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Adrian Peterson

Cops Say He Shoved

Off-Duty Officer

7/7/2012 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0707_adrian_peterson_arrested_tmzNFL star Adrian Peterson shoved an off-duty police officer in a Houston bar this morning and that's what lead to his arrest ... the Houston Police Department tells TMZ. 

Kese Smith, the PIO for the Houston PD, tells TMZ an off-duty police officer was working security for the club Live! at Bayou Place when closing time approached and he told various patrons it was time to leave.

Smith says the officer had to come back and tell Peterson a second time that he needed to leave and Peterson shot back, "Hey man, we heard you the first time!" and pushed the officer in the back of his shoulder, causing him to stumble.

Smith says the officer then told Peterson to turn around and put his arms behind his back because he was under arrest and Peterson began yelling at the officer. Smith says the officer repeated himself and that's when Peterson turned around to face the officer and got in "an aggressive stance."

Smith says a second off-duty cop came over to assist, but Peterson continued to resist, ignoring several verbal warnings.

A third officer then rushed over, Smith says, and they were finally able to arrest him and take him to jail.

Once he arrived at the jail, Smith says Peterson complained of a shortness of breath. A medical team examined him and Smith says Peterson checked out ok.

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Yeah, cops only like it when They're the the criminals,

838 days ago

two cents    

Liquid courage? Frigging idiot. Down here in Houston, they don't take too kindly to ghetto rats. He's lucky he didn't get his ass beat.

838 days ago


Yes, even black people have to leave at closing time.

I'm sure Adrian will be crying racism shortly even if the cops were black.

838 days ago


So how is AP supposed to know they're off-duty cops? Especially if more than one jumps him, he could think he was being beaten by some thuggish bouncer.

838 days ago


This is why we need to have Eddie Murphy's classic:

"Kill The White People."


- White cop pushing buttons not knowing who AP was/is -

-So they were moving slow, so whut.

You gotz to start a-big-issue behindz it?!

838 days ago


What kind of bar is this that needs at least 3 off duty police officers working there?

838 days ago


Why not just arm The_Klan.

Or the Hillbillies -

In "Deliverance."

838 days ago


We havez to stop givingz white dudes with a high school education?


"How To Legally Arm Red-Neckz."

Make all future cops get a degree in Psychology.

That'll weed out all the knuckle-heads.

Who likez to be da-boss.

Or, as Howard Stern's known:

"The Both."

You don't embarrass AP and the Vikings organization over something this stupid.

838 days ago


I don't see any mention of the "off-duty" officers ever identifying themselves as police officers. If they didn't, then this nitwit simply "shoved" a bouncer.

838 days ago


"Houston, We Have A Problem."

-What's the problem, exactly?

-"We have a white bouncer."

-"Broke-azz as can be..."

-"With a badge from his other job."

-"That he wantz RESPECTED on DIS job."

"In other words, Houston - ?"

"A schizo-phrenic!!"

"With a license to shoot!!"

"A problem wid da black folk."

"And a chipz on his shoulda..."

838 days ago

mike hunt    

Off duty means off duty. Shove him and then he stumbled???? I love how these off duty cops can double at night as "bouncers" and still feel like they can mouth off to patrons and arrest people. Petersons attorneys are going to own these "off duty" cops errrrr bouncers errrrr mall cops

838 days ago


True problem:

Bouncer needed some munney.

Okay, fine - we all do.

Just ask AP for a LOANz!

"AP can I getz me a C Note until, say, Munnday."

AP woulda given the dude two -

838 days ago


Hmmm sounds to me like the cop doesn't understand what off duty means. How can he arrest someone because he was pushed of duty. Ridiculous abuse of authority frrm an ignorant redneck....

838 days ago


Surprised none of these tough guys pulled a taser they're normally so quick to resort to.

838 days ago


According to real media outlets:
- AP wanted some water before leaving the club
- OD cop says no
- AP goes to an exit w another bouncer
- OD cop jumps on APs back attempting to take him down (LOL)
Key word: attempted

838 days ago
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