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'19 Kids and Counting' Fam -- Emergency Pit Stop

6/7/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Traveling across the country with 19 kids SUCKS -- especially when the bus springs an oil leak ... and that's exactly what happened to the fam on TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" last week.

The Duggar family -- all 21 members -- were en route from their home in Tontitown, AR to NYC to appear on the "Today" show ... when daddy Jim Bob noticed oil leaking from their massive tour bus.

Jim Bob wanted to fix the problem ASAP -- so he drove towards the closest bus repair shop ... which happened to be in the small town of Loudonville, Ohio ... population 2,982.

We're told Jim Bob wanted to make sure the family was comfortable during the stop -- so he rented out a couple of rooms at a nearby hotel so they could beat the heat ... and then treated the kids to a gigantic pizza lunch.

4 hours later ... the bus was back in action -- and the family completed their trip to The Big Apple without any other complications.


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These people are horrible, but obviously it pays because Prevost motorhomes cost one to two million dollars....

I feel sorry for the kids, there's no way any of them can get enough individual attention.

1213 days ago


This is the most wonderful well behaved family with kids...They are blessed..God Bless them all..and congradulations on a beautiful family can be..and why the comment of them being mentally ill? uummm guess people forget how children should be in public and not running around and telling adults bad language and disrespect!!We would woule have less violence in the world if kids were raised with respect and alittle scared of adults..and no that doesn't mean you have to beat them either!!a firm voice and a strong hand is what these kids need today and stop all this b..s..with psyco babble about abuse!!

1213 days ago


ilovegossip 3 hours ago
I've already given you proof... over and over, but here is the proof once again. This is dated 2/9/2009:

Good! Now show us something current 2010-2011, not from 3 years ago when she gave birth to octuplets and the whole world knew she was on it. I said; Nadya said, and no one has been able to prove otherwise, that she hasn't been on assistance since mid 2009. She is no longer on food stamps or SSI far as I am aware of, now if you claimed she is; you must have some proof other then something dated 2009 the year we all knew she was receiving State and Federal benefits? You know what ilovegossip, even if Nadya was receiving benefits for her son Aiden autism, why shouldn't she when everybody else out there who is disable are receiving it as well as people 65 and older? Like I said before, don't blame Nadya, blame the late ex President FDR. :)

1213 days ago


Would someone teach this entire family to start doing each other in the azz!!!! They need to stop breading. It makes me want to puke when I think that one family is breading in such a senseless manor. Our planet is way too overcrowded and we need to get these people to start using their Butts!!! Disgusting pack of want-a-be rabbits.

1213 days ago


Well crud. I saw that bus and trailer in front of the Hampton Inn in Russellville, AR and thought "hmm, maybe a country music star's bus?" My husband said "if it were, they wouldn't be at the Hampton Inn." Guess he was right. That was the disappointing. And I was peeking out the window all evening trying to get a glimpse of someone coming out of that bus...

1213 days ago


So do they have a nanny for all these kids. No they don't. So who ends up taking care of all of these 'little miracles' Its the older kids. That is the real problem. the older kids HAVE to take care of the younger ones. No choice in the matter for them. Mo one asked them if they want to be young parents. They inherit them from their crazy breeder parents.

1213 days ago


These people are disgusting ****ty parents and should be sterilized, not given publicity. So they can irresponsibley breed. So what. How much attention do they pay individually to each child? do they even remember their names? How about the poor older children forced to be slaves to these disgusting parents raising the siblings instead of being kids. Lock these pigs up and foster the children where they will be individuals instead of baby parents. Gross.

1213 days ago


Who do these people think they are " go forth and multiply ! and every one I've spoken to says the bible supports their argument and I said "bull" in the old testament god said to adam and eve [only!!!] to go forth and multiply and the rest of us to be stewards of this earth . Don't custom fit religion to suite your needs . Do you think for a minute god wants the mess these people have bestowed to our planet like the many more that drop their seed like a broken lawn sprinkler and stand by watching the driveway flood with water running to the curb and in the drain system . Well when you have people that continue to flood the earth with their seed and watch other children starving because there need to seed the earth. many will flood the earth ,like your drive way and when they start heading to the drain ,people unlike water in the drive will fight before you send then to the gutter and if you look at the world today some of them are already fighting us because our idea of more is better . Take a minute, watch what the world is doing to itself @ 6.3 billion people and 5 billion are hungry or war. Where do you get or anyone else the audacity to freely populate the earth with their DNA. What about the children already trying to survive, The world would stand beside you if 17 or 18 of those kids were adopted. Then you have fools that believe that they have a right to do what they want, its immoral. If the economy were to shift any worse and our dollar becomes a third or fourth currency to value in the world I CAN GUARANTEE THAT THEY WILL BE SUPPORTED BY THE REST OF US that's if were not in the same line with them when they go through the food stamp and welfare lines and we don't have to look so far. Look at school taxes, They pay property tax like the rest of us . but they have 15-18 people that's 10 to 17 more than most of us have for kids taxing our system, and they don't pay taxes and is our infrastructure able to cope ? NO!!!! it cant handle the pass growth and maintenance of our country how the Hell are we going to survive another onslaught of like thinkers, having babies at free will without the concern to how they will manage in the future. by the year 2050 it estimated at the current rate they will be over 12 billion people if we survive . People make the argument that immigrations a problem, how it tax's our resources but 1/3 of these immigrants are born citizens from there illegal parents -- do they have rights ??? sure everyone has rights but you have the right to keep it in your pants and cross your legs ,and not burden the rest of us with your DNA
Last time I checked, we are the only species that can have fun with our MATE with out making babies and she might be in better shape for it when she does, if she is not living like a farm animal pushing babies out in record numbers ,and remember all the people that think its their right. I hear people say my aunt had 10 kids ,my grand mother had 12 kids my mother had 7 , WHAT THE F%#@?--- how many of these kids went hungry at some point how many are in prison ? how many are unemployed , how many drunks or drug users , that contributes too, putting a strain on the system. Not all these families suffer these problems but in "the numbers game" theirs a good chance many fall into these categories. There is no good reason for such a large family unless most are adopted. and don't give me the crap its your right ,it was the right of the real-estate market to inflate values and the estimators had the right to inflate the value and banks right to steal from the gov. with bailouts the Madeoff's had the right to take your money when you handed it to them[with out question] and IRS has the right to take your money without the proper laws to exists and people have the right to impose there values on you from another part of the world and people have the right to destroy this earth. But not on my watch without hearing from me first and for most of you!!! go kiss my sunday-go-to-meeting butt and for the few who stand beside me, SPEAK UP!!! AND SHAME THESE PEOPLE AND KEEP GOD OUT OF GOV. , YOU MIGHT HAVE THE WRONG GOD REPRESENTED AT SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE, REMEMBER WERE NOT THE ONLY ONE'S LIVING HERE , THEY HAVE RIGHTS TOO!!! just be careful about who has rights,

1212 days ago


themare 1 day ago

1. They have NEVER received welfare
2. They own a LOT of commercial property in Arkansas
3. They are well off
4. They have absolutely NO DEBT
5. They have a HUGE house and they have NO MORTGAGE
6. They homeschool soc they are not a burden on taxpayers

If they want to have 100 kids, it's their business, since they cost the taxpayer NOTHING

They`re a burden on our planet, it can`t support the population now. You and these people need help.

1212 days ago


Those kids are 'so well behaved' because they haven't yet been in society. They have been sheltered and home schooled, so they have no idea what the world is really like. They've missed out on a "normal" life and the girls were turned into little moms as soon as they were old enough to hold a bottle. When you don't know anything else, what's there to complain about? The REAL problems are yet to come. When they step outside this crazy lifestyle and find that most kids don't have to raise their brothers and sisters and they get much more attention from mom and dad. They also get *new* clothes and not used. These kids are going to have some serious mental issues at some point. Culture shock will hit when they're allowed outside of their family unit. I met kids who were home schooled and kept in this same sort of nutty ultra-religious environment. They were kind of creepy in that they were so quiet and still. NOT normal for teens and pre-teens! Their children may well grow up to be a huge drain on society... you never know! I think it's important to recognize the vanity in having all of these kids while THOUSANDS of kids in the US sit in foster homes and orphanages. If they were really trying to do God's work they would've adopted instead of breeding. They're trying to create a race of their religion. I promise you, those 'nice' kids aren't going to be very nice to people who don't believe as they believe!

1212 days ago


Way to go Duggar family...the more the merrier and it's evident that they're happy, well-behaved, and live by the "golden rule". For those of you who have no idea what the golden rule is, look it up and maybe it will change your outlook on your "neighbor".

Homeschooled kids are the best behaved kids in communities all over Oregon and Washington, having known about 100 families in both states. And lack of social skills?! Get real--these kids are involved in their communities with 4-H,scouts, service groups, sports, music, ballet, and the list goes on and on. Ya think they're so well-rounded as young people because they are NOT in the public school system?! Bingo!!

About how so many kids, and the older ones helping with the little ones---get real again!! This is not a new concept. As a baby boomer and the seventh of eight, it's duh!! Of course our older siblings helped mom with the little ones. I am sooooo happy mom and dad instilled in us a sense of responsibility and goodwill that we watched out for one another. When more families had several children, it was a no-brainer to help out in the home.

Let's hope that more and more responsible, loving, married couples like the Duggar parents have more children.

1212 days ago


Jag---forgot this--
It isn't "creepy" that the Duggar kids are so well-behaved, respectful, and kind-hearted. It's called "core values", "virtues", or in real plain language, "well-balanced".

What do you want, more of what is splashed on TV, movies, music, and advertising---what with the trashy, disrespectful, violent, and salacious fare that is fed to the public day after day, year after year?? Sounds like anti-family posters like yourself have been desensitized to the filth and moral decay all around us, that you don't know what a loving, respectful, and wholesome famly looks like when they come to view, like the Duggars.

1211 days ago


This family has high morals, they support their family, no welfare, they go to other countries on mission trips, they bake cookies every year at Christmas and take to the local fire departments, they do local mission work, these are the most polite and courtious children. America could learn a few lessons from them. I do not advocate having this many children, but if this is what they believe in, then God Bless them.

1211 days ago


Why are the fans always bringing up welfare, debt free and moral values line? It is easy to not be on welfare and debt free when you get oodles of freebies. Just think if they had to hire nannies and actual laborers to build the house. Nobody is this perfect or happy all the time. Sometimes debt is necessary. the shows are edited so what you see isn't always what you get.

1211 days ago


The Duggars did some of the work themselves on the house, and in a tight family like this there is no need for nannies. No one said the family is perfect or happy all of the time.

Like the conservative public figures out there, the Duggars have come under close scrutiny by those who want to dig into their lives. It wouldn't be difficult to find out what goes on when the cameras stops rolling. I wouldn't be surprised if the parents followed family finance principles laid out by finance counselor and author Dave Ramsey. It's all about living debt free and not becoming a slave to debt. Ramsey even has a course for teens. I just bet that no one knows how to stretch a dollar like the Duggar parents. It's called being a "good steward" of what you own.

1210 days ago
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