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Victim Dies After Crash Involving Lamar Odom's Driver

7/18/2011 5:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A 15-year-old boy has died from injuries he sustained in a NY car crash involving a vehicle carrying NBA star Lamar Odom ... the boy's family has confirmed to TMZ.


Odom was in NY on Thursday to attend a funeral for his cousin -- and had hired a car service to drive him around town during his visit. But while Odom was in the car, the vehicle was involved in an accident with a motorcycle ... which was propelled into a 15-year-old pedestrian.

The boy's family tells us ... the boy sustained major head injuries in the collision.

The boy was rushed to a nearby hospital ... and emergency surgery was performed in an effort to save his life ... but the injuries proved to be too severe ... and the boy died the following day.

A funeral for the boy took place earlier today.

A source close to Lamar tells us ... the NBA star is "devastated" by the tragedy.

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Poor kid.

1161 days ago


How tough must this be for the boy's family, Lamar would be ****tered that he was involved in something that killed a boy, RIP to the boy, 15 years old is just way too young to die...have fun in heaven!

1161 days ago


Even though it wasn't Lamar's fault, I would still sue him. It's America and he's neeha rich.

1161 days ago


For the dumbasses that think this is Lamar's fault, read the whole story. The tragedy was all based off of cir****tance. Lamar hit a motorcyclist, which propelled into the boy. It's just a tragic cir****tance. Unless Lamar was intoxicated, I see no reason he should take any blame for this accident.

1161 days ago

i'm a lawyer!    

Sad, sad story. Lamar seems like a good guy I'm sure he feels horrible for that poor child's family. I know I do.

1161 days ago


What moron uses "Sociopaths are sad" as their username? After reading some of your comments I have to wonder about your mental stability or instability! If you dislike Americans so much or they repulse you, go to a different web site! Sociopaths, narcissists. Please do us all a favor and go see a Dr. so you can get some help and some medication fast!
Lamar Odom is not a narcissist nor was it his fault that this accident occurred. He wasn't driving and even if he was upset with this guys technique he shouldn't be a paid driver if he can't drive and talk at the same time. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of but I'm not surprised. Everything that comes out of your mouth is negative and you label strangers when you should really be trying to diagnose yourself because you're one mean, nasty, excuse of a human being. And I use that term lightly.

1161 days ago


Why are people saying there praying for the Odom family? they are not the ones who have lost someone if anything the prays should be going to the poor kids family and its funny he hasnt personally said he's "devastated" it coming from a source, shows how much he's "devastated" all these people care about is themselves, disgusting people. Bet it will be on there crappy show next.

1161 days ago


anonymous, if you don't have the balls to leave a real username or even make one up because you're too much of a p*ssy, then don't come on here accusing someone of something you know absolutely nothing about. that other douche bag, dave could have been no where near the accident and just trying to get a little attention by saying he was near the accident. He would have had to be in the car with Lamar to say that Lamar told the driver to blow through the red. And even if Lamar said it, is this driver another F*cking P*ssy that can't even drive on his own free will. If I hire the same driver can I get him to perform a hit and run? Not that I would. It's just absurd to think that Lamar or anyone else could hold that much power over a complete stranger that he just hired to drive for him. Seriously. I don't understand why people say crap like this about someone they've never met. Just because you've seen them on tv or read articles about them does not mean you know them personally. You and "Sociopaths are Sad" need to get together and make a suicide pact or maybe just maybe love will make the two of you less mean and nasty!

1161 days ago


Poor kid. What an awful way to go. And for what? Careless driving, most likely. And poor Lamar too. This has got to be tough for him as well.

RIP, young man. What a waste of a young person's precious life.

1161 days ago


Anyone who criticizes Lamar for not driving himself has never been to NY. Idiots.

1161 days ago


but why are you making it sound like it was Lamar's personal driver?

it was the car service driver who just happened to have Lamar as a passenger

it's like you want people to hold Lamar personally respoonsible and blame him
what have you got against him that you'd slant the headline against him?

if I am in a taxi and there is an accident......
same thing-not my fault or responsibility even though I would feel terrible that it happened

oops-almost forgot-this is TMZ
you twist things on purpose don't you!?!

1161 days ago


@Sociopath are sad ----- You must be one of them with your pathetic comment here.
It is absolutely horrible that this young boy died from this accident. And from watching him on the show Lamar seems like a very nice guy and I'm sure he is devastated, no need for a public statement to know thats the truth.
Since I don't know the facts about this accident, I don't know who was at fault, the motorcycle or the car Lamar was in, but I do know its really sad for the family that lost their child.
And just a side note, NYC is the last place to be riding a motorcycle. Too many people around and these motorcycle drivers think they own the road and cut in and out of traffic like its their privilege to do. Just sayin....

1161 days ago


@kay --- I didn't take the time to read all the messages here but I'm just assuming the ingrates that troll here and leave negativity where ever they go are probably saying it's Lamar's fault.
But as someone who does drive in NYC all the time, it's definitely not a place where one would want to drive a motorcycle, and I can only imagine that the rider was up to some illegal driving activity that caused this tragedy. The people that are riding motorcycles think any space on the road is theirs. Even if it means going between two cars that are actually in a lane. Just trying to get ahead in a traffic jam.
My sincerest sympathies to this child's family !!!

1161 days ago


I'm so sorry to hear the 15 yr old boy died, my condolences to his family and friends. May he R.I.P

1161 days ago


Someone lost their 15 yr. old son and some of you have the balls to blame this on Lamar? REALLY???? I'm not a fan of the Kardashian's, but to blame Lamar b/c he's attached to them is so childish, Grow Up! RIP young man!

1161 days ago
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