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'Tanning Mom' Lashes Out

I'm the Victim of a Witch Hunt!!!

5/3/2012 10:20 AM PDT UPDATED: 5/3/2012 4:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Tanning Mom" is red hot over accusations that she's a lousy mother for allegedly letting her 5-year-old daughter burn to a fare-thee-well on a tanning bed -- calling her critics "jealous, fat, and ugly."

44-year-old Patricia Krentcil was in Nutley (perfect) New Jersey yesterday on her way to a hair salon when she unloaded and then proclaimed she was a fabulous mother.

Krentcil was arrested last week after a school nurse asked her daughter Anna how she got a sunburn and she replied, "I go tanning with mommy." Krentcil was charged with second-degree child endangerment. She pled "not guilty."

Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil mug shot
By the way, you gotta see the part in the video where Krentcil narrowly averts looming plumber's crack.


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pink floyd    

hey it's leather face.

906 days ago


Id say burn her at the stake but it looks as though she already has been.

906 days ago


Is it just me, or is she obviously drunk?!

906 days ago


Something about that woman just doesn't seem right.

906 days ago


That woman's face genuinely freaks me out.

906 days ago


OMG - Did TMZ do something to her pepto bismo lips? Where are the eyebrows? WTF is going on with her hair? Are we sure its "she"? She needs to be on the way to the surgeon - her skin is rough enough to sand paper a mule's azz!!

906 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I saw this lady on the news, yesterday. She looked like she was in blackface. She acts like a tweeker.

906 days ago


She always keeps her lips lubed cause you never know when your gonna need them.

906 days ago

BB not bb    

Please leave this lady alone. I don't need to study her walker to a store and too her car. She likes to be tan, so what? She is an old Guidette maybe. Big deal.

The real story is they asked the six year old why her leg was burnt. The kid said she went to the tanning salon with her mom. Then boom they call DYFS which is a pack of witches looking to steal kids from people for being different or outcast.

This lady has an adorable daughter with fair skin and strawberry blonde hair who got sunburned while waiting outside with her dad for her mom to finish tanning. But these DYFS demons don't care about the facts, they care what cute kid they can destroy next.

906 days ago


Witch found.

906 days ago



906 days ago


This woman's face is a HOT MESS!! WHEW!!

906 days ago


The whole thing is ridiculous. There is no child abuse here.
This woman, her family, and especially her daughter, are going through a terrible time, all for nothing.
They're being dragged through jail, through court, harassed by the media, invaded of their privacy, and the tanning salon even took their membership.
Because Mom has an dark face from tanning and it makes good magazine covers.
The little girl is going through more trauma with this jail and court family drama, and the exposure, than any tanning bed could have caused her.

906 days ago

Miss Greta    

She should coordinate her handbags with her face.

906 days ago


I don't know but she seems to be affected by UV rays on her brain. I saw the kid and she's pale as a ghost.
To be honest authorities should arrest moms from toddlers and tiaras for putting all that fake beauty on them like fake eyelashes (glue on their ayes) spray tanning (chemicals) nail saloon (risk to get fungus and a serious infection) and to the eyes to pedophiles all around the world plus the psychological damage at young age.

906 days ago
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