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TMZ Live -- Judge Judy to TMZ: I'm Chilling!

3/30/2011 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey debriefs on his conversation with Judge Judy. Charles has the poop on NASCAR. And, who gets to run TMZ when Harvey packs it in -- and will the staff go after him ... or her?

25 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Judge Judy called Harvey from her hospital bed today to give him the lowdown on her condition! Harvey talks about it ... then fawns over her.
(2:50) Harvey's workout regimen -- and how Dax managed to shamelessly make the TV show today.
(6:00) Chris Brown's performance on "Dancing with the Stars" ... and everyone's opinion about him.
(9:30) Why Harvey thinks Enrique Iglesias' decision to back out of his tour with Britney Spears was a bad idea.
(12:00) How the Make-a-Wish story broke ... and Gary's tri-tip experiment.
(13:00) Facebook question -- Are there legal implications to Enrique backing out?
(15:45) Irene -- who's in Malta -- asks a question via Skype.
(18:10) Twitter suggestions for Harvey's sleeping problems.
(20:10) Who would win in a court battle -- Jason or Harvey?
(26:00) Shevonne pimps the TMZ Bus Tour! It's really awesome, by the way!
(28:00) If Harvey retired ... who would be the office punching bag?
(29:00) Charles' favorite NASCAR driver. Plus ... Harvey is warming up to the idea of going to a race.
(31:00) Harvey and Charles' stools ... so cheap ... yet sturdy.

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Harvey et al ..

Lesley Stahl's Mother died on Saturday .. Dolly Stahl was buried on Monday after the funeral .. being Jewish you understand that if you die on a weekend .. cannot have funeral/buriel until Monday .. Dolly was my 2nd Mom . she was going to be 93 on Bastille Day.

1306 days ago


Wakeup and paint the sheets and than sleep sleep sleep.

1306 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

Kava Kava is a sleep-aid that is natural. No groggy morning, no other side effects. It's WAY better than Melatonin.
Just an idea for you Harvey.

1306 days ago


Harvey has a darker completion than Charles, does he know that too much sun it not good for him?

1306 days ago


Wayne Gretzky (hockey player) is the other famous #99

Representing the Canadian TMZ fans!!!

1305 days ago



1305 days ago


100% agree with Charles. People are just going too hard on Chris Brown. The guy got lucky, and is still dangerous guy, but does that mean he shouldn't have any means of living because of it? No! I think that Kim, Hilton, Sheen are all wash-up / no talent / attention seekers, but should they also have no means of living? No!

This is the first time I'll say that everyone at TMZ (excluding Charles) are douches. Move on with life, seriously.

1305 days ago


Harvey is so self-absorbed: Every question gets back to him, even if he is not at all involved. Hilariously self-centered.

1305 days ago


So tired of Harvey and Charles bickering. Last week's TMZ Live was so much more enjoyable to watch.

As for the sleeping issue, Harvey, Simply Sleep has the same ingredient as Benadryl, but is more expensive than Benadryl. Benadryl makes most people sleepy, but causes hyperactivity in others. I would also start with one pill, as opposed to two, because it can be drying on the sinuses, which can possibly lead to infection.

Have you considered a night at the sleep clinic? I empathize with you since I'm also a troubled sleeper, but my issue is falling asleep. I sleep with a fan on the entire year and sometimes I'll listen to nature apps on my iPod. Sometimes insomnia is a cycle and you just have to wait for it to pass, as much as it sucks. Good luck, Harvey. 3 hours of sleep a night is not enough for anyone, it's not healthy.

1305 days ago


what doesa TMZ stand for?

1305 days ago


Harvey most famous 99 who played in L.A WAYNE GRETZKY....the greatest N.H.L player who lived

1305 days ago

Juliette Harper    

Please GET RID of your co-host with the dreadlocks, Harvey. He's obnoxious and not funny and this video annoyed me. Leave that guy out.

1305 days ago


What was up with Harvey and Charles bickering like two old ladies on yesterdays show??? It was embarassing to listen to...move on boy ...don't make us seperate you two...

1305 days ago


Michael Jackson had a sleep problem so you're not alone. That should make you feel better.

Don't take Benedryl. It will dry out your sinuses and give you sinus pain.

Best thing is a completely dark bedroom without any light at all. It works!

1305 days ago


Hi Harvey, do you think Lilo is back to her old tricks ? what will this do for her hearing will it have any effect on it ?
also will this effect her PV's ?
she is looking bad again...
what do you think...
love tom B he rocks... and so do you

1305 days ago
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