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Tiger and Rachel -- Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

12/22/2010 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel may ring in the New Year with the man who gave her the best present of 2010 -- $10 million -- and it's all thanks to Donald Trump.

Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel

TMZ has learned ... both Rachel and Tiger Woods have been invited to Donald's annual New Year's Eve bash at his Mar-a-Lago mega-estate in Florida.

As for Tiger, Donald tells TMZ, "I did invite him.  I'm the only guy who has tried to defend him."

Rachel, as usual, is a little more complicated.  She has a "blind date" with a guy in the New York fashion industry whom Donald invited, and Rachel is coming as the plus one.

Donald tells us, "She's absolutely welcome."

As for Tiger, Donald says he may or may not come.  On the other hand, it's a good place to meet chicks.


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I hope they get together

1299 days ago


I hope they get together

Posted at 11:48 AM on Dec 22, 2010 by KAM

Me too! Perfect couple, just perfect!

1299 days ago


She's a high paid Hooker and he's a high paid Golfer. She's a nasty looking oinker pig and he's pretty darn ugly too so i guess they are perfect for each other.

1299 days ago


A high paid Hooker and a high paid Golfer. Two pigs.

1299 days ago


every time i look @ Trump i need to shower! & his eldest son is rrrrrrrrreal creapy too.

1299 days ago


i need to shower every time in see Trump or his eldest son.

1299 days ago


Leave it up to Don to host a house full of hookers. The only real classy woman in his life are his daughter and Ivanka.

1299 days ago


OMG she is so disgustingly are bad enough but when I saw her on Celeb Rehab I wanted to vomit, her lips are always puckered with way too much collagen and she just looks so gross. What the hell was Tiger thinking???

1299 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Trump is nothing but a Combination of a PIMP and WHORE himself-- Will do anything for money and attention-He has a rotten , decadent inside- will USE anyone he can to get headlines.

1299 days ago


People....Tiger is hoping this Psyhco beeotch doesn't show up..she's only good enough if you have a babe wife at home...Tiger won't even look twice at her, he knows he can do 10 times better!

1299 days ago


There's nothing exceptional about Rachel, she's very average in every way...except sleezier than average I guess. Her 15 minutes should be up soon.

1299 days ago


Rachel Puketel has a BLIND date on NY Eve?
He would HAVE TO BE BLIND to go out with
that horse-faced skank. Poor guy. Bet he
bolts within the first hour. Probably will
get sick of her talking about how "pretty" she
thinks she is, and how "smart" she is. Yeah
right Rachel. Please sue your plastic surgeon.
You look more like Mr. Ed than Mr. Ed does!
Maybe you will run into W - I- L- B- U- R-!!!!

1299 days ago


Yeah I hope they go back together ... They soooooooooo deserve each other
When you think Woods thought she was his soulmate ???? Something is wrong with this guy !!!! Trading a classy, gorgeous and mother of your kids for this SKANK is quite a huge mistake.

1299 days ago


Get real people. Tiger would not be seen dead with this disgusting chatterbox creep again. Look at how much she has cost him.

1299 days ago


Look, this dumb bitch f'd up when she opened her mouth asking for money! As long as she was opening her holes for every tiger, tom & harry, it was business as usual! Once she started bragging & telling the do...she lost all credibility and all of her clients. Tiger never wanted her in the first place, she was a toy to him, but she ran her mouth and now she's running around trying to play a Lardassian sister in hopes of scoring some money or a reality show. And leave it to that sewer rat donald trump to crawl down to the maggot level & grab this used up plastic has-been for what? WTF is wrong with women nowadays? You suck Peter & anal-dive with any & everybody for cash, notoriety? For plastic surgery that leaves you looking like a retarded duck? Let's see here - Fake face, fake tits, fake horse teeth, lipo nips n tucks, horses tail hair extensions, sherwin-williams face spackle, butt implants or butt padders and f'n duck lips!! WTF is attractive about that? Seriously, you need to just head on over to the ho-stroll & start hookin, cause you look like nothing more than a designer hooker!!

1299 days ago
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