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Dwyane Wade's Ex-Wife

Mug Shot After

Child Abduction Arrest

6/19/2012 3:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
exclusive mug shot

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade mug shot
TMZ has obtained the mug shot taken of Dwyane Wade's ex-wife ... moments after she was arrested this weekend for allegedly attempting to abduct the former couple's two children.

A rep for the Cook County Sheriff's Office released a statement saying, "Siohvaughn Funches-Wade was charged with two counts of attempted child abduction, two counts of unlawful visitation interference and one count of resisting arrest."

Funches-Wade's bond was set at $10,000 ... which she posted. She's set to appear in court again in August.

Wade -- who's currently in the middle of the NBA Finals -- has been at war with his ex ever since they divorced back in 2010. Wade was awarded primary custody of their two boys ... and Siohvaughn has visitation rights ... but she's clearly not happy with the current arrangement.

The financial details of their divorce are not yet finalized -- and in recent court docs, Wade said his ex has been using the children as "the proverbial pawns in this contentious dissolution of marriage action."

Wade wants the judge to suspend Siohvaughn's visitation rights because of the incident that led to her arrest.

Wade and the Miami Heat are set to square off against the Oklahoma City Thunder in just a few hours.

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Throwback kid    

I think Wade's new girl Gabrielle Union may have driven this woman crazy. There are lots of stories out there about Union having flings with married NBA players before she met Wade, she seemed like a woman that had alot of issues and Union is not well liked by other NBA wives, they find her tacky

800 days ago

Throwback kid    

This woman is losing her grip, I hope the authorities are watching her, I am concerned she may harm the children to spite Wade. Something about this woman tells me this is not going to end up very well for any of them. May God be with you

800 days ago

Steve M    

Sorry TMZ... get the facts straight... The Heat are playing in Miami, not Oklahoma... Sorry!!!

800 days ago


Idiots, her court ordered visitation time was over and upon having to send them to the airport to go back home to Miami, she barricaded herself in the house with the kids and wouldn't let them leave. She also has had previous drug problems. You all serious with the whole "SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN ARRESTED"? GTFOH

800 days ago


Seriously? Anyone who knows this woman knows she is crazy!!! She drove her husband away saying he was cheating. Then she lied on him by saying he gave her STD only to find out he never had STD but she did. Next when he wanted to divorce her, she dragged it out for 7 years. He gave her full custody of the kids and she ruin that with her drug possession charges and her mental evaluations. So now that this is the SECOND time she kidnaps the kids. She is arrested for attacking the POLICE and you guys are worried that she wasn't treated fairly. I wonder who would be to blame if she had actually harmed the kids. This lady needs HELP!!!

800 days ago


D-Ugly should be ashamed . Arresting the mother because she was 15 mins later returning the kids. Gabby you are going to lose that sorry ugly mud-duck the same way you got him. God don't like ugly and you both will reap what you sow. U two lowlife Son-of-itches.
Real talk--D Ugly is ugly and if he was just an average brother on the street , Gabby and those other hoes would not look in his direction. Not only can $ buy you custody of your children, it can buy you all the ho, ho's, you want. Holla back .

800 days ago


she is pretty. nice eyes

800 days ago


D Wade and Gabby drove this women into desperation.
I wonder how Wade would feel if his ex-wife took his life because he and Gabby would be the blame. Get it together , you no good #$%@. You NBA boys image is getting worst each and every day. Bosh ex applying for food stamps, some of ya'll living pay check to pay check, have kids by numerous women, owe IRS millions in taxes, hiring lawyers left /right for BS. No wonder so many of you $%#@ go broke . Guess you can fix stupid .

800 days ago


Being a mother of a son who is going through visitation issues with the mother of his child; I completely understand. My son too has custody of his daughter and the mother plays every trick to sabatoge visits and to cause as much drama as possible. The ex Mrs. Wade and claim mistake if she wants; but she's not new to the schedule. She is an adult and she is responsible for the visitation schedule and too ensure that those children are returned when they are supposed to be returned. If she got arrested because she violated a court order that is HER FAULT. It is clear that her focus is causing havoc for Dwyane and not giving her full attention to her children; ensure that she is doing everything she can to show that she is willing to comply with the court order and show that she is a great mother. I empathize that she is grieving the loss of her marriage. I truly do. But I am fed up with women thinking they can get over on men and hold them emotionally hostage because they have a child by them. DWade has moved on with his life; she needs to do the same. Poor mother my tail!!!

800 days ago


I feel sorry for the ex Mrs. Wade. I believe that she needs counseling which will allow her to let go and move on from this relationship or else, it could turn fatal. She may feel scorned by her husband and upstaged by Garbrielle Union. That plus, she has a long history with her husband and the children that they share, will always be a constant reminder to her.

If she turns on the television, or any other media, she could see or hear about this relationship being flashed in front of her and the children. It has to be hard on her.

People do outgrow each other and move on. However, sometimes the way in which the split is handled can make all the difference in the world. Were they divorced before he started dating other women? Or, did the new relationship help to rip apart an already unstable marriage?

From what I have read about Gabrielle Union, she is nothing but a gold digger who is looking for the highest bidder. Although she is a brilliant actress, and marginally successful, it does not rmean that she would not like to have more moolah.

Personally, I believe that if these two marry, she will drag this clown through the dirt and get every dime that she can. She is cut from that bolt of cloth.

800 days ago


To the ex-wife...please get yourself together. Fight for your kids. He left you for and old-older woman (Ms. Union) its time to fight back and get all the money you can. Count it as a blessing. Lawyer up, play by the rules. In the End wade will see the difference between a mother who loved her husband and children vs a woman you broke up a family for her own gain.

800 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

"Siohvaughn"? Dyslexic mother? We're lucky she didn't name her Myfanwy or Creirwy. Her spelling of that would probably make our monitors explode

800 days ago


Waiting for here to come out with a reality show & get her **** together. This is embarrassing since I know the Funches family. Everybody is laughing at you Siovaughn let Dwayne go and get your children back

800 days ago


D-Wade needs to stop, this women was with him when his dumb black azz had nothing. Now you paid, you gonna trade up to that Ho Gabby Union, then take the kids becasue your ex is bitter, hell i would be too, dumb azz knee-gro!!

800 days ago


I feel so bad for Mrs. Wade. You can see that she is clearly a woman scorned. Her family took him in and he became what he became and then cheated on his wife. Its sad, she clearly cant let go of the relationship and he added salt to the wound by flaunting his relationship with that golddigger Gabby...Imma pray for her because I kinda know how she feels!

800 days ago
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