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Lisa Lampanelli

The Trumps Can KILL

Whatever Animals They Want

3/13/2012 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Celebrity Apprentice" star Lisa Lampanelli is standing firmly behind her TV boss ... telling TMZ she "LOVES" the fact that Donald Trump's sons went on an animal-killing spree in Zimbabwe.

Lampanelli was out in NYC last night ... when we asked about the controversial Trump hunting trip last year ... in which Donald Jr. and Eric killed an elephant, crocodile, waterbuck and more.

Lisa replied, "I love the fact that Mr. Trump and the little other Mr. Trump ... and the other one [approve of hunting] ... I would love it if Ivanka got out there with a bazooka."

She added, "Hunt all you want g*d d*mmit."

As we previously reported, Don Jr. claims he wasn't just killing for fun ... insisting the meat from his kills were used to feed local villagers.


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LILA.....i think your comedy was terrific....but....maybe you were just tryin' to be funny....but you are not with your comments.....but if you REALLY want a tusk,may your dreams come true , take it and shove it up ur A$$......i think you could use some chapstick....your lips gotta be chapped from kissing Trumps A$$......what a pity , i thought you had more sense than that........

917 days ago


To CutTheCrap: There are African Animals called Waterbucks, I've seen them on the Big Cat Diary on the Animal Planet Channel ...

917 days ago


What a dumb thing for her to say!

917 days ago


Ewww she is so ugly and so unfunny. Every chance she gets, she'll throw a racist unfunny "joke". She is beyond lame.

917 days ago


I hope people know trump didn't cut the elephant's tail off he never said he did people are just assuming like they always do. The villagers or african people did that because it's a old tradition and you can tell he didn't do it since there isn't any blood on the knife.

917 days ago


Nothing like being a kiss ass. I guess she was trying to be funny.

917 days ago


Lisa Lampanelli is one of the least attractive women in the history of the world. Plain and simple!!!

917 days ago


Oh and I also wanted to add, I have only heard of her just a month ago, I was in the mood for standup comedy, one of her gig was on Netflix, I decided to check it out because of the title and description...OMG, I fell asleep, 15 mins later. Didn't laugh not even once..She suck b*lls

917 days ago


She's a ****ing sell out. She'll do anything for money it seems, I wonder if she won the apprentice show or if Trump gave her money to help her career, that's why she can't go against the $$. Sad. Thought she was a genuine person despite her ridiculous stand up facade, what with the Westboro Baptist thingy. I guess that was for publicity too. Too bad!

917 days ago


foul and fat Trumps fine and free... what a kiss up (if that picture isn't frightening...)

917 days ago


She'll probably make some (self-proclaimed) witty retort to all the backlash and pretend it's funny to her. Two things will happen, she'll feel like sh*t in private, or she actually believes what she says which makes her a c*nt.

Oh, btw Lisa, you're fat and ugly and I'm sure your p***y smells like vomit. You insult others for a living, so I thought I'd "back at you".

917 days ago


Lisa shouldn't be so excited about the Trump babies killing elephants because she is one.

917 days ago


I wonder where the Ivory from the tusks went. It is illegal to bring it into the U.S. Knowing the classless Trumps, they probably will make lamps out of the tusks and hang them from the ceiling.

917 days ago


Classless woman working for classless people.

They should all be ashamed that even with all their money they still need to kill exotic animals for fun.

If Trump is so concerned about feeding hungry people, he has the money to buy them FOOD.... he doesn't need to kill an elephant, an alligator, etc. to feed hungry people. (Not that I believe his excuse.)

917 days ago


As a Zimbabwean, someone who lived in a safari for a few months and a human being I find these people to be completely careless and full of themselves. Sure the meat might have fed the villagers but they still slaughtered innocent animals. How about you use daddy's money to help feed Zimbabweans instead of killing animals that you don't even have in your own country. Whatever happened to tourists being tourist? You can look and appreciate but don't disrupt nature.

917 days ago
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