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Bam Hospitalized

After 'Tackling' His Neighbor

7/27/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera is currently laid up in a hospital bed ... and may have broken several bones ... after he fell down the stairs while "tackling" his neighbor ... TMZ has learned.

Margera says he was racing his neighbor up a set of stairs ... and promised the guy he could have one of Bam's skateboards if he won -- but, "Somehow I wound up tumbling down the stairs."

Bam explains, "I tackled my neighbor and fell down the stairs horsing around. I’m still in the hospital."

Bam says he's still unsure about the extent of his injuries -- but he may have broken his arm and several ribs.


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todd lee    

Jesus, this moron needs to grow up.

Its apparent God does not want this moron to live anymore because hes ALWAYS betting beat down. First a chick hits him with a baseball bat, then a fat chick punched him out, now he falls down stairs.

Maybe it was Gods intent that *HE* pass away in a car accident and not Ryan Dunn....Im putting this idiot on my "Dead Pool" because God wants him taken out. Maybe in the mean time he should act his age, just an idea.

1186 days ago


awwe bam get better your amazing

1186 days ago


why is everyone hating on bam? dont you guys have anything better to do rather than troll on tmz's website?

1186 days ago


grow up man

1186 days ago


I just want to roundhouse kick everyone on here talkin ****! back the **** off Bam he just lost his best friend you ****in ********!!!!!

1186 days ago


**** you, you should die.
i love bam

1186 days ago


**** you people fcking retards Bam Is The ****

1186 days ago


man forget all you guys whining " he needs to grow up" "hes stupid and they are all dumb"

wtf how backwards does that sound the poor people telling the rich guy hes dumb yeah hes dumb that why he has more money than everyone on this board combined

and even if you don't have to be smart to be rich
you cant tell me if you guys had money you wouldn't do what ever the F you wanted cause i promise you, you would so what if he does this he has more fun in one day everyday of his life than you guys could in a month with all the money you needed
so stfu

1186 days ago


bam is the best he probrally was laughing at this he is tough

1186 days ago


just an update, he's broken three ribs and awaiting to hear about his elbow

1186 days ago


This guy should have been named "Stuart Pedaso" (Stu for short).

1186 days ago


What a friggin loser. I did that stuff when I was 9yo! Racing a friend up the stairs....grow the hell up.

1186 days ago


To all the people who decided to have a sook about Bam:
I just entered this forum and the smell of jealously is seriously lingering.... You IDIOTS realize he does all of this for a living? Just because he's come up with a way to make money which is a lot easier and more enjoyable than most of your everyday boring ass office jobs, does not make him a bad or stupid person, but more of a smart person. The jokes are all on you guys for hating on him now. But of course the small close minded people out there think that the only thing he's ever done to become famous is act like a child and do crazy things, if you can see past the end of your own nose you'd notice he's also a world renowned skater, and produced & directed all the cky movies by himself. I'd like to see you take your boring ass home movies to MTV and see them make a show of it. Nothings stopping any of you from getting out your camcorders. Morons.

1186 days ago


Ok....all you who say that he needs to die needs to shut the **** up. I mean really? C'mon it was an accident, he was goofing sure u all did some stupid **** in ur lives too and nobodys tells u to die... STFU and piss off. And as far as that comment goes of him driving drunk thats ****** up...u need to check ur **** cuz I know alot of people who lost loved ones in car crashes and they would kick the **** out of you. Quit acting like u little pricks are all perfect and special cuz your not, so pull the silver spoons out of ur asses and get a life. Bams awesome!!!!

1186 days ago


@ Millie..... I totally agree...u know at one point they used to watch Jackass and Viva La Bam and now they are just mad cuz hes a sombody and their nothing

1186 days ago
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