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What a dumbass.

909 days ago


Ya got to think, its not just the red an white a person has to worry about when wearing this shirt. Any RIVAl motorcycle club may see it an retaliate, for public safety this shirt should be pulled off the market, if it has not yet been done so.

909 days ago


Time to break out the check book Robbie boy

909 days ago


Looks like it's time for Robbie to write a check to HAMC and I think that's the bomb

909 days ago


Hey SteveJ: buy 1 and wear it I'd luv to see you in it LMAO "It's a Red & White world

Boston Ma
81 Supported 4/Life

909 days ago

Garrett Kaule    

We print for bike clubs. This is the stupidest most idiotic thing they have ever done. The HA have very powerful lawyers they are an organization. If the HA doesn't seriously hurt them... a prospect will. If I was drama, rob on an MTV executive I'd be looking behind my back and crapping my pants until the day I am in the hospital beat to a pulp. It's no wonder they haven't responded to the HA they are all in a basement somewhere hiding. You can't run from them. Not to mention the main headquarters for the hells angels is located in Oaklan CA. They have killed for use illegal use of the clubs "colors" not to mention they changed the colors! I see a war in the near future and this will not have a pretty ending.

909 days ago

PJ in Texas    

First, of course they have a Trademark agreement on this logo and have for many many years. Second,all HA are not bad asses, This is exactly what they want you to think. They rule by intimidation. If something violent were to happen, it wouldn't be done by them but rather a puppet club and even then it would be doubtful anyone would ever know about it anyways.

909 days ago

81 Supporter    

They are going to pay through the nose for this blatant copyright infringement. There's no way they can say they didn't steal the design from the Hells Angels. What the hell were they thinking?

909 days ago

Black Mask    

if they did it unintentional without knowing they were causing themselved greef then pull the skull line of clothing and give them at least the respect of an apology , this dyrdek or pfaff didn't think this through I don't think and if they are acting like THEY DONT CARE THAT IS A LACK OF RESPECT FOR SOMETHING THEY HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT..IF THEY STOLE ADDIDAS OR NIKE PROBABLY THEY COULD GET AWAY WITH IT BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT...PULL THE LINE AND APOLOGIZE..GOOD LUCK.

909 days ago


If you're wearing it, ya better have another shirt available. Because if they see it... they'll want it.

909 days ago


i hate everyone on the tmz comments.. you people are the worst... whiney babies ever

909 days ago


never heard of show or actor.. WTF STUPID if you've seen the death head you know how & where those wings fly. BHC hope you get some of the cingga cing cing blinga bling bling after THE CLUB wins m$lll$ons $$$

909 days ago


Rob Dyrdek and Chris "Drama" Pfaff will obviously do anything for dumb.

909 days ago


WTF!!! This guy MUST BE ONE BONAFIDE GENUINE *******!!!! I kinda hope the local 81 or support crew pays his shop a lil "visit" to awaken this turd about something called "Reality".....Is there any other term lower than stupid foolish beyond all words? This guy must be a fool and i hope that no one is caught walkin down the street wearin that shirt cuz it will be open season on that poor guy and IT WILL BE A VERY VERY BAD DAY for HIM!

909 days ago


@Tigers Wood. There you go, you might have a point. I would suggest you stop by your local HA chapter and mention it to one of the members. Maybe they'll change it, but it's more likely that the result won't be so pleasant.

909 days ago
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