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'LA Ink' Star Hospitalized After Semi Truck Crash

4/28/2011 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"LA Ink" star Ruthless was rushed to an Orange County hospital Friday after her car got DEMOLISHED by a SEMI TRUCK ... and the photos show the unbelievable damage.

Ruthless Car Accident

The 26-year-old -- real name Ruth Pineda -- claims she was on her way to some appointment on Friday ... when a semi truck slammed into her Mercedes 300 E.

Pineda was rushed to a nearby hospital on a stretcher after the accident -- where she remained under close supervision for more than 12 hours. A few days later, Ruth took to Facebook to say she's alright ... and even post a few pictures of the aftermath.


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you need to look me up you b itc h 11 years in one go !

1216 days ago


check the link folks ruth has got to be the worst driver ever and i think she`s slow or that might the heroin Who Knows

1216 days ago


Don't mean sh*t to me or anybody else. Over & out

1216 days ago


i agree what ***s around goes around and she definately didnt get on the show for her talent..... she probably staged the hole thing (hahaha pun intended) on purpose for attention. ive worked with her she would do that! whatev i have no pitty for skank never did never will boooooo

1215 days ago


First, little tramp or should I say C UNT, got exactly what she deserved. Did anyone else notice that 100% of the comments are anti "Ruthless"?Second, what qualifies her as an "LA Ink star"? She is a petty little piece of dog crap that happens to get a little "face time" from time to time. LA Ink star my azz! My pecker is more of a star than she is. Every once in a while a hospital screws up and mistakenly harms a patient. We could nominate her for a tonguectomy.

1215 days ago


check out the link for this Skank

1214 days ago


she has been a disgrace to the tattoo community for a loooonnnnnggg time!! she needs to get back to the stripper pole she was way better at that!

1213 days ago


hahahaha, yeah I have seen her stripping. Many people dont know this but Truthless used to work at Cheetas and some strip club in OC. What a joke! Her tattoo's look like **** anyway. She obviously isnt spending time honing her craft if shes out partying and crashing cars. Sounds like more than a drinking problem to me. I predict this chick will be laugh out of the industry in the next 1-2 years from all the bridges she has burned at EVERY shop she worked. Won't be long folks. Every watched a house burn down? Your watching a wanna be tattoo "star" fade out before your eyes not even a year in. P.S. Ruth, your not the next Kat Von D, your not even the next Ruthless. You will never have a fraction of the SKILL or TALENT that she has even tho she is a mess, you blew your wad way to early, now your just a joke.

1211 days ago


this is a new page dedicated to all your dirt on this douche

1211 days ago


Why isnt she under arrest? 2 am..........mack truck? Sounds like BS! She is known for her drinking and drugs and now famous for stiffing people that booked appointments. She works out of a house and collects makes clients pay a up front deposit.......

1200 days ago


Did you guys hear about her ****ing a married man!? Yup, its all over the web now. People have been seeing her out at bars with "Mark Dupp" who is married and they were all over eachother. On her page, she says they are just best friends, but i think we all know BS when we see it. What a whore!!!!

1197 days ago


Yea, it's confirmed hard core by some of her friends that have known about her and the married man. Her ex (manager) made her. Without him no one would even know her name. That was how she repaid him. The underground scoop is she was dropped by all her sponsors and what deals she had in the works are now gone. Only a matter of time before LA INK gets rid of her and within 6 months and she will want to crawl under a rock.

1194 days ago


If you're all going to blast Ruth, you should note that her ex/manager has a history of dating women whose talents he can take advantage of and gain personal success from, since his many personal attempts at fame have failed or led nowhere. He's cheated on the women he's dated; he has lied and treated people unfairly. If he thinks Ruth is a monster, well, she didn't do it on her own. We all mess up and simply want the chance to move on, make a new life for ourselves. They'll both get along better without each other. I wish Ruth the best. The girl has talent, can't deny that.

1192 days ago


Which women? What talent? I know every woman he has dated. Do you know what he did to Ruth? He took a nobody who slept on other peoples couches without **** to her name and HE turned around and took his contacts and turned her into something. All the mags..they didnt come knocking for her, he went out and got them.

She is a manic depressive, druggie who has psychological issues. So I guess you can say he created a monster, but the monster was already there to begin with.

Her manager is a can download is music on Itunes or buy his CD at bestbuy. That's about higher than most bands will ever get. And..............there are rumors that he has been asked to join a very famous band as lead singer.

Her manager also put his career on hold for her because she can't do **** without someone holding her leash. She ****s off all night and sleeps all day (missing appointments....) My whole tattoo with her took FOREVER to get done.

Even on the show, she is not Ruthless. What is Ruthless about her? Maybe if they talk about screwing married men?

1192 days ago


Yo, I just read that post about me gaining personal success from Ruth. I have read all these bashing comments on Ruth and none of them came from me so obviously ALOT of people have alot personal issues with her and as her former manager, I still get calls daily from people complaining, wanting their deposits back, threatening to sue her, wanting their money back for her messing up a tattoo. This has nothing to do with me and I NEVER EVER dated Ruth because of whatI could gain from her so go **** yourself. I have known Ruth for 8 years and been there for her through thick and thin. When her husband cheated on her and she moved west I was there for her. When guys cheated on her and she needed help moving or needed someone to talk to I was there. I make way more money of my own personal ventures than I ever made off of Ruth. I put my entire life on hold so Ruth could have a career and that career is ****ing done son! Not because of me, because she made choices that people do not agree with and I spent the last month putting out every fire in the book because of her. She got dropped from every tattoo tour she was, her sponsors dropped her and all the other business ventures I set up called me and backed out.... was that cause of me? **** you, how dare you sit here and disrespect me by saying my hardwork was for my personal gain you ignorant *******.

Ruth WAS a reality personality and that only lasts for so long and its gone. What I have done with my life will last forever and is building and growing as we speak into great things. I spent the last 10 years traveling the world, on mtv, on the radio, doing charity work and I have made my name, I dont need "ruthless" to help me hahah. Seriously. Use your brain chick/dude whoever wrote that.

Also, i have NEVER been with another woman that had any talent that i dated to build my success. You OBVIOUSLY do not know me because my last girlfriend worked at starbucks you dip! The one before that worked at a bank haha so what the **** are you talking about... a history??? You dont my history idiot so your just speaking out of your ass.

I wish Ruth the best in everything she does but as long as she continues to live a delusional life where she blames everything on everyone else she will go nowhere and be right back on someones couch or asking for money or not fulfilling her true dreams. She doesnt even want to be a tattoo artist, she wants to be a singer but SHE is doing nothing to further that dream. Ruth only does as much as it takes to get by and no woman I will ever be with again will possess those same qualities. WOMAN being the key word. Ruth lost everything, her car (2 accidents in 4 days!?!?), almost every big aspect of her career, her house and shop she lived in and A ****load of friends and fans, forget about my relationship, thats done and im better for it. Her closest friends ratted her out about the things she did that she keeps telling people she "never did" she thinks that everyone is just attacking her and blaming her for things she never did. SHES 26 YEARS OLD. The sooner she grows up and accepts some responsibility, the sooner she will understand what she did, why these patterns have been repeating in her life for 8+ years and why she never has stability.

Yeah, i just dropped the fricking bomb. was it classy or tactful, no, but at least I didnt go into details about what REALLY went on the last few month and why should I. I think everyone has the right to some privacy but I also think everyone who has 2 eyes and a brain can see what really went down. So there it is... if your gonna burn a bridge you may as well blow it the hell up.

1189 days ago
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