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Lindsay Lohan

Dying to Shoot

Liz Taylor Biopic

6/1/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan as Liz TaylorLindsay Lohan has gone to the dark side ... as she begins production on her new Liz Taylor film.

We got this pic of Lindsay taking a cigarette break during a pre-production photo shoot and lighting test.

Lindsay reluctantly had her hair cut and dyed to mimic Taylor.

We're told Lindsay believes the "Liz and Dick" movie will re-start her career by showcasing her talents ... ya know, besides these.


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Since Buffy could not bother to get the twitter information I have repeatedly asked for to back up his BS numbers, I went on a search for myself. The very first article I came up with was QUITE informative. Of course, I won't stop with just one article, but this one just cracked me up. Backs up what I have been saying.

881 days ago


I think she'll do good! She looks good with black hair.

881 days ago


^^^^Just Add Water^^^^

881 days ago


Buffy cautously making her way over here to the new playground but she's having to go slow cause she looking out for all the cats ! You shes going have to spend the rest of the night setting out cat-traps so she can play....damn hard to get that little spring to hold onto a hinge big enough to catch a cat.....and buying the tuna wasn't hard but grawing thru the tin can just about done in her little teethie's....but she needed bad she doesn't know this particuluar cat is allergic to sea food and fish !.......Meow !!!LOL

881 days ago


People will watch this crappy movie for one reason. To see the train wreck that is LiLo.

881 days ago


People will watch this movie for one reason...LINDSAY THE GREAT! go girl!

881 days ago


She looks pregnant...? o_0

881 days ago


This skank looks nothing like Elizabeth Taylor and never will. Elizabeth was a natural beauty and a talented actress who was respected in Hollywood I find it disgusting that the producers allowed this trashy druggie to play her. Shes more suited to play Courtney Love then Elizabeth. This chock looks worn out and haggard at only 25 she looks in her 40s and has a husky smokers voice from smoking all that crack and cigs. She needs to go away she was never a good actress even in her good years and shes even worst now. Move out of Hollywood, live a quiet life. and get help for your drug and alcohol addictions.

881 days ago



881 days ago


O look Sanctmonious Susan has come to play........No lies to spread or Cons to work today ?

881 days ago


Cigarettes are disgusting. I used to be repulsed by this young woman, but now I am begining to feel sorry for her, with all the opportunities she's had in her life she has had even more mugshots, hangovers and embarassing screwups. It must be hard to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and see all the missed opportunities written all over your face in the form of tar-stained teeth and premature wrinkles.

881 days ago


TALENT?? You're joking, right?? This hacks only talent is breaking the law and manipulating the justice system to stay out of jail. The thought of LL playing Elizabeth Taylor is laughable at best. She isn't worthy of drinking Liz Taylor's bathwater!

881 days ago


Actually, it looks like they're building her a wig.

Cut her hair? It's all ghetto weave anyway.

881 days ago


Was it really necessary to post 48 pictures of Lindsay smoking a cigarette through a chain link fence. Looks like Smashbox on SM blvd. Only twenty days of shooting for the Liz and Dick film, they are going to have to work 16 hour days. Most features are 50-100 days of shooting, Hitch**** is only doing 35 days. I don't know how they can do a film in twenty days. An hour long TV show which is 42 minutes takes eight 12 hour days to film, so I guess they can do the film in twenty days but it is going to be very difficult.

881 days ago


"Lindsay reluctantly had her hair cut and dyed to mimic Taylor." Of course she did - self entitled, egomaniac, a terrible actress who was "famous" for playing herself a decade ago, a thief, liar, and s**t. It is a disgrace that even a small tv network would consider this hag to play the role.

881 days ago
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