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Eddie Cibrian's Ex

Eddie Made Me Wreck

My Car

4/27/2011 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brandi Glanville got so pissed at her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian ... she got into a car accident -- and now she's getting sued for the wreck.


The lawsuit -- filed by the other driver -- claims Brandi ran through a stop sign near her L.A. home and slammed into the back of an SUV back in March, 2010. 

According to the suit ... Brandi apologized to the woman, and admitted she had been on the phone arguing with her ex-husband.

Brandi tells TMZ, "We were probably fighting about money or custody."

The plaintiff claims she was injured and her car was totaled. She's suing Brandi for less than $25,000 in damages.

By the way, Brandi says she and newlywed Eddie still fight ALL the time about money -- but claims she's over him ... emotionally, anyway.


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Get over it Brandi.
He doesn't love you.
He married another woman.
Channel your anger to produce something positive.
Get a life.

1274 days ago


At some point in her life she will have to stop blaming Eddie for all her problems/mistakes right?

She needs to get a hobby

1274 days ago

Snow White do know that in California it's illegal to be on your cell phone unless you are using hands-free. It's quite telling though that she can't "remember" what the fight was about. Guess it wasn't a memorable one.

1274 days ago


Well, hopefully you got a good settlement from that lying cheater, so you can pay off the innocent victim.

1274 days ago


At some point you have to stop blaming the ex...even if he was a dirt bag cheater...and get on with your life.

1274 days ago


No wonder he left her. I wouldn't want to be with her either. She hit the car herself and lucky she didn't kill someone driving like a moron. Sounds like she was always and remains a whiner and complainer. He's better where he is today and she'll be blaming him and anyone else she can ... looks like that's who she is.

1274 days ago


Look at it this way,Brandi. At least Eddie won't fall behind in payments to you - LeAnn has a bunch of money. I've know women so desperate to keep a man that they pay his child support. LeAnn looks like one of those types. I promise you, this will get easier - just hang in there.

1274 days ago


So its her Ex's falt she was driving and talking on the Damn Phone......Come on is this lady a Tard or what?

1274 days ago


Dam Right Ginger!!!! Eddie married well now that he married for money. And he actually found employment too. Brandi better take his scuzzy cheating behind back to court and get some decent child support. Eddie & Leann are disgusting.

1274 days ago


Brandi didn't write the misleading headline...TMZ did! She simply said she was arguing on the phone with him. Sounds like a slow day in the newsroom.

1274 days ago


Isn't that what car insurance is for? Situations like this. The insurance should have covered it all.

1274 days ago


She actually said, "We were probably fighting about money or custody."? she doesn't even remember what the fight was about? What a piece of crap. I don't see where she is blaming her ex- that's looks like TMZ bid to make this more than it is. She should be pissed at herself because she was on the phone in the first place; there is a law against that.
She needs to seek help. She isn't really over him. All that fighting is about staying in contact no matter what level. If she didn't want to fight with him, she'd have a lawyer handle ALL the disagreements and get on with her life. If there was a legal custody agreement as well as child support and spousal support she wouldn't need to talk to him except for things ( other than money and custody) that may require his knowledge or approval with regard to the kids.i.e. the kid get hurt, she has some paper from school which requires both parents signature, that sore of thing.

1274 days ago


Bet she'll be blaming him for everything that doesn't go right in her life for as long as she lives.

1274 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Ok I was on her side but this crap is stupid. She reminds me of all the socialists out there who blame everyone but themselves for their ills. YOU HAD NO BUSINESS ON YOUR CELL, HONEY! It's your fault & your fault alone! You should get points on your license for that. Even if you had a bluetooth, you should know better than to have an intense conversation while driving. Stop being selfish before you kill someone, & blame everyone else for it!

1274 days ago


Eddie did not make her use her cell while driving or make her rear-end the car in front she did that all on her own. Nowo she can go ask the courts to include LeAnn's income so they can increase her child support.

1274 days ago
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