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'19 Kids and Counting' Fam -- Emergency Pit Stop

6/7/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Traveling across the country with 19 kids SUCKS -- especially when the bus springs an oil leak ... and that's exactly what happened to the fam on TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" last week.

The Duggar family -- all 21 members -- were en route from their home in Tontitown, AR to NYC to appear on the "Today" show ... when daddy Jim Bob noticed oil leaking from their massive tour bus.

Jim Bob wanted to fix the problem ASAP -- so he drove towards the closest bus repair shop ... which happened to be in the small town of Loudonville, Ohio ... population 2,982.

We're told Jim Bob wanted to make sure the family was comfortable during the stop -- so he rented out a couple of rooms at a nearby hotel so they could beat the heat ... and then treated the kids to a gigantic pizza lunch.

4 hours later ... the bus was back in action -- and the family completed their trip to The Big Apple without any other complications.


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Hmmmmm.....Motel? #22 in 9 months?

1234 days ago


Those people are clearly mentally ill. It's really pretty scary.

1234 days ago


Ahem tmz, Arkansas (where they're from) is AR and NOT AK!!! I'm not even American and I know that!

1234 days ago


Yup. Glad a Canadian pointed this one out. It's always frustrating when people do this. Lots of people mix up AR for Arizona too, which is AZ.

1234 days ago


Tontitown is in ARkansas not AlasKa.

1234 days ago


Agreed....Tonitown is not in Alaska, it's in Washington County, Arkansas. AR

1234 days ago


It really gets me that adults would breed like rabbits and think that they're doing "Gods Will" they not think or understand the scope of the worlds global problems? What is life going to be like for them? Do they really even care? I refuse to watch any program that has multitudes of children on them. It's not entertainment it's SHAMELESS! They have to travel in a huge bus to vacation...IF THAT'S NOT A SIGN THINGS AREN'T RIGHT...WHAT IS TO THEM?

1234 days ago


How do they support 19 kids??????
Is it all from TV shows and interviews or did they have wealth to begin with?
I do not know the answer to this because these people make me SICK and everytime they are on the TV I turn the channel.
That is one question, howver, I would like to know.
Otherwise....this is one of the reasons I stopped watching the TODAY show.

1234 days ago


1. They have NEVER received welfare
2. They own a LOT of commercial property in Arkansas
3. They are well off
4. They have absolutely NO DEBT
5. They have a HUGE house and they have NO MORTGAGE
6. They homeschool soc they are not a burden on taxpayers

If they want to have 100 kids, it's their business, since they cost the taxpayer NOTHING

1234 days ago


yes they do cost the taxpayers something,we all do numbnuts

1234 days ago

Bons answered my questions but with Pom Poms in your hands.

I have to agree with Midnight Toker....we ALL cost taxpayers money.

I just can't help but think about their kids college, how many people have "donated" to them and how much they are making of this whole thing from TV appearances, articles...etc. If they were doing this out of love, I would find it hard to believe it necessary to exploit the kids as often as they do. Are they their kids, or their possessions? There is a difference!!!!

1234 days ago


Sorry, didn't mean to use pom-poms. I also should have stated for Midnoght Toker's benefit, that they do not bleed the taxpayer dry as people on welfare/medicaid ad foodstamps do.

1234 days ago


Bons, No the Duggars weren't rich when they started out, they lived in a 3 bedroom 1 bath home...back in summer of 2009 I watched some Youtube beginning episodes of the Duggars and asked questions of this family when I first saw them on GMA today's show. They are not from a wealthy background either. Jim Bob parents used to own a restaurant. JimBob has done odd jobs to make ends meat. Everything from selling Bibles door to door, to working at a car wash. He saved up enough money to buy a used car lot where unemployed Michelle helped out from time to time until all the kids came along, then she stayed home and trained the elder girls to do her motherly job... afterwhile, he sold that place and used the money to go into politic and won. By second run, People Magazine had discovered Jim Bob and his kids outside some state building with their signs as Jim Bob used his kids to help sell his campaign to which he lost the second term in office. People ran the article of a man with 14 kids campaigning for gov't and TLC discovery channel picked it up and the rest is history. Jim Bob story begin claiming he saved up enough money to buy a lot to build their home on and begin building it but ran out of funds and know how. TLC, sponsors and other organization stepped in to help Jim Bob build their home and donated labor, supplies, appliances and other house whole furnitures etc mainly because Jim Bob couldn't get the house built before productions of their reality TV show with TLC.

Bus, crap load of all kinds of other vehicles, Josh car lot, Jim Bob one commerical property he split into 7 parts renting out one space and their 7 thousand sq foot home didn't come along until after TLC. Oh and then there's this cellphone company who rented a spot on Jim Bob property to put their cellphone tower on. Duggars main sort of income, selling and exploiting their kids. More kids they have, more money they make. Editors take out bad parts of the Duggars and only show the good to make the Duggar seem perfect, it's the way JimBob wanted it. See for yourself--

1234 days ago


Quit the name calling, Toker. It's too early for that to start.

1234 days ago


I don't think they are as obnoxious as Kate Gosselin is. JMO

1234 days ago
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