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Former 'Jersey Shore' Star

Sues Over Mall Attack

10/6/2011 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yes, she's still alive -- and to prove it, disgraced "Jersey Shore" star Angelina Pivarnick is suing the girl who allegedly attacked her at some mall in Staten Island last year.

Angelina's lawyer Stephanie Ovadia filed the lawsuit last week in New York -- claiming some 20-year-old girl named Kelsey Balzafiore beat the crap out of Angie at the Hot Topic inside the shopping center.

TMZ broke the story ... Kelsey was arrested for misdemeanor battery after the incident -- for allegedly punching Angelina's friend -- but now, Angelina says she was also the victim of Kelsey's fists of fury.

According to the suit, Kelsey "assaulted, battered and harassed" Angelina -- and as a result, the former "Jersey" girl "was wounded, bruised, and injured and sustained severe shock to her nervous system."

Angelina is also suing Hot Topic for having crappy security. She wants unspecified damages.

Calls to Hot Topic were not returned.

10/6/11: Kelsey's lawyer tells TMZ, "Although my office has yet to receive this complaint, I can say with complete confidence that the truth will prevail and Ms. Balzafiore's name will be cleared."


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Those Jersey Hores will take money wherever they can get it.

1112 days ago



1112 days ago


This ugly disgusting pig is just trying anyway she can to get money without having to get a job like everyone else. Lazy crap head. I hope the judge in this case looks at her bank book and sees the real reason she is suing and then puts her in jail. Disgusting excuse for a human being. People always thinking about suing. I should sue MTV for allowing someone as fugly as her to be on a tv show.

1112 days ago


Her tv career is over because of her attitude. Her music career is over because her voice sucks. So she has no easy way to get money for herself. So she sues instead of working. LOSER ! Watch. If she doesn't get money out of this girl, she will sue someone else in the future. Just sit back and watch.

1112 days ago

Tonsil Cheese    

Try again, honey. You'll have to open your legs for the retirement package you have in mind. Won't be easy with those looks, however.

1112 days ago


What a shame, she walked out on her 15 minutes of fame and missed the first incarnation, and now Why would you want to be associated with the rest of those LOSERS, friggin pathetic.

1112 days ago


So basically she spent the JS money and is looking for a payday, figures, trash.

1112 days ago


I don't think she's ugly at all but i do think she's stupid. She walked away from a cash cow like the Jersey Shore and now she's looking for another 15 minutes of fame suing some girl who probably has no money to begin with.

1112 days ago


I wish I could assualt, batter and harass Angelina.

1112 days ago


she suffered 'severe shock to her nervous system'. I didnt realize that was a condition. I guess i should sue my boss cause everyday he causes severe shock to my nervous system

1112 days ago


There's only 1 mall, the Staten Island Mall. She needs to move on and get over it.

1112 days ago


wasn't she pregnant or something?

1112 days ago


"Angelina is also suing Hot Topic for having crappy security." Can you really sue Hot Topic for having 'crappy security?' Shouldn't it be the mall, instead of the individual store?

1112 days ago


Suing Hot topic is not going to get this POS anywhere... it's not the stores fault, the location is in a mall, therefore it should be MALL COPS to sue... if this girl had 1/4 of a brain she would know that and WTF was she in Hot Topic in the first place!!

1112 days ago

Amanda Balzafiore    

First of all Kelsey is my sister and I think that it is hilarious that 1 year later Angelina is trying to say that she was ALSO a victim haha lol pathetic. Basically what happened is that "fans" were trying to get her autograph and she basically told them to shoo and get away from my sister and her friends were telling them you dont want her autograph anyway...then angelina and her dirtball of a friend starting running thier mouths to my sister and her friends and the dirtballs started getting physical with them. Angelina grow up already and get a job because you know that my sister didnt lay a finger on you and your just trying to get money from anywhere. I hear the dumps are hiring over ther maybe you can start working there.

1112 days ago
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