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Michael Jackson

Lawsuit Accuses Doctor

of Fueling MJ's Addiction

8/4/2011 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein
provided serious drugs to Michael Jackson, which left the singer so out of it ... he couldn't even stand up straight ... this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

In the lawsuit, filed by Klein's former assistant and confidant Jason Pfeiffer -- it is alleged "Throughout 2009, Michael was a frequent patient of Klein." The lawsuit continues, "Several times, Klein told Pfeiffer to help Michael down to the car because Michael was too drugged up and disoriented to stand on his own."

Pfeiffer says he voiced his concern for Michael's "safety" -- because he and Klein's nurses "were worried that Michael was being 'overmedicated' by Klein." Pfeiffer says Klein simply told him to "keep his mouth shut."

And there's more -- Pfeiffer claims Klein tried to sneak Michael prescription muscle relaxers in 2009 by writing a prescription in Pfeiffer's name.  Pfeiffer claims he refused to participate in the scheme.

Pfeiffer also claims in the suit ... sometime around October 2008, Klein was contacted by Michael Jackson, who told the doc he "needed 'to get out of a court appearance' and needed a doctor's note."

According to the suit, Klein told Michael he would take care of it and issued a note saying MJ was suffering from a Staph Infection ... based on a fabricated test.

Klein's treatment of MJ has been questioned in the past -- TMZ broke the story ... Klein injected Michael with 51 Demerol injections in the 3 months before Jackson died. Klein has always maintained that he treated Michael in accordance with the highest medical standards.

Pfeiffer claims he was wrongfully terminated by Klein -- and in the suit, filed Wednesday in Klein's ongoing bankruptcy case, Pfeiffer alleges that Klein forced him to help round up gay sex partners for Klein, including prostitutes and homeless people.

Pfeiffer also claims he would have to help "prepare" Klein for sexual encounters -- adding, "Klein required that Pfeiffer wash Klein's groin."

Pfeiffer -- who has stated in the past that he was Michael Jackson's gay lover -- says he suffers from severe emotional problems as a result of Klein's treatment -- and is suing for unspecified damages.

UPDATE: A lawyer for Klein tells TMZ, "Dr. Klein is one of the most esteemed and respected dermatologists in his profession in the country.  This counterclaim is totally unfounded, and frankly it's garbage.  The claims in Dr. Klein's lawsuit are very serious, and we're taking them all the way."



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1175 days ago

There's a problem here    

No zh1T zherlock. All this poor creature had was hangers on, starting with his own family. That doctor had enabler written all over him.

1175 days ago


I wonder how much of this story was fabricated by TMZ

1175 days ago


Everyone involved in this is seriously messed up. All still alive should get long-term professional help.

1175 days ago


big surprise...michael jackson a junkie, who woulda thought?

1175 days ago


There's so much wrong with this I don't know where to start. First of all if the guy had one iota of integrity he would have sounded the alarm BEFORE MJ died. And if you're stupid enough to agree to wash someone's ****, you deserve to have to do it. What a fvcking moron.

1175 days ago


Pfff...... I did not see that comin'! NOT!!
And the circus continues!

1175 days ago


Jackson was an extreme addict, possibly a bad child abuser too.

People around the addict can only be accused of enabling, nothing more.

Don't blame everyone else for the addicts unacceptable behavior.

1175 days ago


C'mon TMZ - post the do***ents!!!!

1175 days ago


Seriously TMZ,
Well I guess ole Klein and Pfeiffer have been a little out of the limelight lately. $$$$$ And good ole Klein is a pal of Harvey's ( this came out of Harvey's mouth), so I guess it was time for a story about Klein.

Klein is a low-life s***bag and Pfeiffer, well, is below that. And I guess Tmz just needed a story with MJ's name in it to get the hits bc it has been real quiet on the Murray trial. But that is about explode soon. So I guess we need fill-in stories. LOLOLOLOL

1175 days ago


I don't care how esteemed and respected the man is -- there is something very shady about him. He practically begged to come on your show and say things that were ridiculous and even asked you guys to allow him to say that Pfeiffer and Jackson were lovers. He has since changed his story saying that Pfeiffer is a liar, that Jackson was not gay; that Pfeiffer embezzled from him causing his bankruptcy, etc. I think he and Pfeiffer are both liars and I think he did over medicate Jackson and not just in 2009.

The haters that post on this site are disgusting!

1175 days ago

Brian Scott Miller    

It is Impossible to effect an addicts behavior one way or another. An Addict is an addict is an addict. Looks like someone just want's to get PAID.

1175 days ago


Michael Jackson was an adult. Nobody could force him to take drugs if he didn't want them.

1175 days ago


Michael Jackson wanted the drugs. No one needed to twist his arm. He knowingly and willingly did drugs.

1175 days ago


The Jackson clan wants an eternal fountain of money, now that M.J. carried his drugs too far. Joe is a lblood sucker.

1175 days ago
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