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Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries

The Bitter Prenup Bickering

11/3/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries fighting
The die was cast in the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries marriage during the prenup negotiations -- which were marked by bickering, pettiness, and even contempt ... sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ.
Our sources say ... the prenup was negotiated during the summer.  Kim, Kris, and their lawyers had multiple meetings in various configurations. We're told both Kim and Kris were sniping at each other during the talks, each complaining -- sometimes bitterly -- about the way the other was treating them.

One of the big sticking points -- how much of a cut Kris would get from all the wedding-generated moolah.

As one person familiar with the situation tells TMZ ... "It was really apparent then ... this marriage wasn't going to last, and even they could see it wasn't a good idea."

In the end, Kim pretty much got her way. Their assets stayed separate, Kris got a limited cut of the wedding money, and they lived happily ever after.



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King of TMZ    

All I see is a woman "sad & destroyed" about her business potentially being at stake & the gold it brings to whom she is (in her own words) "most committed"... oh she loves her Careeeeeeeer & she’ll do ANYTHING for it!!! ANYTHING… how about her so called fairytale love???... she is not sad about the break up from that poor guy who she used as a trophy "yes I do" accessory for her "faky-tail wedding spectacle"...and she was definitely not committed neither to her man nor to her vows nor her own too pimped up to be true love extravaganza about the poor guy who no one believed from the get go she was in love with lol
This is a disgrace to the human species... seriously. and all I see is her mom and the other devil's advocate Kloeh trying to twist words the way they used to to get away with this... yeah trash the guy, trash his family, you re poor little naive princess victims who got played by the evil fame and publicity craving Kris Humpheries... :D The moment she didn't want to change her name to Humpheries that should have been the moment to break it... it showed she loves her career more than her man.. her mom told her Britney Spears didn't change her name! well first Kim is no Britney to begin with! and Britney is not the best example out their for marriages... but look at Victoria Adams (Beckham) hummm yah! that's the difference... it wouldn't have lasted anyway... even if the guy was all she desired, you know black, BBC, richer, hottest guy in the world bla bla bla she will still find a spoiled brat diva way to spoil and ruin his heart... This is the family that America idolizes lol FASCINATING... LOL one advice for Kris Humpheries sue the hoa (fame hoa, porn hoa, fake hoa, moneyloving hoa…) sue her for fraud and malice you will be a hero my friend and she might finally go away in the history waste no-recycling garbage bag as she should be already.

1086 days ago


This was a game that was all about greed. What A shock! What does one expect from a woman who got paid lots of money for having sex on Videotape? Can we all spell- P-R-O-S-T-I-T-U-T-E!!! He appears to be a foolish young man.

1086 days ago


Tranny porn.

1086 days ago


Shouldn't he have gotten HALF of the money? It was his wedding too. Oh wait, silly me, he married a Kardashian.

1086 days ago

Jim in Cali    

"our sources" might as well be Mike Walters since he is basically a family spokesman for the Kardashians

1086 days ago


LOL Can't wait to hear what she and her family have to say about this post! Don't you just
love it when someone gets caught up in their lies, tries to backpedal their way out and ends up showing their true colors!!

1086 days ago


Have any of you really paid attention to the way Kris Humphrey's walks. If this dude ain't gay, the statue of liberty is a drag queen... lmfao

1086 days ago

Drugsney Drinkhan    

Kim completely used him for the wedding publicity and spit him out when he couldn't generate more money.On top of that, he doesn't even get a fair share of the money he generated? What a bitch. I hope Kris gets a pitbull lawyer who will take that whore to the cleaners.

1086 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

Reportedly Mike Walters tried to hang himself in the infamous TMZ men's restroom but the rope broke...

1086 days ago


You could tell it wasn't going to work just by watching their show! Kris had no idea Kim had been married before, she freaked out and cried over a lost earring, making Kris say "is she always going to act like this?" and Kim was disgusted by Kris' dogs and made them stay in kennels. She's a wh0re that only likes being pissed on by black men, what did you expect when she finds a nice guy?

1086 days ago


So her first husband says she falsely accused him of beating her after he served her with divorce for cheating on him with multiple partners. He says he paid for her tits only to see her in cloths he bought and his new titties with another man. Is she setting Kris up with the darkside stuff for another false abuse claim?

1086 days ago


Why shouldn't Kris Humphries get HALF of what they made of his wedding? He just got run completely over by this awful fame whore and her clan.

1086 days ago

King of TMZ    

There are Celebrities that are Artist and there are two cents celebrities that are Con Artists.... I wonder which one is the Kardashians... hummmm :D

1086 days ago


So they were failing forward and had no chance because materialism was too much at the forefront. Remember what Jesus said, you cannot have two masters, you must choose between either love or money. They would have been better off staying engaged for a while instead of putting so much stress on a newly blossoming love that hadn't taken root yet. They are both professional competitors and it was natural for them to fight for their point of view. This sounds unhealthy though. You can't take money with you when you leave this world. The only thing you can take is the love you grow within your heart and that can't happen if you close your heart through greed and ego.

1086 days ago


I think they do all this hazzle only for the money.

By the way here is awesome gallery about Kim:

1086 days ago
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