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Auto Legend Carroll Shelby


8/1/2011 5:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Automotive legend Carroll Shelby -- the guy who designed the Ford Mustang Cobra -- has been sued by a former receptionist who claims the 88-year-old sexually assaulted her ... and also ignored her complaints when she told him she was raped by one of his employees.

According to the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Angelica Smith claims she began working for Shelby back in 2005 as a receptionist ... but was treated as a "personal servant" ... with Shelby often forcing her to go out on "grocery runs, liquor runs, pornography runs."

In the docs, Smith claims Shelby ran a "pervasively hostile work environment" ... and "on at least one occasion, Shelby himself sexually battered [Smith] by groping her" at his home.

Smith claims things got worse in December 2010, alleging she was drugged and raped at Shelby's home by a man who worked for Shelby.

Smith claims she reported the incident to Shelby himself -- but he "did not take any corrective action."

Instead, Smith claims, she was fired -- partly out of retaliation for reporting the rape to Shelby.

Smith is suing Shelby, Shelby's companies and the alleged rapist -- and she wants more than $5 million in damages.

TMZ reached out to Shelby's lawyer -- so far, no response.


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Sounds like a slut that wants to get money!

1149 days ago

PRO US    

She reported the rape to Shelby? Not to the police? Sounds like she's all about the Benjamins.

1149 days ago

some guy    

I'm amazed an 85 y.o. dude can even want sex. Who's this chick trying to fool?

1149 days ago


I am not buying it. A hostile work environment for 6 years and then after an alleged rape last year that she only reported to the boss she says she got fired. No going to the police or anything. My first thought is someone is looking for a payday.

1149 days ago

john wayne gacy    

at 88, does mean you can't drive 69;

if you don't have it in the hips,
you gotta wear it upon your lips ......

1149 days ago


Think I'll wait until more info comes out before making up my mind about this. If true it is terrible and he should be punished despite his age. But she could be making it up like that woman that worked for Steven Segal.

1149 days ago


If she was treated like a personal assistant and it was a pervasively hostile work environment, then why in the he11 did she stick around FIVE years?!?! And this is prior to the rape!

1149 days ago


isnt a receptionist kinda like the do this do that for me type employee? you werent head of R&D, you money grubbin wh#re. report it to the police, not to your boss! i bet you hot and he prob smacked your ass, commented on your new tit job maybe pinched one when he said, "hey, i like your new tit job" im sure your a real winner

1149 days ago


its possible... perhaps she wanted to leave, but could not find another job, so she was stuck. compound that by people alegedly abuse and drug you... what a nightmare. if she is lying, she should be the one to end up in jail. my guess this will be settled out of court. shelby is a legend in the auto world, but most folks prob dont know him. some of his cars sell for 200k.

on a side note, i hope i can still stand up a salute at 88!

1149 days ago


what a piece of ****... This guy has had a heart transplant etc.. He isn't out bopping 20 year olds or going on a spank fest...

I bet with all the meds he takes and his age he couldn't even get it up.... stupid b...h needs to be tossed in jail

1149 days ago


I smell bull****

1148 days ago


2005? There is a statute of limitations. It has taken 6 years for her to say anything? Poor old guy. This is so fake. She could have reported it to police even after she was fired. I smell a rat and it smells like her!!!!

1148 days ago


Looks like Shelby's spitting "Cobra" got her right in the eye, LOL!

1148 days ago


Opportunist. You don't work for someone for over five years and put up with this crap. There are some people in this world who are just born to spew evil lies about others to line their own pockets. Disgusting.

1148 days ago


He's 88 years old, a millionaire and HE RAPED SOMEONE? She sure has a vivid imagination.

1148 days ago
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