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'Disgusted' with Herself for Punching Ronnie

2/2/2011 7:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sammi from "Jersey Shore" says she's "appalled and disgusted" at herself for punching Ronnie in the face on last week's episode ... adding the whole thing was a "low point" in her life.

Sammi issued the mea culpa last night in NYC with "Jersey" co-star Deena -- telling us, "Violence is not the answer."

As we first reported, Seaside Police don't plan to investigate the incident ... at least until Ronnie presses charges -- and it doesn't look like that's gonna happen.


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If sense were common everyone would have it.    

She should be. He could not get away with that, why should she or any other female for that matter? Although I understand the anger behind it; he's a total d-bag.

1357 days ago


Is it just me or what but aren't we all tired of hearing/seeing these to. I'm sooo over them 1 min there fighting the next there "smooshing" i'm sick of these to i really am.

1357 days ago


Really? This is your "low point"? All the other stuff was just trivial?

1357 days ago


Should have learned something when JWow kicked ur ass...good thing he let this slide.

1357 days ago


Unless if is in self defense, if you hit or punch someone, then you have a problem. I don't care if you're male or female, punching, slapping or hitting someone unless in self defense is in my opinion assault. Mel Gibson commited assault, he admitted it, along with an excuse of course, and it was in self defense. I saw the JS episode last week, and Sammi deliberately assaulted Ronnie, but because she is a woman, everyone just turns a blind eye. But they shouldn't. She came down those stairs from her bedroom, came out on the patio where Ronnie was, and after ragging him, she punched him with a closed fist, a right hook.
That teen mom who beat up her baby's daddy (white trash) Sammi, Mel Gibson, they all should be charged with at least 5th degree assault, a misdemeanor, and get 90 days in jail and/or a $1000 fine.

1357 days ago


I certainly don't think jwhoever kicked her ass. Jwhoever is and still is jealous of her from day one. That is why they don't get along. It was J who had a problem with her from the get go. J is a whore, as seen from what she has done to her man when he's not around.

1357 days ago


I'm "disgusted" that these POS idiots are still on the tv making money for looking and acting like immature asses. All of them are nasty, skanky pieces of trash and all they are promoting is violence, drinking and many partnered sexcapades. yeah, great role models Mtv. Your programming has sucked ever since you took music videos off the air! Anyone who watches this show also needs to have their head scanned. Pathetic, vile, and nasty. I feel like I need a shower whenever I see any of them. Too bad that TMZ seems to worship them since they always have stupid stories about them here. Same thing with Speidi.....if you IGNORE it they have no choice but to GO AWAY. Damn....

1357 days ago

Davey Boy    

WOW, and that means what to a low-life like this?

1357 days ago

Davey Boy    

The dude this skank cold-coked showed amazing restraint. Most other dudes would have cut loose a hail storm of hail-mary's on this POS. She would have been lucky to walk away with any teeth in her mouth.

1357 days ago


Sammi -- 'Disgusted' with Herself for Punching Ronnie

Well, that makes two of us!

1357 days ago


Yeah right, you mean the lowest part of your life caught on camera so far.
We all know what a bitch you really are, I'm sure you can top this incident.

1357 days ago


@ 11, only because of those cameras rolling buddy, otherwise, that's prob what would've happened, a hulk-like Ronnie Smash.

1357 days ago

what the heck??    

This girl is a psycho...she is verbally, mentally and physically abusive! She should have been pulled off the questions asked. That was assault. period. Personally, I am sick and tired of watching her constant whining...week, after week. She needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

1357 days ago


I really don't see how this is any different than any of the other NUMEROUS fights in the house....but she's the one who should be kicked out? Hypocritical much?

1357 days ago

Big campus on dog    

Sammi isn't even able to beat the snot out of J-woww, how does she expect to beat up my man Ron. Oh thats right because she a girl and they can hit guys. Well guess what Sammi, Ron could have beat you up if he wanted to. My man isn't afraid of ****. He beat up a guy on the boardwalk on season 1, and the guy was pretty big. My man Ron would hit a girl so you're lucky. Stop being a bitch, you know? I don't care if you are by far the most do-able chick on the cable channel MTV. I still think The Sitch hit it at the begining of season 1, at least thats what I hear. Peace out, Samuel err I mean Sammi. P.S. I think you are a guy.

1357 days ago
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