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Simon & Howie vs Angry Parents

... Showdown Over Howard Stern

12/15/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


"America's Got Talent" honcho Simon Cowell and judge Howie Mandel backed up Howard Stern today ... big time! We got 'em standing up to the President of the Parents TV Council ... who's seriously bent about Stern's move to NBC..

Plus,  Dan Patrick tells us why the Chris Paul trade (take 2) makes the impossible seem possible -- LA could really become a CLIPPER town! Also, Babawa Walters' retirement "fib" at the White House ... and why everyone's afraid to get married.


(1:40) Howie Mandell is on the phone -- he says it's "ignorant" to think Howard Stern is bringing his Sirius show antics to "AGT." 
(8:00) Does that mean no anal ring toss? 
(12:50) ESPN's Dan Patrick is on the line -- he says not-so-fast on crowning Chris Paul's Clippers the kings of L.A.
(13:50) Dan says the pressure's now on the Lakers to make a good trade.
(14:20) How does Dan -- a big Stern fan -- think Howard will do on "Talent"?
(23:40) Did Barbara Walters lie to President Obama's face when she told him she's retiring next year?
(32:40) Ellen's classic coming out scene.
(35:02) President of the Parents TV Council Tim Winter is upset about Stern on "Talent" ... and calls in to have his say.
(44:02) Who better to talk about Howard Stern on "Talent" than the show's mega-producer Simon Cowell?
(46:30) Harvey asks Simon about the "X Factor" controversy between Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.
(48:05) Simon suggests his singer on "Factor" has a target on her back.
(49:30) Ryan Seacrest may take over "Today" -- amazing how many jokes Simon already has for it.


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Who cares about AGT anyway. It's nothing more than the Gong Show of the 21st century. TV has sunk to an all time low with that show.

953 days ago


TMZ Correction!!
Jamie spears was named on the law suit, not Britney spears.
his signed on the contract as the conservatorship.

953 days ago



953 days ago


Seriously...have they met/heard of/scene Bob Sagget? Doesn't get much raunchier than him and he's all over "family" shows. I say tear it up Howard!

953 days ago


FK Howard Stern! Trailer tra***** it's finest!

953 days ago


Some people have no sense of discrimination or taste. Howard has much talent as my farts have fragrance. He is a low level slime ball, whose show's popularity stems from showing woman as sexual objects. What he is good at is crassness. And crassness is no rare gift. BTW, you are hearing this from a male.

953 days ago


It's a simple thing really the parents can just tell their kids they are allowed to watch AGT if Stern is going to be on it! Don't let your kids watch the show, it's just that simple, nut up and tell your kids NO for once that is what parenting is all about? Then stop the damn whining!

953 days ago


Charles is a dumbass. In his attempt to be funny he just came off like an ungrateful douchbag. That dude really needs to stop trying to be funny. Better pucker-up.

953 days ago


he lost me at 500 mil. what a waste of a breath. won'*****ch and don't care.

953 days ago


I won't be watching as long as Howard Stern is on there. He's absolutely revolting.

953 days ago


I think Howard Stern is a good choice he has the chance of being honest about the acts.

The thing that I dread are judges that can not be rough and are afraid to call crap / crap.

953 days ago


Howard Stern will be a great judge. I think he will be honest, and no allow so-so contestants to advance. He'll cut the BS out of the show, and make it more authentic. I don'*****ch the show now, but will the day Howard starts, and each show after!

953 days ago


Tim Winters comments about Howard's fans being upset because he isn't going to do the radio show on AGT is just flat out ignorant. Howard's fans(like myself) already know the type of real man he is and that he is going to be incredible. I never watched the show and really hated it when Howard talked about it but now I will watch it.

953 days ago

Richard Frost    

Harvey -- As I'm watching the replay of "TMZ Live" and I'm listening to the interview with the guy from Parents TV Council about Howard Stern becoming a part of "America's Got Talent" -- I wondered what this guy would say about a performer in another NBC TV show (but this show took place in the 70s)-- the show "Sanford and Son". The star of the show -- Redd Foxx -- was a XXX comic known for his dirty party albums. Would this guy rule out that someone like Foxx couldn't perform clean in a prime-time setting -- like he's poo-poo'ing (pun intended) Stern's participation in AGT?

953 days ago


When they put Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, and that other black guy, what's his name, on the judging panel o****T, they were assembling a judges' panel that had music business experience. Howard Stern is only known for grabbing women's breasts, feeling them up, talking to women on air as if they are nothing but pieces of meat put on earth for men to ogle and rape. He is disgusting. I don't care if he acts like a preacher on the tv show, that does not change who or what he is. It has nothing to do with what words he might say but the vile character of the man. I believe he is an insult to all women.

This show should choose judges who know the music business or who have the ability to judge and select actual talent. Now they are only selecting judges for notoriety and ratings. I haven'*****ched this show much at all in several years now, and I used to be a real fan.

953 days ago
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