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Katie Couric Officially

Gets ABC Talk Show

6/6/2011 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We told you about it last month, and ABC announced it today. Katie Couric will get a daytime, syndicated talk show on ABC.

Katie Couric ABC Talk Show
The network announced the deal today, unveiling the plan which puts Katie in as host and producer.  We've learned Katie's mentor -- former "Today" show EP Jeff Zucker -- will be the Executive Producer.

As we reported, Katie will make $20 million, mostly for the talk show but there's a relatively small amount for contributing to various ABC news shows.

Sources tell TMZ, the likelihood is ... Katie will get the 3 PM time slot when the show debuts in September, 2012.  That's the coveted slot Oprah owned for a quarter century in many key markets.

Matt Lauer will NOT be part of the show.

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No Avatar


Oprah is on at 3 on the West coast. Dr Oz got Oprah's time slot. Katie will be on before him, Gh's time slot. It just all sounds so boring. Who is going to watch this cr@p? I hope ABC falls flat on it's a$$.

1213 days ago


Cannot not stand Katie Couric.....definitely will not watch. The ABC News Team is so far above Katie, I hope they don't let her anywhere near Diane Sawyer and George Steponaupolis (sp) reporting arena.

1213 days ago


She can fluff me ANYTIME!!

1213 days ago


If she thinks that she will gain the "SOAP PEOPLE" she is sadly mistaken. You have already taken AMC and OLTL from us. If you take GH to,I will boycott all of ABC"s shows. My mother put me in morning kindergarten so she would be home in time for General. I am 42 years old, and i have been watching since I was 4 years old. I can remember family gatherings and adults were cooking and talking about GH and I would give my opinion. I remember Heather Weber in the mental hospital with Sarah.Rick and Leslie having an affair. Jesse and Steve Hardy. I may have missed a little here and there, but I've always kept up in one way or another. It's bad enough your taking off AMC and OLTL, but not GH. People work, go to school etc. Have you ever heard of Tivo or a DVR? People do watch. Getting rid of our soaps is like getting rid of a part of our family. People are like " It's not real". No kidding! we're not stupid. Actually, quite intelligent. Many of us have been there through all the ups and downs and cast changes over the years. WE cheered, we cried, we laughed and we swore at the television. We said we would never watch again after something happened, but there we were on Monday at 3pm. Back in front of the television. This might not be the right letter for this forum, but as usual you guys get the dirt first and hearing this bit of dirt made me mad and I just had to vent.If people agree, please prove that I'm not the only one who cares.

1213 days ago

PJ Byrnes    

Really TMZ........Katie is taking over "the coveted Opray spot"??? Oprah's success stemmed from her having the "coveted spot" of 4:00 pm.........after the abc soap lineup and most importantly General Hospital. Brian Frons you are a retard. I hope your network crashes and burns.

1213 days ago


You know this cougar can give one hell of a Micrphone JOB!!


1213 days ago


Katie Couric is another burn out that I'll never watch. I watched the Today Show religiously, in spite of the fact that Katie was on (I liked it more for eye candy Matt Lauer, but mostly because I didn't realize I SHOULD have been watching Good Morning America all along).

When Katie left the Today Show I relieved, and the ONLY time I watched her night-time show was when Sarah "The Bimbo" Palin was interviewed back in 2007.

Now Katie thinks she's going to make "Oprah Winfrey money" but she is sadly mistaken.

Katie is operating on the misbelief that "just anybody" CAN be a talk show host, even her. (Not)

1213 days ago


For cryin' out loud. There are four magic words that ensure I will not watch a show: "Talk show" and "Reality show".

I would really like to know if ABC was SMART ENOUGH to have one hell of an iron-clad OUT CLAUSE for themselves if this doesn't work out. They've gone to a lot of trouble for quite some time now to get Katie Couric. What are they going to do if viewers just don't like her? Didn't they get the hint from her failed ratings at CBS? You can't blame behind-the-scenes politics for this one. When viewers like/love a personality, THEY TUNE IN! When they don't, THEY DON'T! Do they really think a network change will make viewers like her more? I don't know what they are thinking...

1213 days ago


TMZ check again, oprah was on aat 4. All the other soaps have been cancelled on ABC GH is on at 3 is that gone too?

1213 days ago


If you put two and two together, General Hospital will be gone in September 2012. ABC just didn't want to make that announcement now and is waiting until next spring. The writing is on the wall now in capital red letters.

1213 days ago



News Flash....You are not worth 20 million. I used to like you, but now I think you're full of yourself.

1213 days ago


Actually, The 3pm Time Slot is where the soap General Hospital had been for over 48 years. Oprah was in the 4pm time slot. Guess peeps didn't bother getting facts straight.

1213 days ago

nicole borman    

oprah had the 4 o'clock time slot is that when she is going to be on????

1213 days ago


Wow-20 million dollars for yesterday's news!

1213 days ago

The Truth     

Who cares, ABC is a failing network...

1213 days ago
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