he got what he was looking for, a confrontation. Then he gets his ass knocked out with one punch in the confrontation he was looking for, p*ssy(one punch) and now he is acting more like a p*ssy and a little cry baby girl by trying to sue. Hope your ass gets knocked out in court! Damn looser! I would of done the same thing if I was Ron.

1374 days ago


good breeding and class always shines thru.
why do we care about this trash?

1374 days ago


Ok, I don't normally watch this show, but I did catch this one before the fight started and to be honest I don't feel that he was the aggressor. The women were more of the instigators and the guys were just being guys (made me think of dogs), fortunately for him there is video, he may get more in trouble because he is seriously built but so was the other guy (compared to some people). They both were at fault in this case and both should be equally liable. The other people could have walked the other way too right?

1374 days ago
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