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I Haven't Had Sex in 11 Years!!!

1/21/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Talk about a dry streak ...


dropped another sexual bombshell yesterday -- when La Habra's most famous celebrity revealed she hasn't knocked OctoBoots in more than a decade ... despite some lucrative offers.

As for the baby-whipping fetish flick ... Nadya Suleman tells us she was "grossed out" when she first saw the footage ... and insists the whole thing was supposed to be a "spoof" of her porno propositioners.



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nadya, you ignorant slut...just stfu.

1310 days ago


This woman just doesn't get it. Everything she does she ends up making a fool of herself. She just seems to make the wrong decision and doesn't think before she acts. Then when it all goes wrong she opens her mouth and says something stupid like she hasn't been kissed or had sex in 11 years. Non of us a perfect we all have skeletons in our closets and if we dont we will but some people just dont learn. Well that's my two bobs worth.
from down under

1310 days ago


Save yourself the trouble, Nadya. Get a great toy and some high quality batteries. You'll never get some disease and it will never cheat on your if you keep it locked in the drawer.

Men are definitely overrated and no, I am not Gay-just observant.

Posted at 1:20 AM on Jan 21, 2011 by JLS

YOU ROCK JLS...muayz..and yeah am not gay either, but you made a very good point.:)

1310 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Octo needs a superhero. Someone to defend her with the twirl of a cape and the crack of a whip.

1310 days ago


I would bend her over for a few thrusts and then when I'm done wipe off of on her then leave

1310 days ago


I would be willing to help you with that if it is a problem Nadya.

1310 days ago


She says she hasn't had sex in 11 years. What she forgets to qualify that with is the phrase "with a man". Women and Turkey Basters don't count in that statement.

Bullsh*t she was tricked in to doing the video. If she was, she's even dumber than we originally thought. She did this for shock value, just like her nun costume the tups first Halloween and the slutty Mrs. Claus pictures.

TMZ gave her exactly what she wanted...a few more seconds on her 15 minutes, plus money to boot.

1310 days ago


oh for frakes sake, the only person on the planet that
is stupider than her is Ox.

1310 days ago


Someone should offer her a commercial for anti-anxiety meds.
(As the before)

1310 days ago


WTG Octodumbass. This retarded git needs to learn to shut her maw and disappear. Another day in school for her kids to be bullied, teased and humiliated amongst their peers for this latest foot-in-mouth tomfoolery.

This "revelation" isn't new. She's already admitted it at least twice last year and the year before IIRC.

It's amazing how she hasn't the conscience to realise that she just admitted that ALL 7 pregnancies were the results of IVF. Someone whom had NO BUSINESS impregnating herself during her alleged back injury AND with NO means to financially support herself and her growing family. She admitted (my CC caught it over Suze's shoutings) it on Oprah that each of the IVF treatments were paid using her WC disability cheques.

1310 days ago



"I haven't had sex in 11 years!"

Yeah, from you were 0 until 11 years old.

Posted at 3:44 AM on Jan 21, 2011 by Mike
I actually believe her she already said all of her children
were by artificial insemination this woman needs serious help
and im betting the children will also

1310 days ago


Release the rest of it TMZ! Where's part TWO?
She sounds like a deranged, chipmonk.

1310 days ago


'deranged chipmunk' LOL

she's taking too much of her kid's ADHD meds.

1310 days ago


She's swinging that kid way to hard and to fast.

I knew she would say some BS about how she was advised to do some things and accept offers to improve her financial situation. She thinks everyone is bullying her into the rest of us! This woman is an off the chart narcissist. Ugh I really wish there was a way for the state to step in and have those children adopted out to loving, secure families.

1310 days ago


@kickaboo Care to prove that Hirsch blackmailed Nutso?

1310 days ago
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