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NHL Star Dustin Penner

Actress Wife Files for Divorce

2/29/2012 1:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

L.A. Kings
goal scorer Dustin Penner's aspiring actress wife has filed for divorce ... and TMZ has learned it's her SECOND failed marriage to a pro hockey player.

Her name's Jessica Welch -- don't bother looking up her IMDb profile -- and she was married to former NHL star Richard Zednik from 2005-2009 ... the guy who accidentally got his throat slit with a skate in 2008. The couple had one daughter together.

Two years later in 2011, Jessica married Dustin -- who won the Stanley Cup with the Anaheim Ducks in 2007.

Now, Jessica has filed for divorce AGAIN in L.A. County Superior Court -- citing "irreconcilable differences." Dustin and Jessica have no children together.

Watch your sticks, boys.


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My Big Salami    

HOCKEY?...Who the Hell watches this in the USA?...Its a boring sport for CANADIANS!

965 days ago


Penner is not an NHL "star". Dude only has 5 goals this year and is as injury prone as a turtle without a shell.

@Salami - hockey boring? It's the fastest sport in the world after auto racing. Basketball and baseball are the sports that're boring. I'd need a month's supply of crystal meth to stay awake for a full bskball or baseball game.

965 days ago


In related news: professional bowler Bob Crumpkins will be graduating high school with his mawmaw and peepaw in attendance at Cletus T. Judd high school tomorrow. TMZ will be there with the developing entertainment news.

965 days ago


Anyone know where I can get some cheap Air Jordans or maybe make some huge money from my home without even working?

965 days ago


@salami - hockey actually is big in the eastern u.s. - michigan, mass., maine, minn....for some reason they all start with M and get snow in the winter. I didn't say "fastest growing sport," I said *fastest sport*. And yeah, the Cdn anthem is pretty lame but then so is your beer....I could drink 2 cases of any amerikan beer and not catch a buzz. What's up with that?

965 days ago


Is Jessica blond and does she have two black eyes? She might be a slow learner?

965 days ago


Another "sloppy seconds" NHL groupie. "Actress" and "model" must be code words for "whore".

965 days ago

dater date    

"The couple had one daughter together." l even heard that Jessica has confessed once that she will always loved the fir4st man in her life. But these stars are rich, and she will always need support from them.

965 days ago

D. Murray Armitage    

He wouldn't eat his pancakes and a hammer at the kitchen table was too suspicious, so she divorced him.

965 days ago


Goal scorer? Thought you had to get goals to be called that. Go Kings Go!

965 days ago


well jeff carter strikes again in a record time. it was rumored that he slept with scott hartnell's wife, while on the flyers, before they got a divorce. mike richards should have warned the kings about carter before he got traded to them.

965 days ago


Hes projected to 9 goals, gotta look on the bright side. Hes 249 lbs of absolute ***** is what he is. The only thing bigger and softer is the stay puft marshmellow man. Canadian beer is piss. I would like to see you canadian snatches try and drink a case of Stone IPA'S.

965 days ago


that's a rough road. get ur throat slit, and then ur wife leaves u? "irreconcilable differences" is an over used and inexcusable reason for divorce. i thought the point of marriage was that you made a commitment to each other to stay together thru thick and thin. divorce if he/she cheats. divorce if ur life is in danger. but, if u divorce because of irrec diffs - u can only consider urself a failure. marriage isn't for the faint hearted. if u can't handle it, dont do it. its that simple.

965 days ago


First Pennercakes now this. Poor Penner. For those who don't follow hockey this is what Pennercakes is about. http://www.mayorsmanor.com/2012/01/exclusive-open-letter-from-dustin.html

965 days ago


She had a few roles in Quebec french tv show, one of them playing a hockey players gf....

965 days ago
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