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Lil Wayne Chills In New Mug Shot

1/13/2011 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne looks kinda carefree in his latest mug shot ...

Lil Wayne Mug Shot
It's no biggie for Lil .... when he left Arizona last month -- where he's on felony probation -- for Florida, he was required to register with the Sunshine State and part of the process is sitting for a new mug shot.



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IMO,it's stupid to put one tat on your face.You have to be one crazy micky ficky to have tats all over your face. A face only a mother could love.
Just because he went to college does not mean he's smart.Also I don't believe he went to high school. Show me some papers!!!!

1377 days ago

emilia h    

hey friends wat happen he's in jail or wat????
please let noe wat happent to him!!

1377 days ago


Lil Insane Wayne looks like the Predator as he tears kids spines out with his violent music. Drake is a nickname for Dracko aka Dracula. Drake is Jewish his mom is a jew so by jewish law he has to claim jew...Drake likes to seduce women on stage just like Dracula then he bits on them when he calls them a bitch in his music. Which is ignorant of him because women don't walk on all fours nor do they bark or eat dog food. Trace the history of the Draconians they actually lived in Mesopotamia all the way up to Europe. They wore all black clothing and would bit on their opponent to drink the blood for vitamin b & d since they could not get it naturally from the sun. Hitler practiced Draconian laws and Hammurabi Code. The blood line stays alive.
Jay-Z & Kanye West has a new song HAM which is a hidden code for Hammurabi..."Eye for an Eye" which is very violent. The devil wants people to be violent so he can have more demon angels.
These rappers are devil worshipers they turn their back on being righteous which is why they talk about how much money they got and how much money you don't have. They have no knowledge of self. They are following slave master cults instead of studying their Afrikan roots.

1377 days ago


It's not about black or white but it is about STUPID! By the way...where is his ice cream cone??

1377 days ago


these ppl are all the same !

1376 days ago


Got to be the fugliest black man alive. Looks dirty and greasy. Needs a bath - better yet a powerwashing.

1376 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

He is cross between the Predator and a child Klinkong (from star Trek). He must be embarrased each time he does that because he travels so much.
I wonder if he still with his boyfriend Zac hmmm.....
When do you stop being little, little wayne? When do you tell folks that you are homosexual trained from a child to be one so you can have that life.
That is what most of these producers do a Quincy Jones. Anybody in the music industry or under his direction like "French prince of Belair" must use the directors couch by holding their ankles.

1376 days ago

hello haterz! die mothert****ers, even if he just left the prison he is still the best and 2011 year is his year, he rocks
haha love ya weezy<3

1374 days ago

btw...he looks so cute in this pic<3

1374 days ago


hey check out this fruity loops beat i made

1372 days ago


retarded ass people, that know nothing about music talk shot about people in mugshots. get a fn life.

1372 days ago

Tario Mills    

**** all u haters, wow he got a hotter mug shot den any of u *****s foreals, dont be mad he can get some and yall cant but yall can talk **** cuz he still making millions:) ahah hatters r on here talking **** wow go get a life! foreals

1371 days ago


lil wayne. an vanilla ice have 1 thiong in common.. wayne was in pc. hed walk by us handcuffed surrounded by 6 corr officer. head down. piss was thrown on him, spit at. he refus 2 come in pod with us. an im not sh either. but ol boy is a girl. he scared.. take this for what it worth. lil wayne in pc.. protectv custodyw.. he scared to fight wayne always be michell 2 us. with head down

1370 days ago

non of your business    

all ya stop sucking D**k

1366 days ago


love his music but he does remind me of charles manson.

1362 days ago
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