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'Jersey Shore' Cast

We're Goin' to Italy!!!

1/25/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The entire "Jersey Shore" cast is finally getting THE BOOT -- because we're told the plan is to shoot Season 4 in Italy!

Jersey Shore Italy

Sources connected to the show tell us they will be scouting locations in Italy -- similar to the way they did it in Miami -- to find the right locale.

One source connected with the show says they've already lined up some of Vinny's Italian relatives to host the "Jersey" crew for an authentic Guadagnino dinner.

And we're told ... two months ago execs began working on getting visas for the cast and crew.

Of course, the whole thing is contingent on whether the Italian government lets them in the country!!

UPDATE: MTV just confirmed our story ... Italy's the place!  Arrivederci!


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How about capri or Ischia? Yay DJ Pauly D!

1352 days ago

lauren love    

Is Sammi gonna be there for season 4 ? I hope so because i really love her on the show (:

1352 days ago


People are ****ing morons. Just because they act like this and they are American-Italians dnt mean all American-Italians act this way. NO DISRESPECT: Ex. If a group of white ppl are racist, does that mean all white ppl are racist.? If a black man steals something does that mean all black ppl are theives.? If a hispanic kills someone does dat mean all hispanics are like that.? NOOOO. Use common sense people, everybody in the world is diff in their own way. One group of people don't represent an entire race.

1351 days ago

pauly d    

you are all a bunch of idiots i hope you all die

1351 days ago


i'm wondering if sammi be there also?

1349 days ago

louie dejesus     

i think they should go to italy being that they are all italian exept for nicole and j-wow and they will get to see what real italians are really like cause none of them grew up like real italians except for vinny

1349 days ago


U need a visa in Italy if ur gonna work there ....

1348 days ago


So many people are negative-I just wanna know when the season starts. I hope they all have a safe trip over, a good time when there, and a safe trip back home. Hopefully not so much drama, being in a different country, I would think they would work together better. Hope the season starts asap.

1348 days ago


I hope Sammi will be there!

1348 days ago


i Love Jersey Shore!!!
Can't wait for season 4. :D

1346 days ago


CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 4! Paulley D ALL DAY EVRRRYDAY ! they should deff come to PA ! <3 :]

1346 days ago

Alien gives man a beard    

The U.S. got the better end of the deal here:
Italy sends them Ferrari's, Maserati's, Lamborghini's, Armani, Gucci, Prada,........
The U.S. in return sends them D-list celebrities.
That's cultural exchange right there!
Plus good business.

1344 days ago


I think it’s safe to say that Jersey Shore has outdone itself with going to Italy. It’ll be extremely fascinating to see how much drama Snooki and the gang can stir up in Italy. The great majority of the people I work with are somewhat perturbed when I tell them I like Jersey Shore but I can’t help it! This show is the epitome of reality TV and entertainment. Actually, MTV and Jersey Shore are always at the top of the list. I recently purchased a 26" HD LCD and upgraded to DISH Network’s 722K. I never realized that there was such a difference between JWOWW and JWOWW in HD! Lol. Speaking as an employee, but more importantly a customer of DISH, if you haven’t upgraded to HD, I would recommend getting with the program. DISH Network offers MTV in HD and plenty others! (:

1336 days ago


Finally! Maybe this time some REAL Italians can kick their asses.

1335 days ago


its just televison people. Im not italian but my sentiment is the same. If i were to believe every african american on televison or in magazines was a portrayal of who i am or who i am suppose to be i would be lost. They are young people doing what most people do maybe in a bigger intake due to the fact their getting paid but all the same. I saw a show do***enting a summer at the jersey shore years ago way before the "jersey shore" depicting young people partying and drinking and might i say oh i dont know hooking up now do i personally behave in such a way, no but i beleive hey if you want to bash the show its your opinion and go for it but to put race in to account is ridiculous. their not representing all italians just as a dipiction of a teen mom isnt depicting that all female teenagers get pregnant and to one comment, they will be behaving the same way in italy i dont care where you go especially in a tourist part of town there will be drinking and partying lets be realistic and please ive been to jersey and all not just italians especially the younger crowd are boisterous and its not a negative thing i like people who speak their mind but to come on here and act as if everyone but the cast of this show are well mannered to the extent of prudeness and didnt when they were young party is ridiculous your actions just werent televised nor paid for which in turns ups the ante

1334 days ago
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