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Victim Dies After Crash Involving Lamar Odom's Driver

7/18/2011 5:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A 15-year-old boy has died from injuries he sustained in a NY car crash involving a vehicle carrying NBA star Lamar Odom ... the boy's family has confirmed to TMZ.


Odom was in NY on Thursday to attend a funeral for his cousin -- and had hired a car service to drive him around town during his visit. But while Odom was in the car, the vehicle was involved in an accident with a motorcycle ... which was propelled into a 15-year-old pedestrian.

The boy's family tells us ... the boy sustained major head injuries in the collision.

The boy was rushed to a nearby hospital ... and emergency surgery was performed in an effort to save his life ... but the injuries proved to be too severe ... and the boy died the following day.

A funeral for the boy took place earlier today.

A source close to Lamar tells us ... the NBA star is "devastated" by the tragedy.

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The Neko Nation    

Condolences to this poor kids family. 15 years old is too young. Too bad the only thing most people care about is Lamar and Khloe. What about the victims?!?!

1162 days ago


@The Neko Nation 6 minutes ago
Sure Lamar is devastated. It would be a miracle if some of these self entitled celebrities and athletes could ever say something on their own without some prepared statement from their reps or attorneys. There apologies are fabricated and insincere.


If I'm right, the Kardashians expressed LO's devastation and shock first-hand, and to Harvey Levin.

That isn't fabricated and insincere.

Granted, some seem to be.

But there's a reason celebrities turn to the professionals -
and to write copy/issue press statements and releases.

1162 days ago

Queen Karma    

Unbelievable tradegy.
So sad. Hards to understand.
So sadfor this boy and his family and friends. Poor people. They must be just distraught. In a fog, if you have been through something so tragic.

Lamar, hopefully, he will accept this, give to charites for it, move forward, ask his deceased toddler , (the child he and his ex wife lost) for help. We don't know the details of the accident. Was the car service in the wrong? Was the boy,driving a motorcycle, in the wrong?
I hope, pray the family will some day accept,not get over, but accept and reason what happened. You never get over.There is no such thing.

---Separate comment
NO, dougpound , you fool, THANK GOD Lamar hired a car service. When I read the headline, I thought, uh-oh, Lamars' friend was driving him around in LA. Unless the other car driver who dead was DUI, then Lamar will have to pay a few million ASAP.
To read the story,Lamar was in NY, and hired a car service, sad situation , but at least the boy's family 's lawsuit, WHICH THEY WILL FILE ASAP, really doesn't have a case. YES, they must likely already consulted a lawyer, and will release a press statement and when they lose the suit, will release a statement against Lamar.

1162 days ago

boo boo    

Agreed - terrible tragedy for everyone. Better to hire a car service - especially when you are celebrity and the paparazzi will chase you down in a car. Betcha Odom does all he can for this family. Wonder how the motorcyclist is doing. As far as TMZ's "nerve" for contacting the victim's family today...IT'S CALLED REPORTING, RACHEL! I suppose you would have preferred that TMZ cut and paste the story from another news outlet tomorrow.

1162 days ago


I'm sure Chloe and her mom Kris will put this on the show some how

1162 days ago


Wow, what a tragic accident. I am sure Lamar is totally devastated, especially after going through the death of his own child. How awful for the boy's parents, my thoughts are with them most of all.

1162 days ago


i feel sooo bad for and family. i hope he doesn't blame himself he is a great guy, don't beat himself up it was not his fault

1162 days ago


That is unfortunate. Lamar should change his name to Meta Don't Sue Me!

1162 days ago

nancy ward    

Super sorry. It's not Lamars fault, again sorry that this happened to the young boy.

1162 days ago

Randi House    

To:The Odom's Family

My sympathy to you and your family and to the boy family. Please don't blame your self. Everything will be okay you have a good support team we love you and your wife like 2 PAC say keep your head up.

Love,The House Family

1162 days ago


Too, too sad for all involved.

1162 days ago


What a tragedy, considering Lamar and Khloe were in NYC for the funeral of a family member of his who was murdered. Interesting that Khloe is bleating about people being disrespectful to her on twitter and saying how violence is disgusting. What i find disgusting is that the ignorant cow cannot even acknowledge the death of the person involved in the accident Lamar was involved in, though she can find time to laugh about shaking her t!ts and asking for feedback on lip color?? Wow Khloe you must be so grief stricken! Who the he!! would expect any class from any of the Kardashian's not to mention RESPECT for people who have died. Shame on you Khloe you dumb cow...and no Khloe, tweeting bible quotes does not make up for your shameful ignorance!

1162 days ago


Who freakin' cares? You are so lame, TMZ. So, he was a passenger. It didn't involve him, and he wasn't hurt. We really don't need to know every time a celebrity takes a chit.

1162 days ago


"Sorry Dawgy????" A fifteen yeqar old is killed on his bike by some superstar ******* who can't drive himself, and you say "Sorry Dawgy????"

1162 days ago

Fat Mike    

Hey loser, why would you follow her on Twitter if you hate her so much? I think you might need a hobby

1162 days ago
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