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Dwyane Wade's Ex-Wife

Mug Shot After

Child Abduction Arrest

6/19/2012 3:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
exclusive mug shot

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade mug shot
TMZ has obtained the mug shot taken of Dwyane Wade's ex-wife ... moments after she was arrested this weekend for allegedly attempting to abduct the former couple's two children.

A rep for the Cook County Sheriff's Office released a statement saying, "Siohvaughn Funches-Wade was charged with two counts of attempted child abduction, two counts of unlawful visitation interference and one count of resisting arrest."

Funches-Wade's bond was set at $10,000 ... which she posted. She's set to appear in court again in August.

Wade -- who's currently in the middle of the NBA Finals -- has been at war with his ex ever since they divorced back in 2010. Wade was awarded primary custody of their two boys ... and Siohvaughn has visitation rights ... but she's clearly not happy with the current arrangement.

The financial details of their divorce are not yet finalized -- and in recent court docs, Wade said his ex has been using the children as "the proverbial pawns in this contentious dissolution of marriage action."

Wade wants the judge to suspend Siohvaughn's visitation rights because of the incident that led to her arrest.

Wade and the Miami Heat are set to square off against the Oklahoma City Thunder in just a few hours.

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856 days ago

Supr Dav     

Who cares?

856 days ago


You do this to your kids? Have their mother ARRESTED? I feel sorry for his poor kids. I work in a family law office and having the other parent arrested is overkill. Let the lawyers sort it out but you don't arrest the other parent. Courts take away custody from parents who endanger their children or do not follow court orders. Mr. Wade does not OWN his children they have 2 parents and the harm that is being done to those children seems to be coming from his sense of entitlement.

856 days ago


VERY, VERY, SAD!!! This woman is making her "OWN" life and those of her sons a "LIVING HELL"!!! Some people just don't know when to accept THEY CAN'T ALWAYS HAVE WHAT THEY WANT!!! Now she may very well lose all her visitation privileges. Smart move, Siohvaughn!!!

856 days ago


Makes me sick she was arrested he might have money, but she is their parent too. He's being a bully and trying to ruin her life. Sick!

856 days ago


Seriously? Maybe this women just misses her kids and wanted to see them. I call bs on this, ex's are always trying to screw over the other. Leave the women alone, and let her see her damn kids!

856 days ago

Jay W.     

A scorned woman is a very dangerous thing !

856 days ago


His ex is pissed because she was his college sweetheart and now he is a rich, pro ball player and doing the nasty with actress Gabrille Union.

856 days ago


Remember this woman (not women) pulling this same stunt on him when he picked his kids up from daycare. She called the cops and I believe he was arrested. As that old, wise man used to say "Can't we y'all just get along?"

856 days ago


For those of you saying that he has the his kids because he has more money are morons. If that was the case then there wouldn't be any shows like bbw and all of those other shows glorifying women making a living off of having kids. Do you really think men would pay exes thousands of dollars a month if they didn't have to?

856 days ago


TMZ has obtained the mug shot taken by Dwyane Wade's ex-wife ...

Taken OF. Jesus Christ, can't you people even write properly?

856 days ago


I wish TMZ would print the whole story before they try to trash D-WADE. His wife had the children prior to father's day. She was suppose to return them on Saturday by noon to D-WADE sister so they could fly back to Miami. She refused and D-WADE's sister called police. Then she resisted arrest and tried to fight the police. That's why she was arrested!

856 days ago


"how it works" is how it works because that is how judges rule. Don't be angry with me over it. Judges want both parents involved in raising the children period. The fact remains the parent with the most money usually ends up with primary custody and not necessarily because the other parent is "unfit". The parent with deeper pockets can continue to go back to court again and again until they get what they want. I didn't say it was fair because it isn't. I am simply saying that the Ex Mrs. Wade has rights when it comes to her children even if her pockets are empty. At least the court recognizes that otherwise Mr. Wade would simply keep the children away from her...or get her arrested. It's sad.

856 days ago


This lady had her kids and could not accept that D-Wade was seeing someone else; she kept taking him to court about the kids being around another woman, then she tried to take the woman to court, and more courts
Unfortunately she played the wrong game and it cost her; he got the kids
But to have the mother of your kids arrested also speaks volumes about D-Wade
When a man does not want you- move on don’t make yourself look stupid

856 days ago


Linda: paralegal is a gloriified secretary, Quit trying to practice law! You clearly are biased toward his gold-digging ex-wife. You're just making yourself look stupid insisting that you know the law! That woman should not have unsupervised visitation, she already showed that she is violent back in 2010 and now resisting arrest? He's so much better off with the pretty actress, at least she doesn't resort to violence when she doesn't get her own way. I hate know it alls that really know nothing. Wonder which CA law firm wants you to speak as a legal expert?

856 days ago
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