TMZ Live Your Costume Might Get You a Halloween Beatdown

10/26/2011 11:50 AM PDT

TMZ Live -- Your Costume Might Get You a Halloween Beatdown

D.L. Hughley joins us to weigh in on racist Halloween costumes -- how do you know if yours crosses the line? D.L. says it's simple ... if you get your ass kicked, you've gone too far.

Also, Dr. Conrad Murray bawls in court ... and Jason thinks it's the doc's best day of the trial so far. Plus, Harvey in Motown ... living a dream -- singing and dancing in the Supremes' old studio!

(2:30) Took only two minutes for Brian's first offensive joke of the day!
(7:10) Dr. Conrad Murray turns on the waterworks today during the trial -- did he gain any sympathy from the jurors?
(15:34) A new campaign attempts to stop racist Halloween costumes -- so what is really over the line?
(22:05) Time warp back to 1995 -- when Charles wore a really offensive costume ... but was rewarded for it!
(32:00) D.L. Hughley is on the phone! He thinks people in America are "way, way too sensitive."
(33:30) How do you know when your outfit is too offensive? Hughley says it when you get your ass kicked. Makes sense.
(49:10) So ... Harvey visited the Motown studio where tons of hits were recorded ... and decided to sing a classic while there. Let the ribbing begin!