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'Teen Mom' Farrah -- Baby, She Looks Good

1/7/2011 3:25 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

With an orange glow and a bikini in Orlando on Friday, Farrah Abraham looked more like a cast member of the "Jersey Shore" than "Teen Mom."

For this 19-year-old, GTL means gyno, tan, labor.


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Why the wrapped hand? Did Lindsay Lohan try and nab her cell phone away too?

1387 days ago

Lady G    

Oh please, she is adorable. I think this specific pic is terrible of her face, but I have seen the show and she is a pretty girl. This photo just is not doing her any favors- with the exception of her body looking nearly perfect. I think she is adorable on the show. Maybe the bangs just aren't working, but she is a pretty girl.

1387 days ago

Lady G    

Not to mention, who cares if she has had a boob job? They look great. She has come a long way from the pain in the a$$ she was in the first season- I think she is doing a great job and I am rooting for her, so lighten up. After Heidi Montag, just a boob job is hardly offensive. Additionally, if she continues to work out and maintain her body weight, her boobs would not have enlarged anymore (in response to whoever said she is not done growing at 19). Men grow until roughly 20 years of age, but women stop growing around the young age of 16.

1387 days ago


Jersey Shore?
The only cast member I'm familiar with from Jersey Shore is Snooki.

1387 days ago


First off, all you people saying she has a "buttaface" and need a nose job, get a life...I guarantee you or your wife/gf is not a supermodel.
The other people saying "where is her daughter, what a bad mom",you never take a vacation without your kids or your mom never did?
I do agree with others about her boob job, she is too small for fake boobs, just pray she doesnt morph into heidi montag

1387 days ago

Bigfoot and the Man    

Congrats to MTV. Again, glorify and teen pregnancy just like they did with The Drunks Of Jersey Shore, People wonder why america is going under. If you get Hammered on Jersey Shore and hook up with the situation, You will be famous, GREAT TMZ ANOTHER MONSTER

1387 days ago


Ummmm - before you act like an expert on EVERYTHING you should know that her baby, Spohia, will be TWO years old next month - she is not a new Mom and defineltely should not still be breatfeeding.
What - she is not entitled to a vacation? My kids are 5 and 9 and my husband and I have been away without them since they were babies. As long as family takes good care of them, a vacation now and then is great.
Stop being so judgmental. You obviously don't know much about her.

1387 days ago



1387 days ago

Steelers suck    

Kim I didn't have my children as a teenager. I didn't use my child/pregnancy to become "famous". I NEVER used my child to get a boob job. I was too busy actually working an actual job to go on vacation in Orlando. And the comment section is just that, for "comments".

1387 days ago


to all of you who are saying nasty things about her body... you are just jealous. she is a very attractive girl. just stop already and get a life.

1387 days ago


Is it too much to ask to keep people like this off of TMZ? Same with Michael Lohan. Nobody cares about these people.

1387 days ago


Why is this hot?
this is not hot
Store bought deformities called boobs
are not attractive
they all look the same
this is not sexy
go play with some rubber dolls
same thing
and what talent does she have?
I laugh when guys say they'd "hit that"
they are really desperate or can't get a gal
she is not attractive
fake= ugly!

1387 days ago


65 might not be bikini weather to Floridians but when you're from Iowa/Nebraska 65 in Jan is perfect weather for a bikini! LMAO

1387 days ago


Lassie was a collie not a German Shepard

1387 days ago


For someone whining about being broke on magazine covers it looks like she found the money for some implants.

1387 days ago
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