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Jason Kidd

Carried Out of Club

Before DWI Arrest

7/15/2012 1:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0715_escorted_wm_arrowMultiple witnesses tell TMZ ... NBA star Jason Kidd appeared to be so drunk in the moments leading up to his DWI arrest ... that he had to be carried out of the club he spent the night partying at. 

TMZ has obtained a photo of the all-star point guard being carried out of a club called SL East. Multiple witness tell TMZ that Kidd appeared "incredibly drunk" -- so much so that at one point he tried to hang from a club light and broke it. 

According to the multiple witnesses, after being carried out by a few friends, Kidd got in his car to drive off ... despite protests from his friends. Kidd left the club around 1:00 AM and crashed his car less than an hour later.

Earlier in the evening, Kidd tweeted a photo of himself (wearing the same gray shirt as in the photo above) alongside George Lucas at a charity event. 

Kidd's attorney, Ed Burke Jr., tells TMZ, "Jason was involved in a single vehicle accident on his way back home from a charity function last night. He suffered minor injuries and was treated and released from a local hospital. Jason has pleaded not guilty to a DWI charge and awaits further court proceedings."

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Who ever helped Jason out of the club should be in just as much trouble as Jason is in for letting him get behind the wheel of a car. Jason Kidd may be in trouble with the police and the NBA, but whoever owns the club and whomever was serving Jason Kidd could be sued over all of this. As a bartender it is the bartenders responcability to make sure people are not over servered.
We get complacent here in NYC because most people do not drive when they are out drinking. So bartenders tend to be a little nicer here in the city when it comes to over serving a patron. But if a bartender over serves someone it become the bartenders problem. So if that person goes out and get in a car and kills someone the bartender can be charged just as much as the person driving the car.
Lastly when it comes to star athelets drinking and driving I can not understand it. If you know you are gouing out to have a good time you have the money hire a driver for the night. Maybe the clubs should have a number their players can call if hey are out and have had to much to drive. There must be a way to stop this from happening. I think it is about time the major league sports has come up with something that can combatt drinking and driving.

643 days ago

Chick Carlton    

Someone could have called a cab and flushed his keys down the toilet?

643 days ago


Wow! What great friends he has to carry him out and then put him behind the wheel of a car.

643 days ago


Why can't an athlete just take responsibility for their actions? Instead they always plead guilty and spend 10's of thousands of dollars on a high priced lawyer. Who either ends up doing nothing or gets the charge lowered so that the athlete can once again espcape owning up to what he has done. He's gonna pay a fine no matter what, and the worst that will happen is he will get his license suspended. Yes, he would lose his license, but big deal, I think he could afford a chauffeur.

643 days ago


Does George Lucas always look like that when he meets someone? Probably half of them tell him how he ruined Star Wars so maybe he does.

643 days ago


Things happen sometime we take fame for granted and we slip. What happened with his people? Do you really let your boy drive drunk? Let thank God nobody got hurt this time. As for as the Knicks Jason Kidd fits perfect. Carmelo needs a player like Kidd with all those smooth passes. Let's hope he lerned his lesson. Pease up

643 days ago

Dick Peligro    


643 days ago


like ya'll never got carried out of the club for being drunk.. that just shows how much fun you had.. well the car crash was a bit much though.. i dont agree to that part... "looked like he was drunker than an alcoholic at an aaa meeting the.."

642 days ago


How hard is it to take the keys from someone you know is plastered to keep them from getting behind the wheel and going out to possibly kill one of your famiy members?

642 days ago


That's just grand. How hard is it to take the keys from someone you know is plastered, so he doesn't climb behind the wheel of his car and endanger him and other people's lives. Seriously???

642 days ago


Unfortunately, I know a little something about Kidd that most folks don't. My son stripped him on his own court 3 times, in Alameda, Ca. During that time there were many all star games. Kidd never, never, ever showed up for not one of them. If you're as good as the papers say, you;d show up and let everyone see your skills. He NEVER did. Therefore, he's a fraud to me. And the NBA so-called "stars" appears to be alot of hype. There's alot more to the story in the
Bay Area that I won't mention here, but, this guy isn't an all star in my book.

642 days ago


his lawyer deserves to rot in hell. This idiot could have killed someone. Not guilty my ass..

641 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

George looks like he's getting molested in that picture. Serves him right for destroying the childhood memories of millions... That image should be on "hot chicks with douchebags"!

641 days ago


He did the same thing when he was drafted. Got drunk, crashed his SUV in Oakland and fled the scene. You would think that he would've learned from that mistake. Wrong!!!

584 days ago
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