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TMZ Live: Adrian Peterson & Mormon Sex Loopholes

7/13/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey called it the FUNNEST TMZ Live of all time -- NFL badass Adrian Peterson dropped by out of nowhere, right in the middle of our discussion about "soaking" ... a Mormon way to have pre-marital sex, without actually having sex ... or is it?


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(0:00) The most ridiculous TMZ Live EVER starts now! Get ready for more talk about cut off penises and strange sex habits than you can handle!
(4:20) First up ... a woman cuts her husband's penis off and then puts it in the disposal ... why do women find this funny? ESPECIALLY Nina.
(12:01) A caller curiously uses the phrase "funny bone."
(16:20) Is laughing at this topic payback for men mistreating women for so long?
(20:13) Know what "soaking" is? You're about to. Sex education begins now.
(22:00) Turns out Max is an experienced soaker.
(24:50) Wait WHAT? NFL badass Adrian Peterson is in the house!!!
(26:05) Adrian learns about soaking ... does he think it's genius, or stupid?
(28:00) Lockout talk -- who does Adrian think will come out on top?
(33:08) Adrian is gone ... so BACK TO SOAKING!!!
(34:50) A former BYUer sheds light on soaking! Step one is "oral is moral" ... then after you climax ... "soaking is second."  NOW it makes sense.
(36:50) Our caller is an experienced soaker! Harvey and Charles FINALLY understand it ... and turns out ... it's what Max was saying all along.
(46:11) Another hilarious caller -- he used to go to BYU campus to pick up women ... and used to pick them up AT CHURCH!!! WHAT?


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Does it really matter if it was for pot vs. crack? Both are illegal.

1176 days ago


What do you mean "women everywhere think it's hilarious"? TMZ needs to be more socially responsible than this.

1176 days ago

Samii Minaj/Danta    

I believe Brooke because I looked at the pic and Ive made plenty of those in my day. It's a bowl from Tin Foil. Harvey be for real. You've made a few in your day. That blonde kid in the room too lmao. The ladies are laughing because every women in the world whether they are serious or not think about it at some point in their life dealing with a cheating and or disrespectful spouse. I say it to my boyfriend all the time. What makes it funnier is someone actually went so far as to actually do it. Like hoe drugged was he that she was actually able to get it cut off and chopped up in the garbage disposal? lmao that's hilarious. That;s one crazy bitch lmao

1176 days ago


Is cutting off a man's penis legally a worse crime than simply stabbing him?

1176 days ago


hell ive smoked out of worse contraptions... if she denied it and said it was an air pressure gauge then i'd suspect something.... or maybe she thinks that smoking pot is a better scenario when trying to keep your ex from getting custody.

on a side note.. shouldn't she be drug tested?

1176 days ago


No. I think she's claiming (and I agree) it's not a pipe at all. It's a folded up baggie of weed. Use your own zoom technology. Foil would be much shinier. You guys got this wrong from the start.

1176 days ago

John the Lawyer    

No, women would scream bloody murder. Just like all the anti-male commercials on TV (and c'mon, the guy is always stupid and the woman saves the day); we have become an openly misandrist society. Misogyny is awful, misandry is funny and acceptable.

1176 days ago


I don't see where you get the claim that women everywhere are laughing at the penis story. I read through the first 100 or so comments yesterday under your own story about this and saw hardly any comments by women that thought it was a joke. Quite the opposite actually.

1176 days ago


Many years ago, my wife said that's what she'd do if I ever cheated on her! 30 years later I'm still

1176 days ago


Shame on you Harvey for generalizing! I do NOT think this is hilarious and doubt most women do. In fact "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" comes to mind.

1176 days ago

Simon Wagstaff    

spyke you obviously don't remember the distaff reaction to Lorainna Bobbit.

1176 days ago

Caleb Spilchen    

how is calling a white guy a white guy racist?

According to witnesses, the family was hurling racial slurs when dog got there

1176 days ago


I would like to know how can a known drug addict get a perscription for marijuana. Isn't that just as bad as giving a person a gun without bullets. Whoever the Dr. is should be investigated.

1176 days ago


It's bulls@%t Brooke saying it"s a pipe for pot. First of all anyone with a medical marijuana license would have the proper equipment not use a foil pipe. Second, she has 2 lighters in her hand. Crack users would need 2 lighters because the lighter get real hot. She is a loser!

1176 days ago


Sex Tape... where is the "I'd made one, it will never see the light of day" option???

1176 days ago
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