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Allen Iverson Divorce

Ex Wants a List

of Everyone He's Slept With

3/20/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Allen IversonThe estranged wife of NBA legend Allen Iverson has done a complete 180 -- after first saying their divorce had nothing to do with other women ... she's now filed court documents asking Iverson to turn over the names of any girls he slept with while they were married. 

Back in June 2011, Tawanna Iverson told TMZ her split from Allen had "nothing to do with another woman."

But Tawanna has changed her tune and earlier this month filed documents requesting A.I. "give the name and telephone number of every person other than your spouse whom you have had sexual relations and/or intimate physical contact from the date of the marriage to the date of trial."

It's unclear why Tawanna is requesting the list ... but it's most likely a power play to make Iverson look bad ... in an effort to push a favorable settlement as quickly as possible.

Tawanna is also asking to see all of Iverson's financial info as well as any purchases he's made over $1,000 since they got hitched. She has previously claimed Allen has been spending money on himself ... leaving her and their five kids hard up for cash.

Calls to A.I. were not returned.

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No Avatar

Celebrities Suck    

most of these millionaires that claim to protect the exploited are all liars. Great example Eliot Spitzer! These rich NBA players are as bad. They hire strippers...

912 days ago


Impossible and irrevelant. Its still going to be painful with another 5 or 10 names. Its probably hoes he's ****-ed and don't remember. Move on and let him do the same. Its only going to destroy the last bit of dignity you have.

He is a pit so let him lie in his own waste. Its coming

912 days ago


List of all the people I've slept with:
1) Not you.

912 days ago


When did he lose the cornrows?

912 days ago


It would seem that an overt amount of former professional athletes whom have earned millions in their respective sports, are broke due to mismanagement on their own behalfs... It is a pattern of wasteful financial misconduct that should perhaps be addressed at the commencement of a professional athletes career....meaning....there should be an implemented finacial plan of future plannings for these ridiculous salaries...Trusts, if you will, to be disperced annually, responsibly ...ie....if an athletes contract is for 20 million over a 5 year period, access to funds should be limited to protect the integrity of the contract and the better interest of the player aand their families...cars, mansions, and yes, bling, should be regulated to avoid these embarassing and yes, infuriating stories of self inflicted financial woe

912 days ago


I watched her change their baby on a roulette table at the Taj in AC about 10 years ago. Pretty classy crew all around.

912 days ago


i will never understand. if you want to have sex with 100s/1000s of strangers, then go to the strip clubs, hooker corners, craigslist, backpages, whatever. you don't get married then try to sneak around. splitting 50/50 is not enough for these men. they need castrated. bad people and good people should never get the chance to mix. build walls and map out sectors!

912 days ago

V Kint    

Uh oh. It sounds like Allen might have to choke a b!+ch!

912 days ago

Bwoy dem    

LOL... That would require a Tome.

912 days ago

Someone's goldfish    

Allen "The Answer" Iverson better have the correct answer or he'll be paying. Well maybe not since he didn't have the answers to his financial problems.

912 days ago

Mr. Cee    

I hope he doesnt forget to put me on that list....
Mmmmmhmmmm. We would take turns wearing his wife's clothes and play hide the Championship ring. ;)

912 days ago


Lets do the math:
typical basketball athlete = 5 women a week
married basketball star = 2 women a week
He played for about 3 different teams = pro hoe's in every state about 200 diff. women he'll never have to see again
Women they don't remember b/c of intoxication = a few hundred

Sorry Tawanna....his number is lookin somewhere in the 1,500 - not to mention the STD's, herps, crabs etc. Im sure this divorce has EVERYTHING to do with the other women he's slept with....too bad he can't remember their names or phone numbers!

912 days ago


Maybe she contracted a disease or tested positive for a STD of some sort and wants to know he he slept with because of the STD...what other reason could there be. He could just say....nobody but if an STD is involved, he would have to relinquish the names.

912 days ago


Just another whore trying to make a buck off someone else's fortune... If I remember correctly this shank was caught several times with other men. She has no right to any of his info, or the numbers of the women he was with... if I was married to that trash I'd cheat on her ass too... She was messing with the man's teammates and was quoted as saying they had an open relationship... bump her...

912 days ago


The list Iverson's wife is asking, sounds like an std trace. I have never understood the appeal of a man with money and multiple sexual partners. The no. of stds that one can be infected with especially the incurable ones like HIV is enough to make me quite wary of getting involved with any guy with multiple partners. And that disease will not be cured in any hurry because it is far more profitable for pharmaceuticals to treat it for life. The sad thing is that many of these women who get involved with professional athletes and others are willing to risk their life for a taste of the so-called "good-life". How could it be so good, if one or more of these PREVENTABLE diseases can end your life ? or at least badly impact on the quality of life you live? and how could these pro-athletes or every-day joes for that matter, believe that a few seconds of orgasm is worth a lifetime of sores, constant diarahoe, fevers and all the crap that comes with some STDs. Call me a prude, but I decided a long time ago that it was not worth it and have steered clear of those who are indiscriminate with their sexuality. and offcourse, insisting on wrapping up for the very few that have come my way.

912 days ago
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