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Out-of-Wedlock Baby

5/17/2011 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a baby with a member of his household staff, and that is what sent Maria Shriver packing ... and right into the office of a powerful financial adviser to get her affairs in order to end her marriage, TMZ has learned.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Love Child
Sources say Maria was distraught after learning Arnold pulled a John Edwards. The baby mama worked for the family for two decades, retired and received a severance package, according to the L.A. Times.

The baby was born more than a decade ago, but until recently Maria thought the father was the woman's husband at the time.

Schwarzenegger told The Times, "After leaving the governor's office I told my wife about this event, which occurred over a decade ago. I understand and deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment among my friends and family. There are no excuses and I take full responsibility for the hurt I have caused. I apologized to Maria, my children and my family. I am truly sorry."

TMZ heard about the baby 5 days ago, but everyone in the Schwarzenegger camp was denying it.  But sources told us Maria was "completely distraught" yet determined to move on with her life.  She has not pulled the trigger to end her marriage on the legal side, but she has been working with a very powerful financial adviser who has been helping her position herself for a divorce.

We believe -- though have not confirmed -- there is a prenup, but the couple has been together so long the effectiveness of it is problematic.

UPDATE: Maria released a statement saying, "This is a painful and heartbreaking time. As a mother, my concern is for the children."

She continued, "I ask for compassion, respect and privacy as my children and I try to rebuild our lives and heal. I will have no further comment."


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It's sad what money does to people. Everyone is acting like this doesn't happen every day. Rich man are just like poor man! except, rich man don't get away with it for too long. Maria should love him for what he has done for her family all of their time together, and accept that he is human and made a mistake just like so many man in this world. At least he is willing and able to take care of his sons and daughters equaly. If Maria can feel his love for her, why can't she accept that he made a mistake like a human being. We all make mistakes, and have to keep living and learning from our mistakes, so that hopefuly we don't make them again.

1250 days ago


White women stay with their husbands knowing that they are s*** to make it appear to the outside world that they have a good marriage becuase they don't want to be considered unwed with children like ethnic woman know that the crap is eating them out from the inside and aging them like Maria. An ethnic woman would have been told him to pack his shhh and go or pack it for him. White woman take shhh that other woman don't to make themselves look good knowing they have a dirty dog at home. They don't want to be a single mother so they stay hey don't when other women don't. Look at Hillary. White woman are weak and men want weak women so they can do what they want. Men are just like the animal dog this is why they don't care what the woman looks like. If its available they r hittin it. Maria knew the kid looked like Arnold just like Tiger's wife knew. As a woman u know if just if you want to admit it and take the embarrasment. Women think oh my man will never cheat on me when he is. Alot more white woman r in this boat they just stay.

1250 days ago


Don't sweat it Arnold, women are like Eastern Airlines, one come along every 15 minutes.

1250 days ago


Maria Shriver needs "A Real Man" just like the one Agnes-Nicole sings about in her song "A Real Man"

1250 days ago


Arnold is wrong but it was up to the housekeeper to say no. It wadn't like she met him and he lied to her she made the choice to do so. So all you critical political correct what have you done. Do you care to let those skeleton out of the closet? For his wife we all have instinct when something is not going right. It is known that the Kennedy women look the other way. How did she not NO?

1250 days ago


why having sex with an ugly fat woman?!!! arnie are you out of mine? mother ****er charlie cheen dating with pornstars and dating with fat ladies? no man! you are my idole foe decades and please do the right thing please,Arnie.

1249 days ago


Why isn't the media on this story the same way they were on the news of Tiger Woods an his infidelity?

1248 days ago


She wants her " Privacy " she shouldnt have let her crew leak to the story then dont you think.........

1245 days ago


You're an idiot, just because she's a member of a cheating family doesn't mean that she's a cheat. She has EVERY right to call the kettle black. Arnold is a douche to sleep with that slut house helper. Dude, don't screw the crew. Also, what kind of diseases did he possibly "infect" Maria with and also himself with by having unprotected sex with other women. What a jerk.

1244 days ago


I'm sure Arnold has gone out of his way to take care of Patty and their Son and will continue to do so. These kind of things happen and people shouldnt be so shocked or ready to drop the hammer on one another. Good Grief! This is the world we live in. There isnt a stinkin soul out there Perfect not even Ahnold.

1244 days ago


its a pity things turned out this messy for arnolds wife.but if i were you ....get angry,move out ,go soul searching its allowed.but above,take ya husband back.that slut cant take away twenty five years of ya life.thank god she didnt poision you all these years,cos obviously she is jealous of you.borrow a leaf from hillary clinton.the devil you know is better than the saint you dont man is infallable(including women).

1243 days ago


Mine is a silly observation I know but whenever I heard Maria Shriver talk I wondered how anyone could bear to listen to that voice day in day out it grated on me and underlined a pretty shallow personality.After his illness he was depressed felt unloved and was drinking.? Don't think Maria is capable of understanding let alone sympathy she needed a hero and her synthetic hero was crumbling.So drunk and any port in a storm an adoring fan inbuilt and yeah it happens.
Not very heroic but as one male said here don't expect fidelity from a mere male let alone heroism.??
In anycase is it true Arnie has illegitimates back in Austria and Europe.I heard correct me if I am wrong as many as 22 claims. Perhaps these women's claims can be taken with a grain of salt.Lets hope Maria gets her matrimonial share before they get their hands on Arnie's money or there won't be much left.I doubt he would have been so successful in America anyway without Maria Shriver and the Kennedy connection.Sa la vie !
that's life!

1230 days ago


No of us lived in the house and know the whole truth. I feel for the child. HIs whole world as well a the other childrens have been torn apart. The other thing is, how does a woman live in a house with her huband and have no idea what is really going on? MOst of us sense when something not right.
I think Maria knew but because of the status of their lives its all hush hush till now.
How do you know Maria her self has had an affair? It seems odd there seemed to be so mucg distance between the couple who shared the same living quaters.
If the child resymboled Arnold why didnt she questioned this, And how does a maid get to afford a 4 bedroom house in Cali?
I think we dont know the truth and honetly its not really any of our buisness, Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. For none of us are sinless.
Unfornuately it affairs Arnold should have stuck to acting since he sucks as a husband and govenor. yet he was a damn good actor, He had the best roll in his own home.

1223 days ago


I am sorry that Maria had to suffer unfair publicity on this, she comes from a long highly respectable and legendary family since JFk. And its disheartening that todays controversial media and even within the top echelon she was associated with had to ruin her image. She seemed like a real likeable and pleasant lady.

1185 days ago
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